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7/10/2018 c11 9IndigoElle

Tim has become a Talon. A little thirteen year old Talon. I feel so bad for him. He is so lost and thinks that this is the only thing that can give him purpose, and it just breaks my heart that he's so alone. I wonder if we'll get any glimpses into his training, any type of flashback to an initiation or maybe his first mission. I'd like to see Tim in action, committing an assassination. I want to know what he's thinking and feeling in those moments, if anything at all.


That line killed me, I have to say.

I love how we get to see where Tim is living and how life is as a Talon, and how Tim's detective skills are making an appearance. And how he has a particular dislike for Wren and the other Talons. Which, in my opinion, works to show how Tim is set apart from the other Talons. Yes he belongs to the Court, but Tim is a different type of Talon. Not someone who wants to be there, but someone who had nothing else to turn to. He's just the broken little boy we saw on the shore on the inside.

That imagery with the owl and the bat was fantastic. I got chills!

And I was already enjoying this chapter immensely, and then you throw in that Tim is hunting Bruce. That is awesome in such a twisted way. I loved seeing how Tim had figured out that Bruce was Batman, much like he does in the original story. It's true to his character and I think even as a Talon it makes sense that Tim would discover it, especially when Bruce is his target. Loved how Tim was caught in a way and how he sees through Bruce, just like he always does. I just love how this scene played out!

Also, Jason. My heart. It's happened. I miss him already and I don't know if I'll be able to handle Bruce's POV now. But I'm excited for it, nonetheless!

Wonderful job this chapter and I can't wait to see what happens from here!
7/10/2018 c11 ONOBOCOCOPO
Wow I can’t write anything right now because the last part was so tear jerking T-T and how could you do that to Jason you monster , I thought we would have more time with him T-T . Loved loved the parts where Tim remembers talon, how he reserves the name talon for him alone ، the bite ، the owl reference from previous chapters were done beautifully it was so honest in a strange way , the description of the cathedral was breathtaking ( I just finished uncharted 4 so this definitely was a very similar visual experience albeit more solemn ) the way the owls behaved ، in short everything , but man the last part was the most amazing part of this chapter it was so well written I just was so engrossed reading that part felt like a fantasy .
Note: I just couldn’t help feeling a bit disjointed while reading some of the parts where the description was more on the heavy side ، it would flow somethly and then my thought process will be suddenly cut off by another idea ، my idea is to probably categorize the description part into place ، self and time since some times mixing things up can make the flow of ideas in the readers mind a bit confusing ، because I will probably skip the part where a new idea was introduced to complete reading without breaking the flow , does that make any sense ? Can’t wait for more!
7/9/2018 c11 12Loftcat27
7/3/2018 c10 2CarrieKelley17
Everything about Jason and Bruce's relationship in this chapter is more true and accurate than anything I have ever read or watched in my entire life, as is your interpretation of Jason, from leaving out how Tim's staff had smacked him in the face, to save his own pride, to how he feels about killers, and then how he looked at the death of the Koslov family, thinking what he was seeing, and the timing, made t obvious, when in fact it was Bruce that was on the right track.

Jason is to blinded by his own arrogance an train of thought to see what Batman sees, who is closing in on what the Court sees. Tim Drake. The Court clearly knew about him, and could see something in him. Something only the greatest have seen. Such as Ra's Al Ghul, how he saw the true intelligence and power of Tim, when Talia and all the rest believed that Dick Grayson, and only Grayson would be the best. Ra's even gave Tim the title that he only ever gave Bruce. 'Detective'. That alone shows that there truly is something different about Tim, something that separates Tim from the rest of the Batclan, and that's why the Court wants Tim. Because they see his inner power, his truth. And they somehow knew Talon was betraying them, trying to have Batman take the boy, something they knew they could not let happen, because if he got Tim, they'd never be able to touch him, so they assassinated Talon because of his betrayal, and because they knew or know that Tim would and will become greater than Talon could ever have been, and just as Bruce said, the murder in the alley was the distraction, not what happened on the bridge. Jason, like Damian, are too arrogant to ever be detectives, and only see things entirely in black and white, and are arrogant enough to believe they get to decide when to see grey.

Same goes for Dick who took up the cape and cowl WAY too quickly, too easily coming to terms with the idea of Bruce being dead, whereas Tim KNEW Bruce was still alive, and worked as what Bruce made him to be. A Detective.

I also have this theory that Tim may actually be Bruce's biological child, because they look so much alike, and even think alike, Tim has very little problems with how Batman works, unlike the rest who seem to believe they get to decide how he should handle things. My theory extends to that Bruce may have had a one night stand with Tim's mother when he might have been drunk once years before when he first came back to Gotham, and had Tim, and never realised until sometime after Tim became Robin.
7/1/2018 c10 2spoileralertitsme
Write. A. Book. Please! You are SO talented! :D
6/29/2018 c10 112Rookblonkorules
Where do I even start? I'm completely blown away by the sheer talent exhibited in this chapter. Your descriptive language keeps improving. Forgive me for not pulling up any example, which I would if I had thought to write as I went along, but I'm exhausted right now.
I love that we're seeing that edge to Jason now, when it comes to the murder of the three children. It's so CANON. Dangit, this whole chapter is just so very JASON and I love it! Although, I've got alarm bells ringing in my head because crap, crap, crap this is BAD, please don't leave us hanging, but your writing is sooooo good!
And of course I'm wondering about little Timmy too, so just... please, please take good care of them. *falls to knees* Please!
6/28/2018 c10 ONOBOCOCOPO
wow The first part ... I have no words. Just um i can’t deal with how good the characters were and how the events were taking place, as well as how the characters understood the implication of it all, really chilling. This has got really good quality to it I felt the air shift, wow . Sorry words fail me a lot now.
The second part: umm let me just say that I enjoy detective stories a lot. I have read a lot as well. that is what made me possess over Batman so much but I must say that when reading fanfiction that is hardly something I look forward to since no one (expect on or two ) really seems to have any clue on how to write one, but this! This definitely had the feel and quality of a well written detective story, I gotta admit I didn’t expect that. But this part sucked me right in I felt I was there with them noticing every detail. The atmosphere was phenomenal I just I really don’t have the words. And I just loved Jason’s part ( how quiet and appropriate his reaction was , how deeply hurt he felt for all of the kids, and maybe some of it deep thoughtfulness of what happened earlier)of the story it felt like reading all of the really good chapters from the Batman comics that I love so much. Loved how everything was moving around them and that the things they face are not the only thing that happen in that story. The world is moving along side crime it self was really cruel and vicious and well suited for a crime organization such as the owls. This ranks as the second most enchanting part in this story after the second chapter. my thoughts on this are a lot but I can’t seem to be able to write them all now , this was purely success . Whoa

The review for the rest we’ll be added once I finish reading, stay tuned!
6/28/2018 c10 litche
I was so hoping that Bruce and Jason would come save Tim from the court 's really sad the way that Jason and Bruce grow appart and you tell it very efficiently and beautifully
P.S: sorry for my spelling, English isn't my first language and I think that these adjectives aren't quite right but I'm too tired to check

Have a good day/night?
6/28/2018 c10 9IndigoElle
What a chapter! There is so much in this that's important that I don't know if I can cover all of it, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

The thing that has me most thoughtful, and what I really loved about this chapter, is the Jason and Bruce dynamic. I know you said this chapter was hard to write, but honestly it all seems so in character. We're seeing the start of the problem between Jason and Bruce which is their conflicting philosophies, and we all know where that led them in canon. I can't help but wonder if that's going to be the same way it ends for them here, or if Jason will perish in a different manner. Either way I can already feel the heartbreak, as those last lines broke a part of my soul.

I also like how you really emphasized their different philosophies without either of them verbally explaining them. It's shown through their reactions. Bruce has faith in Talon's claim, and Jason chooses not to believe it because he has a natural distrust towards people. Very in character and very true, and you presented their conflict so well. And then that line where Jason says, "It's not always a bad thing if there's one less killer in the world." That got me. So true and something Jason would say.

You're getting such a hang of these characters so quickly! You've improved so much since the start and I bet you don't even realize it. Great job with them!

On the note of Tim, poor kid has no idea that there is someone out there actually trying to find him. I think that's what is really sad is that Tim believes no one cares for him. At this point Bruce doesn't have any familial or friendly attachments to Tim, but he's still thinking about him and his promise, and that's more than Tim expects of anyone. It's just so sad, and I think that Bruce is definitely going to regret going to the murder instead of looking for Tim. YOU NEVER ASSUME SOMEONE IS DEAD THAT EASILY BRUCE.

Also slightly intrigued because I detect Jason already not liking Tim. Because Tim is on the path of Talon and not Robin I don't think there will be the same viciousness way down the line between them, but it's an interesting set up. I don't know where you're planning it to go and the story may not even go to the point of Jason's return (if he returns in this version) but I thought I would note what I found interesting.

I really can't wait to see how Jason and Bruce's relationship develops in this version. I'm also so ready to see what Tim's going through and what he has become. Are we going to take it year by year? Are we going to jump time a little and only focus on the milestones of Tim's life? I'm up for anything. I'm just way too into Talon Tim and I need to know where this path takes him.

Lovely chapter! Keep up the great work!
6/28/2018 c10 12Loftcat27
This is exciting as always, love the update!
6/20/2018 c9 112Rookblonkorules
I feel so bad for taking so long to get to this review!
Your descriptive language in this chapter was gorgeous. I got chills. Especially at the part where you described Talon as being pretty much married to death at that moment and like... my gosh, that was good. A super creative and original way of putting it too.
And then that man from the Court came and just... No, Timmy! Don't go with him! *internal screaming* Honestly, I just want to give that kid a hug more than ever. I've probably already said that, but... dang it, he needs one. And Bruce is probably going to feel so awful for losing the kid that Talon was asking him to take care of... or is he going to lose him? I was hoping that Batman would be able to take Tim now and it would be, you know, damage control kind of. Idk if that's the right word. Talon didn't damage him, but he would be kept safe from the Court. And now the Court has found him and a) either they're going to leave with him or b) they're going to want to find him if he makes it away with Batman. (If he even wants to, because he just agreed to go with them) Either way, this is going to be one heck of a ride!
6/18/2018 c8 2spoileralertitsme
I can't even tell you how much I'm enjoying this! This is absolutely incredible, and you capture the characters so perfectly! I'm in LOVE with your Jason! Not to mention your scenes and your language are just stunning! You're amazing! :)
Please update soon!
6/17/2018 c9 9IndigoElle
Yes I’ve been anticipating this chapter! Seeing this story updated makes me so happy. It’s been a long time since I’ve clicked on a story this fast.

What’s a heart, right? I don’t need one. I thought it was destroyed last chapter but nope. Whatever little bit that I had left has shattered. What got me about this chapter is that while we know Tim is in pain, I could feel his numbness. I didn’t feel despair or agony, I felt his emptiness so strongly. You do amazing with the emotions and how you handle them, as your chapters convey exactly what the characters are feeling.

Taloooon oh my gosh. It’s just so sad. There is no one to protect Tim or who actually cares about Tim and it just breaks my heart. He’s so alone in this universe and there is no one looking out for his best interests. Part of me wants to tell that guy to get away from Tim, but I really want to see Tim as a Talon so I will go along with it.

And I’m so ready to see Tim embark on this Talon journey. Without his care for anything, I see a dangerous future for him where lines will be crossed. I’m scared and excited at the same time!

I know I’ve said this before but wow. I love your writing style. How do you put words together like that? I need to know. You write so beautifully and this chapter in particular blew me away. I can tell you spent time on this and really paid attention to the words you used and how you described everything. It’s just gorgeous!

I’m ready to see what Bruce is thinking and where his side of the story is going. Thank you for an update and I’m ready for the next when you are!
6/17/2018 c9 2CarrieKelley17
This, is, amazing. Poetic, artistic, heartbreaking, and just magnificent. How he held Talon just broke my heart, but that piece at the end, it seems like a new beginning. Though I will admit, I thought Tim was going to end up with Batman there, something about him going with the Court just seems , right, despite the fact that they are clearly the ones who had Talon killed in the first place. I just hope they don't do to Tim what Talon told Batman they'd do, and instead, Tim becomes an Owlman all his own, like he makes that Lincoln March Armour from the comics, it'd suit him brilliantly.
6/17/2018 c9 12Loftcat27
Wow. This was really sad but in a good way!
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