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for Trails Of Cold Steel II - Destined Resolve

1/3 c17 Vent-Zxa
Okay, I was not expecting the story to turn out like this. It great, just wasn't expecting to turn out like this.

Alex joining the Noble Alliance so he can find a way to control Revelio's power. Able to form a bond with some of their membersCrow, Scarlet, Altina, probably McBurnfrom my point of view, I say they became a part of something that made Alex who he is right now along with the bonds of Alex's parents and Class VII. Although, even though he accepted it power, I keep saying to myself that wasn't the real Revelio that Alex talk to, it was more like a part of him that he rejected. I wonder if him and Class VII will have to confront him later in the series.

If Alex was really part of the game, if it goes exactly how your story goes, then the game would have ask the controller which protagonist you want to play as for the rest of Act 2 (Chapter 2). One with Rean and Class VII and the one with Alex and the Noble Alliance, even though the story of Cold Steel 1 and 2 is mostly about Rean.

Beautiful reunion, the relationship with Alex and Emma as well as Rean and Alisa is so lovely. The more I look at it, I can't help but laugh. Alex is dating a girl wholet's saylived in a world that's fill with magic and mystery, while Rean is dating a girl who lived in a world of that's fill with science and technology.

Still, this is amazing. The relationship, the story, everything. I rather read this than playing the game. I still want to make a my OC Trail of Cold Steel...but I'm so hook up to this series you made, I want to see how it ends. Keep up the good work.
10/21/2019 c17 ferreejohn9
I already read both of them, hopefully there would be another TOCS fanfiction of Alex's story

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