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2h c42 Guest
love it
6h c42 Lord Lovegood
Oh, shit. Gentle Criminal will be atoms when Midoriya is through with him.
Also, Eri and unicorns.
7h c42 Kage15oni
Nice to see a new chapter. Izuku, Mirio and Eri interaction are very cute. I do find it a little disappointing that Uraraka said she want to say hello to some of her friends, but we never seen any such interaction.
7h c42 Bogged
Gentle is about to poke a Godzilla with a short stick. Oh boy...
8h c42 fallendemon248
Lol They actually thought he would take the gauntlet off I wonder when izuku finishes his work and he takes off the stones whats gonna happen, I imagine many people will probably try to kill him
11h c42 1PalmierSama
Eri is so damn precious !
12h c42 5Lucius Walker
Oh, such adorable moments with Eri, and the La Brava arc is coming up. Neat.
13h c42 1keybladelight
It was a cute chapter because eri was there.
13h c42 Mando-23
poor gentle and la brava do not know who they are messing with ...
13h c42 Guest
As soon as a read they were breaking in to something that was very dangerous I think it’s either the way on making the stones of the gauntlet since those our the only object that seem to be important enough or they may get quick that izuku like or illegal activity’s either way great chapter
14h c42 JKingSniper
Nice. Wonder if Izuku will accept Gentle
15h c42 46Talespinner69
Now this was a sweet chapter. And there's the bit in the end where Gentle Criminal and La Brava show up; I'm glad to see that they made it in. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
15h c42 BorderLand
This chapter was so sweet and pleasant to read, for a while I feared Izuku would actually turn in the cold and ruthless person many heroes see him as but this chapter proves he is the same person on the inside.

Izuku and Eri having such a beutifull bond and Uraraka acting like the exasperated wife was great. I hope Izuku won't actually turn bad because I this point I have no doubt that will only happen if people he loves will be taken away from him.

He did nothing but good after he obtained the position he wanted and civilians are starting to side with him. I hope in the end he will be the one to accomplish his dream of a better world
16h c42 Koifish15
Think I might have commented this before but for code names for Gentle and La Brava I think chivalry and piety would be perfect fits
16h c42 Pabs117
The chapter was great, i love everything that just happen, i also love those little Izuku x Ochako moments that you put, are they or they will be a couple? I can't help it I like the ship.

Good luck next chapter, I can't wait to see more! :D
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