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13h c17 A-Galaxy-Far-Far-Away
Ummmm the time stone is green and the power stone is purple?
16h c1 A-Galaxy-Far-Far-Away
please continue it! this chapter was really cool and i cant wait to see what happens next
1/22 c39 Masterboy
This is an amazing story!
1/21 c39 Ghostkid33
And so the Overhaul arc is finished. Nighteye is dead and Izuku is now one step closer to achieving his new dream...well, at least I hope he still is. Sure he may seem indifferent and cold, but he still has a kind heart beneath his neutral persona. However, it's too bad the other heroes can't see that especially Aizawa whom is probably thinking Izuku is going to fail if his scenario of people turning on Izuku is anything to go by. Not only that, but he pulls an All Might and basically tells him he doesn't deserve to be a hero to his face? Really man, after everything Izuku has done to fix the broken government system? Yes, we know his methods are aggressive, but darn it they're getting positive results! He even helped you guys take down Chisaki and save Eri for the love of Christ!

Before I end this review, I just want to say I'm so happy that you pulled through 2020 with the rest of us! I too, pray 2021 will be a better year and will be looking forward to what happens next! I can't wait for when Gentle and La Brava enter the picture! Maybe they'll become Knights after Kirishima turned down Izuku's offer? The former does have a good excuse for it...he tried many times to become a hero, but UA just wouldn't give him the chance. And La Brava...she would be a good friend to Mei Hatsume and her hacking skills would be a nice addition to Izuku's department!
1/21 c39 xXBoba TeaXx
Amazing chapter as always, excited to see what happens next. The only thing that bothers me is that we don't get to see certain peoples reactions, like other Pro's such as Midnight and Present Mic, or the students of 1-A, 1-B. I also really want to see more of Bakugo and Shinsou.
1/20 c21 averybakedpotato
Go with 'the knights of the new republic' for shits and giggles
1/18 c39 ZonZus
I need to ask or rather beg that Izuku creates Thanos MCU armor for his hero/villain costume.
1/16 c39 5Apex Redeemer
Hey, do you plan to add some of Class 1B's students to the Knights of Balance? There are plenty of good candidates there.
1/14 c39 Guest
This is one of my favorite villain izuku fanfics! I’m not sure if this is bad to think but I really hope izuku wins and builds his perfect society. Take your time to post I can’t wait to see where this story goes.
1/13 c39 2Kaigu-hunter
Don't worry about it, if you need a break to rest and relax, we'll understand!

I didn't even think of Aegis for a codename for Kirishima, but I like it! Also, Berserk has a (clears throat) tendency of being disturbing, but incredible in my opinion!

Take care, stay safe, and here's to a better year!
1/10 c39 WrapGod
Poop poop
1/10 c1 Tesarath
I already know Izuku is gonna be on some "We live in a society".
1/9 c39 3thebravedaredevilkid
Since Sir Nighteye couldn’t see Midoriya in Mirio’s future. I hope Midoriya becomes a good guy in the end. He is still kindhearted despite being bullied. Just don’t make him “I’m sorry, I was wrong” or something relating to that. I also hope when he becomes a good guy, he stores the stones like in the MCUSpace (cube), Time (necklace), soul (hidden), reality (hidden), power (orb), and mind (in a robot) or let the heroes hold on to it until generations pass.

Gentle should appear and become a member of Knights of Balance, same with La Brava considering her hacking skills could probably match with Izuku’s. Also, when are you going to do The Snap Ultimate Move? And what does it do? Put heroes on comatose for months, erasing their existence, or control them?

Anyway, keep up the hard and good work.
1/8 c39 2Jack Inqu
Good job with the aftermath, and I don't blame you for wanting to relax and chill. I hope your holidays went well.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/8 c39 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
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