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7/19/2018 c1 1ssj3gohan007
Great work, my friend! It was a very emotional and monumental chapter, and very important for Anakin's peace of mind. He will still need to take some action to prevent his mother from being kidnapped by the sand people in a few years, which could still happen if nothing is changed. For the sake of Anakin's mental state, his mother needs to survive this time around, as that event was a major reason for his later fall to the dark side. After all it was because of that vision coming true that made him so paranoid about his vision of Padme's death. He didn't want history to repeat itself. Also, some of the things you mentioned about people in severely abusive households having similar mindsets to slavery, I wonder if the situation of Harry Potter qualifies, as his relatives were very abusive and treated him very much like a slave, even being forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs since he was a baby, as if he wasn't even human and didn't deserve to have the basic rights of one. It certainly changed his way of thinking from an ordinary person, made him almost suicidally reckless and not believing his life to have any worth.
7/18/2018 c1 Redargetlam95
Best story. I love your Anakin, I have since the first time I read Dangers of Foresight, and this story simply further proves why; your character interactions are amazing. The biggest issue with the prequels was how stilted some of the dialogue was, but yippy make them come alive on the page. I am so glad you are continuing, and I can't wait to keep reading as it keeps unwinding!
7/17/2018 c1 2Dream's Abyss
I do enjoy getting the Jedi to see other POV and realizing that there are other ways of thinking (more than in an intellectual since that is).
7/13/2018 c1 6fan-rei
An excellent one shot.
7/13/2018 c1 40Brievel
It's a good soapbox to have. Good on you for raising awareness. Do you have tips to publish on how to avoid being a victim?
7/11/2018 c1 13creativesm75
7/1/2018 c1 2OmegaChrome
Definitely looking forward to the next chapter(s)! I loved Dangers of Foresight, and can already tell I'm gonna love the sequel!
6/14/2018 c1 4The Tears-Of-Heaven
I really like this chapter. Seeing your characterd development is amazing. You change little things but in the end it makes a big (but coherent) difference.
I am realky this hook up by a story, but you made it. You deserve to be published cause you are really talented. Your stories have depth and are well researched.
Well, I will stop there cause I don't want to write a novel in the review section!
6/7/2018 c1 30WavesBlade
This was a great read.

I liked Mace evolving in this, realizing and recognizing something he needed to learn and adapt to.



6/6/2018 c1 11Basil Allegri
I'm glad we get to see Anakin's experience of talking with his mom. It was even better seeing it through someone else's eyes, since we're already pretty familiar with Anakin's thought processes. I'm glad he's happy for her to get married.
6/1/2018 c1 Lamelinam
"The suspense alone was going to do Palpatine's job and kill him long before –" LOL !

I like the fact that the jedi handed the money to the man who was already trying his best to free Shmi. That was surprisingly sensitive of them.

Couldn't Anakin tell her about physical exercises ? Learning to master the Force, to use a lightsaber ? that's not exactly too dangerous to let out.

I expected Anakin to make some ominous recommendation to his mother, to be careful about gathering mushrooms, etc, but I suppose he still has time.

Nice that Anakin knows that he could still choose a life outside the Jedi temple if he so wished. Not that he would, for now anyway, but that's not the point.

Lol, I loved to see Mace's human side when you had the unflappable jedi master keep himself from "squirming uncomfortably".

Thank you for this chapter. It was very heart-warming to see Shmi and Anakin meet again.

I'll eagerly await your next piece of writing.
I love everything you write, and the psychological analysis and character are totally worth it, but it' ll be nice to see a bit of action. I'm very interested to see what will happen with the Ambassador program.
I wish you the best !
6/1/2018 c1 Enthralled
[PART 2/2:] Continuing from my previous post:

Yet Europe is not a heavenly “Promised Land” for either the migrants or the natives. The same ethnic tribalism that divides societies in Africa leads many migrants to form isolated communities and gangs that have great difficulty integrating with Western Society and values. In addition to many “stealing jobs” and “mooching off welfare”, the same tendency for the predominantly-Muslim migrants to join terrorist groups like Boko Haram leads many to become radicalized criminals. There are “migrant gangs” so influenced by extreme Islamic teachings that they view uncovered Western women as “trash deserving of being raped and killed” and proceed to do just that. More organized ones will orchestrate child sex trafficking rings like a recently-exposed one in Rotherham Britain that managed to traffic (and often kill) around 1,400 children ranging from 11-16 years old for a 30-year period from the late 1980s to the 2010s (so not all of those involved are northern Africans in this case). Worse yet, authorities did not respond for decades due to fears of being harassed as “Islamophobic racist bigots”, and the predominantly “Asian” (as British media referred to the Middle Eastern perpetrators) were sentenced to 10 years in prison on average and 35 at most.

On the more lethal side of things, there are radicalized European Muslims who have traveled to Syria to join ISIS, returned home to form organized terror network cells, and ultimately performed a number of terrorist attacks. This is in addition to the Mediterranean boat-crossing migrants who happen to deliberately throw fellow migrant Christians overboard to their deaths…

Unsurprisingly, this has led to quite a bit of backlash in Europe. To the point where right-wing populist parties have begun making gains in recent elections including Italy, a country that receives the vast majority of the boat-bound African migrants from Libya. Two proposals from recent party coalitions have been to deport the some 600,000 African migrants residing in the county back to Africa at a rate of 100,000 per year, and furthermore create a naval blockade of Libya to prevent further transport boats from crossing!

It’s amazing how so many issues from global warming, to dictatorships, to terrorism, to religious differences, to rapes, to terrorist attacks, to political correctness and the right-wing backlash against it all tie together. What can be done? It’s hard to say. Policy-wise we can try to get migrants to better integrate into Western culture and adopt Western-friendly values. Remove the stigma of calling critics of Islam “Islamophobic racist bigots” and stop throwing such people in jail for 2 years to be killed by radical muslim prison gangs due to charges of “hate speech”. Encourage free debate and defend “apostates” that try to leave the potentially-cult-like death-threatening schools of Islam. Understand that in some cases Jihadist armies may only be kept in line by secular strongman like Khalifa Haftar and Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and not weaker governments like the UN-recognized one in Tripoli despite problems arising from more abusive supported strongmen like Deby.

Finally, there’s the option of improving the social, economic, and environmental situations in the home countries that these people flee from in the first place (with the hopes of possibly sending refugee migrants back to their original homes). Though this is not as straightforward as simply providing humanitarian aid. For instance, one option for reviving the previously-discussed Lake Chad was to build a canal to siphon water off the overflowing Congo River. The problems with this plan aside from funding and supplies are the ethnic conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the religious Christian-Muslim conflict in the Central African Republic through which said canal would have to pass. Another more potentially viable option is a proposal by Cameroon to construct a pipeline to pump desalinated Atlantic Ocean water all the way to Lake Chad. But again, there are matters of funding, supply, and threat by groups like Boko Haram. All in all the future is uncertain for everyone all around.

I apologize for laying such a big info dump on you, but you mentioned real-world slavery and wanted reviews, so I provided. :P So I hope you enjoyed all this if you read it (just as I enjoy reading your stories) and don’t consider it spam. If you want to reference or respond to me in the future, you could always do so in an author’s note in the next chapter you add to your Star Wars series here. With all this having been said, I wish you good luck on whatever you’re doing or dealing with, look forward to future updates, and will see you later! ;)
6/1/2018 c1 Enthralled
[PART 1/2:] A very excellent one shot indeed, with character interactions and reveals to consider for the future! I happen to be from middle-class America (the Midwest to boot) but like to read up on world issues both past and present. I too feel like raising awareness from a soapbox at times, so I hope you don’t consider this two-part post to be spam!

Regarding slavery, though human sex trafficking is one of the more increasingly discussed forms, there are others out there. While still referring to the US, many illegal immigrants are smuggled in trucks in conditions not always suited to their survival. It is true that they pay for such trips and get dropped off afterwards, but it's all too easy to imagine how things can go wrong. Speaking of deals, from fictional works like the space opera video game series Mass Effect, there is “contractual debt” slavery on the business world of Illium that is labeled as “indentured servitude” whereby a subject works until they can pay their debt, only to often find that a low income and high cost of living keeps them trapped indefinitely.

Before I move onto other topics in more detail, I will mention the nature of cults which aren’t quite like slavery in the traditional servant sense but more so like mental ideological prisons that keep people trapped through a combination of peer pressure, guilt, isolation, and threats about leaving. Some could argue that the Sith and Jedi are cults or cult-like, though how much this applies to real-world religions like Scientology or Islam (with some interpretations punishing Apostates that try to leave with death) is more of a matter of controversial debate. The easiest means of gauging the extent of “cult-ness” in an organization is asking “how easy is it to leave, and what happens afterwards?”.

Moving onto a historical subject, it is important to note that not that large of a percentage of African slaves were actually directly kidnapped by Europeans. Rather, many of the slaves that they acquired were sold to the Europeans by the local African governments that enslaved their own tribal groups themselves. And even before the Europeans, African slaves were kidnapped by and sold to Arabic traders in the northern Sahara. Even nowadays there are many “ethnic caste systems” that once can find in Africa, with multiple Wikipedia page listing examples (on a side note, not many western media portray caste systems beyond a simple master-slave dynamic; one of the more impressive examples are the alien Gems in the cartoon show “Steven Universe”).

Looking at a similarly broad but more contemporary issue, one of the largest cases of migration is not of war refugees from the Middle East going into Europe, but rather Africans from around Lake Chad heading towards Europe. It is rather a complex matter that not many people see the true big picture of. To do it justice, I want to provide context:

The vast majority of national borders in the modern countries of Africa were not drawn by natives but rather by colonial Europeans who barely set foot in the areas they drew these lines. As such, the drawing of borders was often done with little regard about placing religious or ethno-linguistic groups that did and still do NOT get along with each other under the same government, or splitting an existing group among two or more countries. When it came to Lake Chad, the Europoean powers thought it best to give all the neighboring countries (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon) access to the water source. While this might be good for the countries in question, it did not bode well for the local lake tribes who suddenly found their next-door neighbors now living in four different countries.

Lake Chad itself lies at the "Sahel" zone bordering the Sahara Desert within an endorheic basin - that is, it is the point where waters from local rivers settle without ever reaching the ocean before heat evaporates it into the atmosphere. Endoheic lakes can be as large as the Caspian and Aral Seas, or as small and prone to high evaporation and salinity as the Dead Sea. The Aral Sea is a well-known example of an environmental catastrophe that started when the Soviet Union diverted the two rivers that fed it for irrigation projects in the 1960s. By 1997 the sea had shrunk to only 10% of its original size and into four smaller lakes, the north-most of which is only recovering due to the construction of a dam. Lake Chad is in a similar crisis, though due not so much from irrigation of its feeding rivers as much as general drought, global warming, and desertification as the Sahara creeps further and further south. Between 1963 and 1998 its size shrunk by as much as 97%.

Further complicating things for the locals is the presence of the radical Islamic terrorist group of Boko Haram within northeast Nigeria (along with other groups nearby like Al-Qaeda). In addition to kidnapping people, they force locals to pay "taxes" in tribute and even recruit members into their organization. Thing is, this is preferable to some given the guaranteed income despite the threats, and given how the West tries to fight these terror groups by propping up dictatorships like Idriss Deby who's been "President" of Chad since 1990 (when he overthrew the previous dictator Hissene Habre who ruled from 1982). Even if these governments agree to fight the terror groups, few effective cross-border operations can be done when the neighboring governments refuse to coordinate their armies.

To the north of Chad lies Libya. One reason why countries like France and the United States supported both Habre and Deby was due to the ambitions of Libya's own decades-ruling dictator named Muammar Gaddafi. With French Aid, the forces of Habre (with Deby serving in them) managed to ward off Gaddafi’s invasion of Chad in a 1987 conflict that became known as the “Toyota War” due to the notable use of Toyota pickup trucks. While Gaddafi did get some revenge by helping Deby overthrow Habre, it wasn’t to last as the Libyan dictator himself would be overthrown and killed by rebels (with European help) in the 2011 Libyan Civil War. The consequence of this instability has produced a Libya divided between a UN-recognized government of multiple rebel and/or jihadist groups based in the capital of Tripoli in the west, and a more limited-recognized government in the East based in Tobruk but controlling Benghazi and most other Libyan territory. The Eastern forces are effectively led by a field marshal named Khalifa Haftar, who actually served in the Toyota War before his capture led him to becoming a CIA asset who agreed to help the rebels depose Gaddafi with his own ambitions arising afterwards.

The environmental and political threats around Lake Chad combined with the fall of Gaddafi has opened a corridor for locals from across northwest Africa to trek across the Sahara towards Libya, with the hopes of boarding a ship around Tripoli and reaching the welfare nations of Europe. Thing is, as if the inhospitable terrain wasn’t enough, there were Nigerians among other peoples who found themselves getting kidnapped and sold in open markets in the southwestern Libyan town of Sabha (with said markets thriving in the nation-wide instability and anarchy) according to a shocking 2017 report by the United Nations Migration Agency. While efforts have been made to combat this, western Libya remains unstable enough that ISIS has managed to set up shop and even bomb the Electoral Commission for an upcoming nationwide election that the UN frantically hopes will bring an end to the “second civil war”.

Even after the African migrants have crossed deserts, avoided slavers and jihadist terrorist groups, and managed to board a boat, many of these boats end up capsizing in the turbulent Mediterranean Sea. Fortunately for these passengers, many of them have been rescued by European navies and transported towards their original destinations...

[Continued in PART 2.]
5/29/2018 c1 Guest
Please continue this! It is awesome to see Shmi alive!
5/29/2018 c1 Guest
You are an amazing author. I love all of your work. Your intelligence can be plainly seen in your writing style. If you haven't already, you should consider writing professionally. If you have I would love to know so I can support and enjoy your work. Keep it up.
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