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for The Warmth of Resight

5/28/2018 c1 projektrevolution20
YAAAYYYY! The saga continues! Thank you for being willing to explore such a difficult subject as the pshchology of a slave... I think we all have a lot to learn in terms of the broader way we treat people, starting with the worst of the worst treatment, all the way up to ignoring someone, if that makes sense.
5/28/2018 c1 2Rasdra
Fantastic start to the sequel, really cute and I liked Windu's point of view.
It is scary how a person's entire sense of self or self worth can be so twisted and different from the ideal of a free, well looked after child who wasn't abused/enslaved etc.
5/26/2018 c1 wennifer-lynn
Thank you for putting in a little information plug about modern human trafficking, I just took a class on it and it's pretty crazy how prevalent it still is in the world. I agree with you that not enough people in the United States even realize how much of it is going on. Hopefully people will read the whole authors note! :)
5/28/2018 c1 Paul Lenzen
I love your story's so much
5/27/2018 c1 Sage of Wind Dragons
So its a good feel to free who they can and making INFORMED decisisons and filling in Anakin so he doesnt eel as penalized of sorts...

anyway. the slavery bit?im of two minds on cause I LIkE the its a thing and acknowledged and studied thing and the process fo Anakin LEARNING it...
but... well the jedi would know OF THIS, enough of them ave slaves all the time along with ALL sorts of OTHER abuse victums and prejudiced groups ALL the time, they are in chaos and danger ALOT and that adds "pathetic life forms" tally ALOT to it.

but I also like the aknwoledgement that sure might ahve more then fair experience SAVING people from bondage, but they arnt involved int he healing and process AFTER THE FACT of whats recommended and studied.

while the dynamics of it are totattly diffrent real world NOW to well space fatasy setting, nto the least cause cultures and anitons openly practice and stuff...

I mean the big thing NOW is that it happens but tis declared ILLEGAL, so the assumption is when people are doingt heir right and correct jobs well if found it is ENDED and destroyed.
coruse complacencey and the devil walks besides you when you are tired and faltering slightly... but like...
hmm. the difference between the MUST keept it secret as you can of now because thats the only place you can operate versus the literal actual NATION work going on thats condoned...
ourse as ever so many giants fo the world have boundt hemselves tied so they cant do anything urely effective about enar anything, and thats not GETTING into some ridiculious situations with say the C.I.A and their nonsense with drug traficing and well.

bah.. where int he HELL am I goingw ith this? hmmm.

I get the ease Mace and Anakin into cohabitation type thing? but im also... like they HAVE the holo net which is close enough o internet hes ahd resoruces available to HIMSELF.. coruse the whole beastlial ISSUE of child brain adult mind is its OWN horrifc MESS of a disaster..
bah I dunno. the awareness fo a 40/50ish year old man now asking the questions is sorta... hmm.
I mean PROGRES is PROGRESS whetierh you started int eh whole or NOT, or the yous tarted on solid ground decided to dig for the dark found it and THEN regret and... hmm.
but hey! I do like the casualness of them ITNERACTING and ahviang ag odo buy. the ease of just holo chat probabbly stems from skype and such thgins being more and mroe fo a thing in our consciousness? but... hmmm.
anywho. im LIKING that skywalker is finally at a LEVEL of fun to be his suggestions on systematic changes and insights for the jedi on hwo to change and COMBAT tis own threats woudl be INTERESTING...
5/25/2018 c1 Guest
Hey Anne.
I was going to login so we could talk some if you wanted to answer me but of course I forgot my password so whatever.
I think it is great that you are taking up this activism against human traffic and slavery because. Of course it is still a thing. And it does need visibility. And people fighting against it. Like. Go there. And of course someone whose life doesn't belong to them, who has never faced anything but instability and hatred, has a completely different mindset.
I feel like I need to point out that maybe this story takes these things too simply, like, slaves have it repeatedly shown to them that their lives dont matter, at least to the slaver and to people to allow this to happen. They get killed like nothing because they aren't seen as humans, but instead as products, objects to be used and discarded. And there's no way of treating that kind of trauma I think? Idk. Anyways I really want to talk to you damn.
You're great, keep the good work up.
5/25/2018 c1 2lazy2login
Well hot damn.

I’ve been following your stories for years now, and I’m always blown away by the sheer humanness of Anakin.

It’s only just now that I realize that.. this whole time, I’ve been super hard relating to Anakin’s journey of self-exploration. And the stupidly simple things that you just don’t realize when you’ve been abused for your whole life. You portray it very well. While Everyone reacts to abuse differently, it’s so easy to see that you have the details down pat. He’s so...human. And damaged. And doing his best to heal. And it’s amazing. You’re amazing. Got damn. Please never stop writing mdude.

..altho it would b noice to see palpatine le abuser get his just desserts
5/26/2018 c1 28Syphon01
nice little snippets of anakin the initiate.

I hope someday we can get a afull story of a sequal.

more please
5/26/2018 c1 3doraemax
The most despicable thing about Slavery...is that it was/is practiced by Humans. Unfortunately, most humans cannot keep themselves in check when they gained near-absolute power over another human, and furthermore profit from it. Thus the extreme abuse of the system. Time was, being a slave does not mean being less than human. It was mainly just a way to work of debt to the society (or to a person in the case of life-debt); the master in this case being the one appointed to ensure the slave actually pays their debt (and set them free once the debt has been paid). And being the master is no simple thing, for he/she are held liable if anything untoward happened to the slave. It was a duty, not a privilege.
5/26/2018 c1 ILDV
Soooo touching.
5/26/2018 c1 cameron1812
Wow. A simple call that opens up so much to think about for Mace. Love the psychology and philosophies and thought processes evident in the chapter. Thank you!
5/26/2018 c1 1Jarjaxle
Reeally really liked this...Mace got some nice wake up call and without bashing him...this was really nice and enjoyed talk between Anakin and his mother...cannot wait the future fics of this series...
5/25/2018 c1 Kynareth no Baka
It's rare someone cares enough to bring up real life problems on the macro level that aren't on the news every day in a section intended to be read as nonfiction.

It's nice to see someone else who cares. Most just ignore the problems they can't personally, physically solve, especially if they're problems they don't have to deal with personally.

Maybe someday we will have eradicated the practice of slavery, but we're not there yet. Not even close.

Also, good story update! Was, as always, interesting and entertaining to read.
5/25/2018 c1 rednaxnala
Brilliant work as always. Thanks foe the reminder of this very present problem.
Thanks for the update
5/25/2018 c1 Storyman09
I think one of the most interesting parts of your Star Wars stories, this tale of Anakin's, is how you write and address his trauma, all the ways it has affected what and how he believes as well as what he feels and does. That is extremely compelling. That he's a time-traveling, post-Return of the Jedi, redeemed Darth Vader still struggling with redemption in the body of a young Anakin Skywalker, and learning how to be Anakin again, is intriguing as is but I like the way you write his spirit and how he's healing from having it so mangled by Sidious, that is truly compelling. I think Mace was the right Jedi Master to write from the perspective of in this short story. Familiar enough to the readers from the movies and from previously being in your stories that we're not dropped in with a stranger but on the outside of Anakin's secrets and circle of Jedi he's learning to trust.
All that said, I realized that my mindset is rather alarmingly similar to your version of Anakin. It's honestly harder for me to understand the mindsets of everyone else in this story, it's easier for me to understand the idea of "you only have the rights to whatever you can claim and keep or earn." I mean, I grasp the other's mindsets intellectually but that's about it. I understand Anakin's and live out of something way too akin to his mindset. (Or former mindset, he seems in the middle of transitioning to a healthier one)
You tell an unexpectedly potent narrative, is what I'm saying. :/

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