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12/8/2020 c3 SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
So the story sounds very cool.
I'm very curious to see which servants are present and who is which master.

Please continue writing quickly.

With best regards SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
10/18/2020 c4 Guest
So, the rider of green is Francis Drake (Archibald Romano)
10/13/2020 c1 6FinchFlyingAce
Buddy, I like the concept, but I can't even get through the first chapter because there's little to no paragraph separation, just a wall of text. Quick tip, start a new paragraph whenever someone new is speaking.
11/1/2018 c1 2miguelgiuliano.co
Un capítulo de lo mas interesante espero con ansias por el próximo capítulo.
Ya se quienes podrían ser los futuros servant's para la orden del fénix xD
Remus invocara a
Ron invocara a Kotaro
Hermione invocara a Nitocris o Ozimandias
Creo que Harry debería de invocar a Sigurd
Sobre el resto no tengo idea xD
6/2/2018 c2 Duel
As much as you WOULD want to, "selfless sacrifice of a mother for her child" does NOT qualify one for the Throne of Heroes, so you're still getting the lovable rogue, Severus.

I am honestly interested in who the rest of the Death Eaters get. I just hope you balance the power between both sides.

Ah, Um-bitch, you have absolutely NO IDEA who you're getting involved with(hell, Sanson would probably bide his time and wait for an opportunity to behead you for your way of thinking. Seriously, read up on the French Revolution, you toad :D)

Okay...I'm curious with who Neville will pull from the throne, if only because I have no idea who that "Catalyst" his parents left him is linked to.(e.g. the piece of the round table has connections to the KoR.)

And seriously, I understand that you're busy with work, but at least try to proofread your work before publishing it. It's lacking a large amount of punctuations, along with several spelling and grammar mistakes. If English is not your main language, then it'd do you good to get some more practice in the language and literature. Also: I recommend getting Grammarly, it'll help point out any grammar mistakes in your work, and give you hints on how to fix it(if not outright doing it for you).

The story IS still interesting, though. And fix the previous chapter when you can.

5/25/2018 c1 Duel
So, let's see...so far(from your trailer), we have:

Green Faction(Death Eaters):
Archer - Billy the Kid(Severus Snape)

Black Faction(OOTP):
Saber - Siegfried(?)(Harry)
Lancer - Elizabeth Bathory(Unknown)
Caster - Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart(Unknown)
Berserker - Frankenstein(Remus)

Assassin - Charles-Henri Sanson(Dolores Umbridge)(Possibly amongst the Green Faction)

So we know the Order will be representing the Black Faction, and ol' Riddle on the other side, but as I said over on your trailer, it looks like the Ministry is still an unknown(because Umbridge). Though, Severus technically also qualifies as unknown, because we don't know which Faction he actually swore loyalty to(yes, yes. I know he's loyal to Dumbledore. I meant which side of the grail war is he loyal to), but I placed him in Voldemort's on this list because it's likely that he had to perform the ritual in front of ol Voldy.

Aside from your sentence structure and grammar, please proofread your work before you post it. It's missing A LOT of punctuation marks, which might make reading this a little confusing, in that we can't tell when someone starts/stops talking.

This might get a little interesting from here on. I'm interested in who else would get summoned.

Oh, Luna. A fictional(and totally non-existent, even for Wizarding kind) Crumple-horn Snorkack pales in comparison to the kind of beings you are all about to call forth(those Wizards should REALLY read up on muggle legends. Let's see if Bellatrix still dares to call someone like Artemis, Karna, Arjuna, Rama, Medusa, and Circe "filthy muggles". Oh the karma).

It would be funny if the most anti-muggle members got muggle heroes(like Bellatrix with Hans Christian Anderson, or Spartacus), or Draco ends up with Nursery Rhyme(Alice). It'll also be funny if one of the Masters is not even a wizard, but a Magus and/or a Muggle.(*cough* Ryuunosuke from Fate/ Zero *cough cough*

I wonder who are the Rulers, though. Maybe Sherlock? Or Amakusa Shirou again? After all, it's not like the Wizarding world has anyone that would qualify as a heroic spirit worthy of resting within the Throne of Heroes. And there are only 3 Ruler servants(excluding summer Martha), unless you're throwing Moon Cancer into the same category for this fic. (*twack* Ow! What the hell, BB!?)

Still, this has promise, and I will probably keep track of this fic.

btw, did you always intend for Voldemort's Faction to be green, or did you take my suggestion from your preview?
5/25/2018 c1 Guest
dude you really need to pair bellatrix with carmilla...
5/25/2018 c1 5Kage kitsune of light
Oh wow! This is has some promise to it. The dialogue looks funky with its formation though. But aside from the grammatical errors, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
I'll be frank, I've been sitting on an idea like this, throwing the HP characters into an actual holy grail war. Most Fate/HP crossovers are just, Harry raised by a servant. Usually a Saber or Caster. So it's nice to see something different! I honestly can't wait to see who they summon. And I'm curious to see how they compare to the ones I've chosen. Admittedly I didn't go the fractions route so I'm eager to see how this pans out!

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