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for Family of a Different Kind - re-write

5/24 c13 1Kuvirabeifong
I’m with korra/asami
Usually I’m for kuvira/mako but in this fic I’ll have to go with mako/oc kuvira/alone for life
11/26/2020 c13 BrakenRainbow
kuvira/korra! orrrrrr kuvira/korra/asami. thats always fun
8/16/2020 c16 AvatarAle
ohhhh okay.
i was wondering where you were posting the fanfic
i'll be seeing you there and commenting in the missed chapters
7/23/2020 c14 SanDavis687
Dang... I didn't see this coming. Great job!
7/20/2020 c13 5Krugerfan18
I always felt like kuvira would make a better friend or annoying sibling for korra than anything else. if you're doing a relationship then korra/asami.
7/20/2020 c13 AvatarAle
Mmm i still think that kya is very selfish in this story and Lin shouldn't wait for her but the story is GOOOOOD! XD
7/18/2020 c12 gabumon7
Loved the action throughout the chapter. Seems odd Lin didnt have any help in the initail fight eben when just throwing her tea to Saikon. Even he should have ran out with her sfter a second of dumb founded stupidity. Love toph kicking his arse after
7/13/2020 c12 Guest
Is it bad I'm shipping sayo/lin more than kya/lin?
7/11/2020 c12 AvatarAle
wow... that was amazing
poor lini knew there was something with Sayo xD
7/10/2020 c12 45ThePlatinumLotus
I'm glad they stopped them in time, now we just need Kya back. Lin needs her wife, Kuvira needs her mommy, and Kyas gonna be mad when she finds out.
6/30/2020 c11 gabumon7
Plans for anymore chapters?
6/27/2020 c11 ThePlatinumLotus
Ooh dear, this is getting better!
I hope they stop them before they go after Korra, and while I don't like bloodbending either Kya only used it when she had to. Life or death situations call for anything.
Fantastic work and loved the flashbacks!
Please update soon!
6/11/2020 c9 AvatarAle
i'm angry at kya too
that's stupid, i don't get it

great chapter
6/8/2020 c7 Patre
Why is it just a code? I can't wait to read the rewritten story!
6/8/2020 c9 5Krugerfan18
I enjoyed the revised version just as much if not more than the orginal I look forward towards your next chapter
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