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12/5 c3 Bluenait
well your Harry Potter is a pussy and a beta bitch too in this story so... bye
12/4 c41 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Hopefully Moody will stay on Dada professor!
12/4 c40 A10riddick
Great chapter!

Loved the ass kicking and chewing out they gave to the adults!
12/4 c39 A10riddick
Great chapter!

Loved the fight!
12/4 c38 A10riddick
Great chapter!
11/27 c28 Acheron Skolfruund
I understand why this chapter was named December Blossoms, but it could also be named Food Porn with how much detail was put into describing the dinner.
11/26 c40 abifrenchfry
good heavens this is an astounding piece of work!

I love the characters, the importance of Family, the friendships, everything!

I love that Dumbledore is redeemable and we see his perspective and thoughts shifting back to a Great Wizard rather than just a great wizard (hehe).

I love that the TriWizardTask is what brings Harry into orbit with the rest of the crew, that was brilliantly done.

the story line and character arc and way pieces of the puzzle go together is fascinating and lovely.

you've got me thoroughly enchanted. very well done!
11/8 c41 Guest
Update please.
10/24 c10 huntjd1
Love the story so far! Just wanted to point out I had to read a couple of times to realize the reason they went to Olivanders was due to an over Zealous young house Elf. I was a bit confused the first read through wondering why they were there without any precautions. Might want to fluff that scene out a bit so its a bit more clear on what is going on. Harry appeared a little too aware of what happened and my first read through I didn't realize he was there by surprise. Again love the story so far.
10/16 c1 articdranzer
Came to beg for an update here. Okay Bye!
10/15 c41 Books85
I couldn't remember for the life of me how this story ended. So I just reread it from where I was sure I had read it, and voila! it's still a work in progress. I am relieved that I hadn't forgotten a story ending that I had read. Now I am holding myself back hitting the "Top" link to see when the story was last updated. In truth, it doesn't matter, I cannot effect any changes in it, and nagging may cause you to avoid writing.

What I can say is that I have enjoyed this very much. The idea that Lily and the elves did an end-run around Dumbledore makes me smile as does the fact that the poor kid wasn't abused and neglected by Petunia and the Dursleys.

I do look forward to seeing this story updated, but it's up to you, and Real Life happens to us all. Thank you for the first 41 chapters of this most excellent tale.
10/4 c36 A10riddick
Great chapter!
10/4 c37 A10riddick
Great chapter!

Loved Harry and Co here!
10/2 c35 A10riddick
30min Great chapter!

Loved it!
9/22 c4 SivokonRu
An interesting twist... I like it and I hope that the rest of the chapters will be up to the standard you have set here. A tiny small review, I know, but I am (a) tired, (b) old, and (c) tipsy.
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