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11/2/2020 c23 KatFantastico
Just checking in, as it's been awhile. I adore this story and really hope that you continue it.
9/26/2020 c24 smoon4409
Absolutely loved this story, please tell me you haven't abandoned this story, and you are going to be updating it! I will be totally crushed if does not continue! Please update soon! Enjoyed so much!
6/19/2020 c24 KatFantastico
I've just realised how long it's been since you've updated. 2020 has been a crazy year! I hope that all is well and can't wait to see what happens next.
4/26/2020 c24 15Sailor MH
Haruto must really become Wiseman, right? That transformation happens a little bit at a time, right? I guess Mamoru felt jealousy when he saw Usagi Haruto would Mamoru even understand that Haruto might have some ulterior motives for Usagi given that Mamoru didn’t even understand
Usag to be jealous of Chibiusa that Chibiusa had developed a childlike fascination with Mamoru? After all, Mamoru didn't even realize that Chibiusa had developed childlike admiration for Mamoru, though that thing was obvious. Interpreting other people’s feelings about their behavior and speech may not be Mamoru's strongest points, even though Mamoru is smart. And at first, Chibiusa behaved really brazenly to his future mother and stole his future mother’s transformation-brooch instead of immediately asking Usag for help in saving the future. Whether in this chapter occurred, suspicious weather phenomena are an indication that. The Earth will be hit by the ecological catastrophe mentioned in the first Sailor Moon anime, which resulted in the Earth falling into the power of ice and snow until Usag became the Neo-Queen Serenity and he used the forces of Maboroshi no Ginzuishou to save the Earth? Hasn’t it always been in Sailor Moon so that in order to achieve his goal, Chaos has begun to look for a new checker, a man who carries deep darkness in his heart and has sent that man of his choice close to some creature made of dark energy that man manipulated by Chaos has considered his leader? Creatures of dark energy created by chaos have always taken advantage of the anger felt by some people to make them act as they please. Queen Metal, for example, took advantage of Beryl the envy Beryl felt for Princess Serenity. Wiseman then took advantage of Prince Demande's obsession with Neo-Queen Serenity. Then Master Pharaoh 90 took advantage of Professor Tomoe's bitterness, which Professor Tomoe had felt about the world of Science after he had been expelled from Science from the world, even though he was one of the best scientists in his field. Chaos then created Queen Nehelenia as a dark mirror image of Queen Serenity, followed by Queen Nehelenia
brainwashed the members of the Sailor Quartet to get Maboroshi no Ginzuishou for himself. Then Chaos himself took advantage of Sailor Galaxia’s desire to find his own way. Chaos used in their own way, even for the benefit of the subjects of the Sailor Galaxy as they sought strength. What’s in it is that the main villains always take advantage of others to achieve their goals instead of acting on their own without cluttering others with their plots? Will Setsuna at some point use his Garnet Orb to find out what Usagi saw in the fight against Queen Metalia? Do all Sailor Senshis visit the castles of their own home-planets at some point? Sorry for this poll and the fact that I didn't have time previously commented on the previous chapter of this story, and this chapter.
4/25/2020 c23 Sailor MH
Well written. Mamoru can only blame himself for the fact that he, Usagi, Sailor Senshi, and Shitennou now have cold spots, for Mamoru hurt Usagi really badly by telling him so viciously. Has Wiseman arrived from the future into the past to make some people become the Black Moon Family? Will Chibiusa arrive in the future to look for his parents to save Crystal Tokyo? Does Fumiko in your A Timeless Love fanfiction appear in this story? Hopefully Usagi and Mamoru, and Sailor Senshi and Shitennoun will succeed in reconciling.
4/22/2020 c22 Sailor MH
Well written. The Shitennouns are clearly trying to reconcile with the Inner Sailor Senshi. Hopefully the Shitennouns will succeed in reconciling with Inner Sailor Senshi. Has Mamoru finally swallowed his generality? Mamoru doesn't seem to get very easy if he tries to reconcile with Usagi, does he? Will Haruto become Wiseman at some point, and Masarus become Prince Deamond? Will Usagi go to the Galaxy Gauldron at some point to face Chaos eye to eye?
4/9/2020 c21 Sailor MH
Does Haruto perhaps have any ulterior motives for Usagi? What would Mamoru say if he found out that Haruto might be interested in Usagi?
4/8/2020 c20 Sailor MH
Great that Ariana saved Usagi. Nehellenia's assistant destroyed Queen Beryl in the previous chapter, so now Sailor Senshe has one less concern. Now that Queen Metal has destroyed Queen Nehellenia, Sailor Sensehis has yet another concern less. Usagi was brave in sealing Queen Metalia away for good. Hopefully Mamoru finally realized the mistake he had made. Sorry for that recent expression, but Mamoru could have acted without offending Usagi’s feelings and fighting alongside Usagi from the beginning instead of offending Usagi’s feelings. I'm sorry, I commented on this earlier chapters, but I have been busy with the current Dark Secret and Akai Suishou fanfiction writing-study projects. Sorry I mentioned to the settler earlier only one of my recent fanfiction projects, but one of them is not the Sailor Moon fanfiction.
4/4/2020 c19 Sailor MH
Mamoru is not currently popular with Inner Sailor Senshi. On the other hand, if Mamoru hadn’t messed things up by offending Usagi’s feelings, Inner Sailor Senshi might have treated Mamoru a little better. Hopefully, at some point, Mamoru will realize that he did wrong by offending Usagi’s feelings. Mamoru owes Usag an apology. I'm sorry, I did not have time to comment on that figure before, but I've been a little busy I mentioned earlier Fanfiction-project.
3/28/2020 c18 Sailor MH
I am with Setsun agree on that Mamoru is to blame for the fact that Queen Beryl underground grabbed Usagi Usagi of conflicting emotions in power. If I was asked, Mamoru would deserve a little teaching. Sorry for that recent expression. The relationship between Mamoru and Usagi is currently not very good due to Mamoru's actions, and clearly the same goes for Sailor Senshi and Shitennouni. Sorry for that recent expression. Please forgive me up to it, I have not for a while commenting on this story, but I've been a little busy with a fanfiction project, and due to a couple of other thing to run. What plans do you have for your A Timeless Love and Silver and Gold Beginnings Part Two fanfiction?
2/10/2020 c24 10walkingspring
1/30/2020 c1 walkingspring
two iconic villains pitted up against each other!
1/30/2020 c24 Jakeros
With my recent admission into college, It's been tricky finding time to relax and read, or time to now it's time to stress but I'm at least glad I caught this before things go pear-shaped.

It's a good thing no one is just jumping into anything but holy crud! Four years? What a time skip.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Haruto will develop, and especially how the rest of the cast will react to it. Should be interesting.

Eh, as long as there will be honest to goodness senshixshittenou down the line I am content to wait. I'd rather it be natural than forced...much as I wouldn't exactly mind that.

Till then,

Write on!
1/27/2020 c24 2serenityskywalker
ok i like the story but can usagi get someone better than endymion like he messed up an he thinks he can do know wrong i say give her someone better an setsuna needs to stop trying to get usagi with endymion so much like she annoying i would like to see usagi go back to the moon to train more an maybe visit another kingdom an fall inlove with a better royal an endymion can be jealous an mad but its his own fault an his generals too need to leave the girls alone for a while anyway more updates
1/26/2020 c24 Princesakarlita411
Good chapter
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