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for Interesting Times In Middleton

5/30/2018 c1 47daccu65
Oh boy, so Ann might just be on the first steps of learning that there's something maybe sinister planted in Sigbjorn. Of course, she's already a little on edge with Thora and her sons, so maybe she's overreacting. I see a multi-dimensional investigation coming up, as well as Thora living a life of a teen girl; education, recreation, socializing, and maybe even responsibilities.

All said, an interesting start.
5/28/2018 c1 4CajunBear73
Interesting times, indeed, starting-again-in Middleton.

The Tweebs are marking a different path at school, with Thora not far away from them. The weight trainer 'Carl' will find things more toned down at MHS than the fracas of what is Asgard. But this is Middleton, where really whack things come to pass, or pass through...

Ann's got two dilemma's to contend with. First is about Carlynn and Sigbjorn and second is Thora...

As to Sigbjorn and Carlynn, the clone of Ron is still under the magic created for Sigyn and it's raising hell with Carlynn of what an honest relationship should be. She's the most resistant to 'male supremacy' between the sexes, but she's been practically given a Squire of her very own who is ever dutiful to his Lady. That really throws a wrench into her indoctrination of the war between the sexes...the oppressed and the oppressors...Sigbjorn may honestly love her, but that darn widow of Loki and her methods of revenge...make things tough. Hana is his best canary in the coal mine for the boy who really does love.

As to Thora, Ann really is starting to drop her guard about her, with the twins, but now she's worried about James. Well, Norse gods are a bit NSFW as a rule, but at least they aren't messing with Greek gods...maybe worse?! And if Ann really wants to see if she can rewire a brain, I don't suggest doing this with the goddess of thunder and a rule. Especially after watching that exhibition in her backyard...

Can't wait to follow along and I wonder what the honeymooners' reactions will be upon return...

5/28/2018 c1 26Sentinel103
Interesting after the wedding tale. It is up in the air whether Bear and the NOPE sister really get together, but one thing she might want to think about is; will she ever find anyone more devoted to her?


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