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8/23 c8 BoredKing
I don't get why Izuku has Iida marked as a true hero candidate. No offense to Iida but he hasn't shown anything that would point to. him being a good hero. His encounter with Stain just proves he's not. He was there to attack Stain, not stop him from murdering Native. Your bias as a fan is showing.
8/23 c7 BoredKing
Huh? How did stain stab Kurogiri? He's made of smoke, Izuku even had to make a special device just to scan his DNA since he couldn't get blood from him.
8/16 c47 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Izuku Midoriya is ramping things up and his journey to understand One For All will open doors to endless possibilities.
8/8 c1 1Asap9
Toga: Echnida, the shapeshifting mother of monsters. Pretty self explanatory.
Stain: Cerberus, the guardog of the underworld, whose name translates to fluffy in english, representing that he is brutal to “false heroes” but a nice guy to good people
Dabi: Ladon, the fierce 100 headed dragon, guardian of the tree of immortality
Ochako: Hestia, the goddess of the Hearth, and eldest olympian. (Makes sense as she was the first Knight of Balance, and Hestia was the first goddess)
Todoroki: Hephaestus, who was the god of fire and forge, which works with Todoroki using swords and fire, or Boreas, the God of Ice.
Iida: Hermes, God of Speed, and Messenger of the Gods, which fits with Iida basically being the one of the group who delivers the civilians from the battlefield.

I figured it’d be fun to give the villains names of monsters and the heroes names of gods/goddesses.
8/3 c47 malikfc4316
EchidnaToga cause she can shape shift and is damn near monsterous as the mother of monsters
PrometheusDabi for the whole fire thing and because he was basically banished from his family for one bad decision
HadesStain as he's like Midoriya's underworld judge
HermesIida cause speed is his whole thing and he's UA's messenger even if Midoriya doesnt know that it fits thematically
HephaestusShoto since he uses swords, has fire, anf because like Hephaestus hs face is marred
HeraOchako cause she's Midoriya's love interest in a sense and she is closest to midoriya who would essentially be Zeus in this thematic set up
7/29 c47 2Seacret4
Solid chapter. And while i agree the display was a bit on thr ‘cruel ans unusual’ side for punishments. Ut certainly sets a precedent and a message.
7/29 c46 Seacret4
So glad thus story got uodates. Its really rare to see a V AU that has Isuku systematically cut off all of his rivals
7/28 c47 Ghostkid33
With Izuku's powerful Internal Affairs department, Iida's days are numbered. If he was able to snuff out the HPSC's spies, then it's only a matter of time until he finds out Iida is a mole too. The only question is how has he not figured it out yet? Iida is bound to slip eventually and blow his cover, unless Izuku already knows and has a reverse mole in place to expose him.

Also, regarding the code names...I feel like you should keep them. In canon, not only did villains use aliases, but heroes used code names too to express their most defining character traits, whether it was because of their quirk or personality. It made them unique on the battlefield and gave the innocent people in public something they could focus on. With Izuku's Knights, keep the codenames but you can change them to something akin to Greek mythology themes, like Athena for example.
7/27 c22 1BillyTheBruiser
Holy shit this Izuku is annoying as fuck. The story is pushing him to be this crazy intelligent genius but he writes like a genuine average middle schooler who is only smart because the other are genuinely mentally challenged.

His morality is extremely inconsistent. For someone who is apparently a planner his goals may as well have just been brainstormed into existence. He is not a hero, villain, anti-hero, nor a revolutionary. He is just an inconsistent MC who is also very annoying.

The story isn't exactly bad but holy shit can it be hard to read.
7/23 c3 TenchiSolutionsForAll
Since I'm already well behind the story and nothing I say will really be able to effect it, I guess this will mainly be my thoughts.
-Stain seems like a natural fit for his group.
- I imagine Mei would be a big help with his inventions. As would Momo and even Melissa. That's asking a bit much though.
- The Doom suit makes sense. He'll be going up against people who can melt steel, disintegrate anything, and punch things literally to the moon. He needs a backup to the shield and a way to easily carry around his necessary offensive and defensive systems. Maybe something less flashy/obvious though.
7/23 c47 Thetruth001
I gotta say this story has lost all momentum at this point. I've seen it all dozen times before, the story slows down, update crawl to a halt and finally a dead story is the end. Salvage the momentum and kick up the speed of the events if possible. If not possible then just give an authors note stating the state of the story and it's future or hang up the towel.
7/20 c47 DragonEyesBlue
amigo/a. esta historia es increible
tengo mucho que decir de toda esta historia, todas cosas buenas por supuesto, pero no terminaria nunca, solo debes saber que es increible y que porfavor continues con tu gran trabajo
pd: deberias darle un segundo quirk a uraraka ochako, siendo que ella seria increiblemente mejor si le otorgas un amplificador de quirk
seria genial que ella pudiera usar los poderes de Pain de naruto. el shinra tensei y bansho-tenin, que son tecnicas de gravedad
7/14 c47 Guest
Might need to make some future changes on Ochakos quirk in this story since her quirk just evolved in the manga.
7/7 c21 que vez
con que ojos vería el nuevo mundo que creará izuku midoriya
7/4 c12 Glave Master Hodir
small detail: destroying the physical media is faster and more reliable than deleting the files.
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