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5/13 c45 1Eldrod
This fanfic is so good, I absolutely love this. Can't wait for more.
5/12 c45 Dafur
I am in love with this fic, I just wish it would update more.
5/3 c45 matt78
Ok so far I'm loving the story and interested to see how izuku is going to deal with one for all's ghosts. Also this is just a thought i had recently imagine if Izuku creates 6 more titans made out of Plus Ultra metal and have them fight Bakugo that would be the ultimate middle finger.
5/3 c34 Appreciate the ISolaTion
reading through this I'm on chapter 34 and I honestly can't tell if Allmight is still supposed to be the hero. obviously he thinks he still is, and the story is giving off vibes that he is. but he's a completely unsympathetic hero. Izuku is right. what happens of all might beats him? all might just does what Izuku is doing anyways? this seems like a case of 'does the ends justify the means' and in this story the ends very much do seem to justify the means. It's not like Izuku is just killing people he doesn't like
5/2 c1 Animecesar6
If any of you are interested in my video here is the link to them. i had to space them out sorry.
If any of you have any recommendation for another fanfic, manga, anime, or webtoon for review let me know on (you tub) comment section or on my twitter.

www. you tube watch?vfm7hdr3sJDk
Apotheosis (My hero Academia fanfic Review) Izuku (Deku) with the Infinity Gauntlet! simple review

www. you tube watch?vl4Amzoar-Q
(Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity (Fate stay night/High School DXD Crossover fanfic) Simple Review

www. you /watch?vC07nWg96vYY
Fate/stay Night UBW Unlimited Blade Works Emiya Theme (Archer Chant)

twitter animecesar6
5/1 c45 Guest
i fucking love this book
4/28 c45 alex
bro it's this one
www. you tube watch?v fm7hdr3sJDk&listPLDp8lB7TtgJiAlKx2b6KgYdyWqtKOkswd&index4
4/28 c1 Animecesar6
I made a video review about this story
watch ?vfm7hdr3sJDk&listPLDp8lB7TtgJiAlKx2b6KgYdyWqtKOkswd&index4

4/21 c45 KageKitsune50
Rooting for Izuku because he is the lesser evil and ironically until his dream for hero society is complete there is no true challenger to his worth. It’s like the villains plan having to succeed for there to be no justifiable reason for the continued existence of the villain. It’s the Thanos ending if his plan wasn’t so retarded(Not Izuku)
4/16 c20 que vez
4/16 c45 Darkshot99
Great story so far, can't wait to see where it goes.
4/15 c45 Vollmilch
This is not bad. I am awaiting the next update.
4/14 c28 Guest
Are you going to edit Chapter 28 Dragon, now that we know more about Dabis past in the recent manga chapter?
4/8 c45 Guest
Espero de todo corazón que Izuku gane al final
4/8 c45 Bygge00
This has been amazing!
Is it going to continue? I just found it the other day and have been bingereading :)
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