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for A Whistle in the Night

6/6/2018 c6 2CarrieKelley17
This was a hell of an action packed chapter, without a doubt, and I hope to see more.

I'd honestly love to see Tim get introduced to the rest of the Court, and see his training expand.
6/6/2018 c6 9IndigoElle
You are seriously giving us a treat with all these updates. I think we're getting spoiled with them, and I'm happy about it.

This chapter, oh boy. The Talon and Tim scene was so well done in my opinion. It is totally something Tim would do to start practicing stunts for fun, just to play with numbers and just because he can. I like that we're seeing a small progression of his fighting skills, that he spends his days practicing. I'm sure that will come in handy later and I'm glad to see that there is a foundation later. Plus, I thought the scene with Tim and the owls was very well done. It was humorous and went very nicely with what was happening at the time.

But then came Talon, and I'm pretty sure my heart dropped a little when you described him. All I could think was "Oh no." Love how you did the last line of that scene and all of the description. My mind is reeling now because I'm not only worried for Talon, I'm worried for Tim. What is going on to get such a reaction like that? I need to know!

Little Jason was just as amusing as the last, I think even better than the last chapter. It's always great to see his snark, and I really liked seeing him out in the field this time. I see how the Court and Batman are starting to connect, and while I'm not sure how it's all going to go down, I'm both a little stressed and ever curious about it.

Great work once again! And don't worry about things not following your original outline. This story is expanding to awesome places.
6/6/2018 c6 112Rookblonkorules
Oh wow! This was incredible! The fight scene was really well written. I loved Jason's banter as they fought. I loved his entire rant regarding the Penguin. (And I love how you inserted the little bit about Penguin always going for the bird-themed stuff... and how Jason was just so baffled by the whole thing.)
So... the Court is watching Batman and Robin. And Talon is afraid. That obviously bodes for nothing good. Things are... definitely about to hit the fan, aren't they?
6/6/2018 c5 2CarrieKelley17
I'm glad for Jason here. It's rare to see him so vulnerable, the same goes for Bruce, and, as much as I hate to admit it, it was a little bit of a nice break from Tim, and show the behind the scenes of Gotham, behind what no one actually sees, or even believes is there.
6/6/2018 c4 CarrieKelley17
This just broke my heart in two. That promise, and with him being dead just the next day, and Tim's reaction? It was natural, and made sense on every level considering this Tim's past, and how he worked, and it just broke my heart more.

It was obvious that he would've chosen Talon anyhow. His movements and actions provided the proper stability that Tim both needed, and deserved. And that piece at the end where Talon gave him the Detective novel, perfectly suiting because Tim is exactly that, a Detective, even better than Bruce, just warmed my heart. Only for it to break in a sad smile kind of way with their little and true silent declaration at the end there.
6/6/2018 c3 CarrieKelley17
I feel for Tim here, more than I ever thought I would. He's lost so much, and is pretty damn alone, and he's right about his relationship with Talon, both relying on the fact of neither of them leaving the other for their relationship to be stable.

And it truly was heartbreaking to watch Tim go through that, from the sight of his lost home, to the discovery of his parents being dead, this is just breaking him piece by piece.
6/6/2018 c2 CarrieKelley17
I absolutely love this chapter, especially that part about the spines of books being the only bones Talon would never break, and I love how they're getting closer, even if it's not much, after a year, but it's something, 3

And the brilliant piece of it hall, hidden quite well, to the untrained eye, is the subtle, comfortable silence between the two, it's just perfect, :D
6/6/2018 c5 112Rookblonkorules
Oh my gosh! The fluff!
I absolutely adore young Jason and his relationship with Bruce in this story. His little "victory" when it came to Catwoman "hitting" on him was hilarious. I imagine Bruce will be having words with Selina later about that.
And when Bruce was talking to Jason about Dick being his brother... oh my word, my heart... my soul... I cannot handle the feels. *cries* And of course, we all know that this boy isn't going to last so MY HEART. *cries harder*

I'm bracing myself for what's to come next, but know that I loved this fluff and I will most certainly remember it.
Happy writing!
6/5/2018 c5 9IndigoElle
My goodness, this was so sweet!

Not only do we get a young Tim in this story, but also a really young Jason! I'm sure by now you know that I have a special place in my heart for Jason, and let me tell you, the way you portrayed his young self was fantastic. I laughed, I shook my head, and I found myself immensely amused by this young and carefree side of him. What I also loved was that you still managed to give him that hard edge that we know Jason has, and that only develops further when he's older. It was a really nice balance and I can say it's truly refreshing to see this Jason for once.

And you also managed to (maybe unintentionally) break my heart, as I know this boy will not be around forever.

Another thing that made this bittersweet for me was that I couldn't stop thinking of Tim, dealing with his sorrows while this is happening. I know he has Talon and so he's not alone, but while I am thrilled to see Jason happy for once, I am sorry for Tim who is in pain. Which seems flipped from what we are used to seeing!

I'm wondering if Talon is going to bring Tim happiness or more sorrow. They are companions, but I don't know if Tim is merely comfortable with Talon or actually happy with him. I think their relationship is very complex, and I can't stop thinking about it and trying to figure it out.

I'm very curious to see where this ties into the story and where you'll take it from here. This was a very heartfelt chapter that captured Bruce's awkwardness and Jason's brashness wonderfully, and showed multiple sides to their personalities. I love it! And while I know this is only a brief pause before the heartbreak hits, I'm ready for it. Amazing job with this!

Thank you for a quick update, and so excited for the next chapter!
6/5/2018 c4 112Rookblonkorules
Oh gosh, this chapter was so... so INCREDIBLE. Honestly, it was heart-wrenching. The decision that Tim had to make between his father or Talon. I feel like such a horrible person for saying that I'm really, really glad that Tim is still with Talon.
6/5/2018 c5 AnonymousMisfit
Well I'm scared.
To start off (because I have no clue is I reviewed this already or not), the way you portrayed Tim's relationship to Talon is just...
*Wow.* As in, I don't know if I could do it half as good as you. That he feels so oddly about a new family living in the previous Drake estates... And went to see his dad...
Ahhh. I love your writing!
Then this chapter, with lil' Robin Jason...
I'm really quite scared for the next one.
Wonderful job, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/5/2018 c1 2CarrieKelley17
Artistic and beautiful thus far, :D I always thought Tim would make a better Talon than the rest. He's always been my favourite Robin of the Batclan, :D

I hope he has Lincoln as his guide.
6/5/2018 c5 ONOBOCOCOPO
Ok so this was definitely amazing , I had a bubbly feeling in my chest the whole time I was reading, you said it would be happy and you definitely delivered. One of the best writin interactions between Jason and Bruce, you nailed both of their characters, especially that it was according to the interaction in their respective era. Loved everything and this is definitely one of the highlights of this story. Can’t wait for more.
6/4/2018 c3 112Rookblonkorules
I find myself asking the same question I did last chapter... where to begin? So... I'm just going to proceed somewhat logically and start at the beginning. I love the conflict in Tim's thoughts early on. Technically, he doesn't want to be found. What he has with Talon is better than what he had with his parents. Yet, he's a child. He wants to know that they're looking for him, that they're worried, and when he figures that he knows they aren't... well that hurts him. And oh my gosh, the feels. I seriously want to give him a hug right now.
And all that wondering and heart ache has led that little boy to sneak out to try to discover just what has become of his parents. You did such a wonderful job portraying how confused and bewildered he was to discover that someone else, someone else's family, is living in the Drake Estate.
And now he's discovered that his parents are... dead? Or at least that they've been in a car crash.
6/4/2018 c2 Rookblonkorules
Where do I even begin with this?
The way that you've portrayed the relationship between Tim and Talon is fascinating. It's like... you can see that Talon cares for Tim in his own way and maybe they're not traditionally close, but it still feels like they've grown close.
And that moment where Talon hovers over Tim and then moves one of the pieces on the checkerboard... forgive me while I just freak out a bit over that. It was... it was just so subtle, but... you can see that as a turning point of sorts in their relationship.
Also, I really loved the conversation between Talon and Tim on the subject of taking a life. It was so DEEP! I loved Talon truly making Tim think about just what it is that Talon does when he leaves at night. Especially his question, "Who do think suffers more?" And Tim's childlike answer, "The man who dies."
It was just... I can't even. I can't find the words.
I also really loved the part where Tim reflects that maybe all Talon wants is for him to be there at dawn when he returns. It's like... the two of them are almost united in their loneliness. Tim has been neglected by his parents and Talon... well, I think it's obvious that Talon has no one. And there's just this whole sense of being lost and maybe, just maybe being found because now they have a kindred spirit in each other, but not really being found, because... they're still lonely and feeling lost, but it's better than what they had before and just... this is so good!
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