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for Trapped TWO-SHOT ( epilogue?)

9/26/2021 c2 122Maggy22
Wow, this is absolutely amazing! I read the other oneshots of yours for ghost hunt and i absolutely adore protective Naru! I love the dynamic between Naru and Mai and im a sucker for this slightly tragic romance, the hurt and comfort is so satisfying.
The desperation they have for each other made me feel warm inside. They deserve to be happy together. And seeing these struggles unfold and them still making it was gratifying as heck!
I would honestly love for you to write a longer story, because you write good tension and i was holding my breath, not knowing how it will go. I was hooked. So id be interested to see how that translated into a longer fanfiction, including cases etc.
Of course I understand that longer pieces are a lot of work and commitment but if it happens im definitely looking forward to it!
Obviously I would love to read more from you! And i hope you keep it up!

Xoxo Maggy
12/12/2020 c2 17Xireana Prime
I cried for most of ch2.
12/17/2018 c2 Guest
This is awesome, and you definitely show a lot of promise. The medical stuff was off, though. First defibrilating a flatline (shocking someone whose heart has stopped) is not a thing, and Hollywood gets it wrong all the time (the shock stops the heart. It's meant for someone who has a heart rhythm that's off, to basically force the heart to restart). Second, pulling an IV out of one's arm is cringe inducing, because it's in a vein. There would be a slow, steady flow of blood if the bleeding wasn't stopped. Another thing Hollywood messes up. Also, it takes longer than a few hours for pus to develop in an infected wound. All that being said, you're doing awesome and keep up the good work. :)
12/3/2018 c2 assy. yla
this is a great story
12/3/2018 c2 assy. yla
omg thank you very much
10/21/2018 c2 WomanOfTheRain13
I would Love an epilogue!
10/10/2018 c2 Animangaloverz
I Like the story, so please make an epilogue
7/9/2018 c2 CaitHawke4Ever
Absolutely love this story! You captured Mai and Naru’s personality perfectly! Would love to see you add an epilogue to it.
7/8/2018 c2 LukaLover
Such a great story! If you have time I would love an epilogue.
7/8/2018 c1 Nollypoo
So excited to see the second part of this!
7/4/2018 c1 Teeniebug
So good! I hope you write more!
7/2/2018 c1 Guest
Is there going to be another chapter?
6/5/2018 c1 blossomknight
omfg it was so good you did a great job with using suspense
6/1/2018 c1 1FabulosIceCream
Truly Amazing!
5/30/2018 c1 sleonard
Nice cliffy! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Just one thing I'd change - ladder, not latter.
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