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6/25 c36 Guest
Love this story!
6/24 c36 Wolfric
Good chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
6/22 c5 17PhaedraZev
Just commenting to say that I'm enjoying this story :)
6/21 c36 Guest
Loved your update, and I loved the letter that was sent
6/18 c36 SablePhoenix
I just discovered your story a few days ago and have really, really enjoyed it so far. I'll be following to keep up with any updates and hope there's lots more to read. Also, I hope to see Draco taken down!
6/18 c36 Veronica McClure
Oh Draco, Draco. You give new meaning toSpoiled Rotten"!
6/18 c35 9asiya halima kone
please update soon
6/18 c36 8Nerdmom1701
Great chapter.

Well, this chappie seems to be just pushing the plot along. I really liked the Harmony stuff at the beginning. It just shows how much the family really loves and enjoys having Hermione in their lives, and what she does for Harry. It was achingly sweet! I’m excited to see who is the traitor to Harry! Is it Ludo?
Update when you can.

Well done !
6/17 c35 Deevelop
So far this a great and original twist to the Harry Potter storyline I am thoroughly enjoying this story and cannot wait till it's finished...
6/17 c31 Mikeblade
way is bones acting like one of dumbldore's yes men toadys thought she hates him because being in the order got family of hers killed
6/17 c27 Mikeblade
so how do to of the judges still have there magic they cheated and nothing happened thought the judges had to fallow the rules or there magic could be taken away as well.
6/17 c25 Mikeblade
shocked dumbldore has not call harry to his office about snape class yet
6/17 c24 Mikeblade
good read.
6/17 c22 Mikeblade
if dumbldore had harry's rejection letter dumbledore is the only one who could have put harry name in the goblet since the name was from said letter.
6/17 c36 3Karatekid-Ninja
Interesting chapter, I can’t wait for more xx
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