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for A Whistle in the Night

6/17/2018 c9 ONOBOCOCOPO
What the ... what .. I just what .., let’s start with the review shall we ?the part where tim found himself in the water was amazing, utterly breathtaking loved those parts , felt like everything was shrouded in silence for some reason. i could feel the full wight of the situation on Tim , and when the realization finally set in, just feels, why do you keep doing this , the emptiness he felt and the void was heart breaking, I can’t imagine a better response to talons death. ( I’m still in denial bty) the conversation was also magnificently done , but damn I didn’t expect the court to reach Tim Before Bruce (get your fat**** here faster Bruce, darn ) I am officially upset this was a turn of events I didn’t expect, and I definitely like when a piece takes a turn from my own thought, makes it enjoyable and Unpredictable . ( just damn it bruce you utterly failed talon ) I’m upset again.
I really don’t know what is gonna happen from here on out but I need time to process the absence of Tim and talon together . Needless to say ,Can’t wait for more , though it’s gonna feel kinda sad without talon. :(
6/15/2018 c8 12Loftcat27
Very good! Love the new take. :)
6/14/2018 c8 Weljan12350
Darn I’m still thinking about the ending aaaaaaaaagh!
6/11/2018 c8 2CarrieKelley17
This was heartbreaking and brilliant all rolled into one. Batman and Talon's calculating styles, and the way Tim describes the way Talon fights, all brilliant and beautiful, and I have no doubt that if Tim was thinking straight, he could've taken Jason down, or at least wiped the smirk of Jason's face, ;D

But that ending... god fucking dammit... Both Talon and Tim have already lost so much, and they were getting so close too, and then Talon ends up fucking eliminated by a god damn sniper.

I'm glad Talon asked Batman to take in Tim, because Tim deserves it. He deserves that safety and that security, because I know I wanted Tim to go with the Court, but, by the way Talon described what they'd do to and with Tim, he NEEDS to be under Batman's protection.
6/11/2018 c8 ONOBOCOCOPO
YOU CANNOT END HERE! YOU JUST CAN’t (screaming at you through tears), what did Tim ever do to you , you beast ( hysterical crying)T-T, it was so gut wrenching. Amazing amazing amazing chapter, loved it so much, talon and Bruce’s fight was so magnificent I was on edge, aaaaah I wanted to kill Jason ( excellent characterization bty) but Tim oh god Tim killed me I felt like someone stapped me in the stomach after coating the knife with some lemon juice and salt. Bruce was amazing this chapter so In character ( well silly me you were handling the situation just fine)and you maneged to showcase talons desperation with such passion and realism. Can’t say enough, good luck with your dental appointment, hope you have fun ( insert evil snickering ). No really hope it goes well, can’t can’t can’t wait for more.
6/11/2018 c8 112Rookblonkorules
Ooh my... I am... I can't... Currently, words are... words do not feel sufficient, but I'm gonna try. I half suspected something was going to happen to Talon, but now that it's happened, I... my heart!
What I particularly loved about this chapter is that it showcased just how much Tim and Talon have grown to care for each other in the time that Tim has spent under Talon's protection. I was wondering what Talon wanted to see Batman about and now that I know it was to try and ensure that Tim would have some sort of secure future... That was too pure. I am not worthy! And then Tim... Tim's devastation at seeing his... mentor/caretaker die. MY HEART. MY POOR CHILD. HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS.
Also, I loved Jason's banter. It wasn't as witty as Dick's usually is, but hey he's giving it his best shot and he's still doing great so that's something. For the record, Tim's elation that he had finally managed to hit someone ELSE'S face with his staff rather than his own was just too adorable.
Make some room, Jason. This kid has stolen my heart as well.
So... since I said before words have (sort of) failed me, the... only way I can compare this is to the Emotional Tolkien Inspired Fantasy Music: The Death of Fingon. I felt much the same way reading about Talon's death as I do listening to that piece.
Excellent job as always!
6/11/2018 c8 AnonymousMisfit
Oh. My. God.
*incorerent screaming*

Okay. I'm calm. Better. Let's try at a review, huh?

FIRST OF ALL. The way you write Bruce is so enrapturing. His thought process and inner monologue you write amazingly! I love the way you write the fight scene; not completely ignoring it, but not focusing on it either. It's a great way to do fight scenes! Talon's admission... Heart? What heart? You tore mine out! And then he kicks the bucket, and Tim was too far to do anything (not that he could have if he'd been closer). Batman couldn't stop the death and Bruce was in shock. Then while I was reading I couldn't help but think: what if Talon, in the split second he had before he died, worried that his dying meant that Bruce wouldn't take Tim in. Y'know, because he never told him about the Court.
And I broke my heart even more.

Jason and Tim. I love how you captured Jason's teen cockiness and Tim's rapid thought process. Their fight was great! Again, you focused mainly on inner thoughts instead of actual fighting. It's such a great way to do fight scenes!

Hoo, I've got a headache. This is about all for the Review.
Have a great one! (Good luck with the wisdom teeth!)
6/11/2018 c8 9IndigoElle
Aaaaah! This chapter! MY HEART! My brain is all over the place but I'm gonna try to pull it together and write a coherent review.

This lived up to my expectations completely. I got answers to my questions and now have more questions, which is good, because my invested mind is now begging to know what happens next. I think you did a great job writing Bruce in a fight, especially since you didn't focus as much on the fighting but went for the approach with his inner thoughts. I think that was well done because we got to see how he was planning, which Bruce is always doing, and what impressions he was getting from Talon. I'm glad we were in his head so that we could see how his thought process went and what he was thinking through the whole ordeal.

I was pumped for the Jason and Tim interaction and I was not disappointed. It's a very stark contrast to what's happening between Talon and Batman, with Jason and Tim kind of just playing one another. It's harmless, but it's still urgent because we know Tim is worried about Talon. So even though this is the least dangerous part of the night, it still feels very serious. Loved how Tim whacked Jason though, and Jason's banter.

Then we finally find out what Talon wants and oh my gosh. You wrote him with all his walls down and gave us the emotion that he would never show to Tim. This is Talon in his most desperate hour, foregoing his own safety for Tim. It's clear that Tim is a special person to him, since he'd betray the entire Court to save him. Does he see Tim as his friend, or maybe as himself when he was younger? These are the things that haunt my mind. But it's his loyalty to Tim that goes above the Court that just breaks my heart.

And then. TALON. NO.

I've feared this ever since the last chapter and my fears have become a reality. The way you wrote that scene was so beautiful and tragic. I could feel the slow-motion horror you described it so well. I love how you use words, by the way, because they're just so gorgeous. But my heart just slowly shattered into pieces, and then Tim, and Batman, and UGH.

How does this story not have more faves?! More follows?!

Don't mind me, I'm just a pile of emotions now and I'm gonna need some time to recover. This was an amazing chapter and it has left me wondering where we are going from here. I will dearly miss Talon and I wish he and Tim had more time together. But I can only imagine what this is going to do to Tim. Is Batman going to go look for him? Will Tim stay out of his sight? Is the Court going to get their hands on Tim now?

There are so many ways this story can go and I'm ready for any of it. Take your time though and get well again! Just know that when you post, it'll be well worth the wait.
6/11/2018 c8 jusst-izzyy
... my heart just shattered fyi ...
6/9/2018 c7 ONOBOCOCOPO
The “ Jason please.. “ in the middle, killed me XD, oh no this was just phenomenal, every detail was written with such intensity, I cept gasping and screaming internally, the urgency and the sense of change was amazing, can’t describe how urgent and stressed I felt , Tim noticing every detail and following the man even to his death, the cracks in the talon’s facade, and above all the defining sense that not only Tim but even talon did not even know what was gonna occur , whas heart stopping. I just don’t know what else to say this was just , actually I don’t know .. whoa
6/8/2018 c7 IndigoElle
Oh no. Oooooh no. I've been on the edge of my seat this entire chapter and I'm searching for the rest of it. This...this is it? I need to know what's next even though I'm positively dreading it, while still being so excited to see what's happening. But, before I get ahead of myself, let's talk about this chapter because my. feels.

I really like reading your little Jason and Batman. It's Bruce before he gets extremely dark, before he carries the guilt of losing his Robin. It's a different dynamic and I find myself cherishing the bit of lightness that Bruce has. Not to mention Jason's unwavering trust in Bruce and how he handles things. Also love that you make sure the readers know that Jason is smart, not just bold. Sometimes I feel like people forget that Jason is a very smart person, but you make note that he isn't just a fighter, he's a thinker too.

Once I saw that you are focusing on Jason as Batman's Robin in this story, I've been wondering if its the Court/Talon that's going to be the one to kill Jason instead of the Joker. That idea makes my heart drop, and this chapter has made me consider that possibility more. I'm truly scared for Bruce and Jason right now.

As always, I greatly enjoy the Talon/Tim relationship, and even more so this chapter. We see a restless Talon, but we also see just how far their relationship has progressed. Tim isn't following Talon out of fear this time. He's following out of trust. But that line, "It would be the last time he'd hear his name spoken-not until four years after the events of that night." Just oh no. Oh my God. I need to know what happens because TALON.

And cliff hanger, oooh how I love and hate it at the same time. This is karma coming back at me for my own, isn't it? Just kidding, but really, you've got me hooked on every word now.

Alright, I could honestly go on forever about this chapter because the energy is there, the urgency is in every action, word, and expression. You totally present this as a very serious and nerve wracking moment, and I can feel Tim's confusion and worry so clearly. I am in desperate need of another chapter. Fantastic work and I am ready to leap into the next chapter as soon as you give it to us!
6/8/2018 c7 2CarrieKelley17
I honestly Love that Court of Owls poem, there's just something so spooky and haunting about it.

I'm actually quite excited about Tim going up against Jason. It makes a lot of sense, and Tim's had a whole different kind of training under Talon instead of Batman, so the fight's probably gonna be a whole load different than when he was Robin, and I'm guessing that four years after at the end there means that Tim may be about to meat the rest of the Court.
6/8/2018 c7 112Rookblonkorules
I love little Jason so much! The jibes he throws at Bruce are just giving me life over here. And I loved Bruce's slight surprise at Jason's observation. Ah, Bruce, but you underestimate yourself! Of course the child is learning! His teacher is one of the best! ;)
So Talon has finally taken Tim out. Yes! I'm so excited, he's going to be encountering Jason and I'm bouncing up and down in my seat to see how that interaction will go.
Also, the whole little section where Tim nearly mistakes a flickering shadow for the eye lenses blinking. That was so creepy! But so good! It just really hits home just how... slightly terrifying and alien the suit must seem sitting in his lap at that moment, even after watching Talon wear it for as long as he's been there.
"...the motion that strangled the breath in Tim's chest..." THAT DESCRIPTION. Right there. Amazing. Honestly, it's so unique, but *clutches chest* it makes you... really understand the feeling. I love it.
So Talon is looking for Batman and Robin and HE AND TIM ARE GOING TO MEET UP FOR THEM. I am SO excited for chapter eight now! Best of luck getting it and chapter nine all written up!
Also, I've been going over your description and wondering about the wording. Like... Tim lost his parents, Bruce lost his parents. Is that what it's talking about? Hmmm, it could be. "The people who matter the most." It makes me wonder, though, about Talon and Jason THOUGH I SWEAR I WILL CRY IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO EITHER.

Thank you so much for updating this brilliant piece of work. Beautiful job as always!
6/8/2018 c7 litche
My heart is slowly Breaking when i read your story. I almost starder to cry on the bahalf of Tim. The Relationship between him and Talon is quite beautiful. I also like the interactions of Bruce and Jason. Is Jason gonna to survive the Joker in your Verse?
I hope that you enjoy writing this story as much that i love reading it.
6/7/2018 c6 ONOBOCOCOPO
Wow I know that something was set in motion in this chapter but I really don’t want it to happen! I have a bad feeling about this. Hope Tim copes well, back to the review awesome chapter loved Tim’s part so much I felt what he was feeling and I definitely knew talons emotion back then even before tim uttered the words, that part was that good , still noooooo I don’t want anything to happen to talon or the peace they have created for themselves. T-T , note:you wrote Bruce on the cheerier side of the spectrum, I feel in this kind of situation he would be more grim and speak less, with more insight on his thoughts , and trust his son to do what’s right . But the ending, that you definitely nailed. Can’t wait for more
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