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6/22 c20 RDDash
No matter what timeline he is in Archer always ends up grumpy. What makes him think that his future self with Nanoha isn't going to end up different?
6/21 c7 RDDash
Where is everyone else? Nanoha and Fate aren't going anywhere without their support.
6/1 c27 Guest
Thank you for the great story.
5/29 c20 Guest
I really like the direction this is going.
Kotomine is spot on. I can imagine him ruining many marriages by subtly pushing and pulling on doubts and insecurities before and after marriage services.
5/27 c18 Guest
I like the outside perspective of Sakura.
5/27 c17 Guest
""The Anti-Avenger Alliance?" Avenger repeated" - Archer repeated
"The good news is that Rin doesn't want to be fighting Avenger." - fighting for Avenger
5/25 c7 Guest
"she managed to seal away your magic" - away my magic
5/23 c6 Guest
"Shiou asked, angerly" - angrily
5/23 c5 Guest
Great job so far.
5/12 c27 phuxeds
Well with no fewer than 3 cliffhangers in this chapter alone, you'll certainly have to make that sequel lest you have the fans bearing down on you.

This was great, thank you for writing it.
5/11 c27 SentinalSlice
Wait? What happened to Rin?
5/11 c27 xfel
Well it was a ride so thanks a lot!

Also, the „relationship“ between Shirou and the Ilya clone is hilarious. She just causes mayhem every once in a while, Shirou stops her, she escapes. Gotta get your exercise somewhere...
4/27 c26 xfel
Wow, Scaglietti just has to poke the strange stuff right?

Also, nice to see Ilya’s device is still named Ruby, even if it is doubtless a lot more tame then that thing.
4/27 c26 TheManiacalMadman
Why not call the clone Chloe von Einzbern, then you would have a Prisma Illya reference?
4/27 c26 valguienmas
I presume Pink Illya actually grows, and also has already surpassed her "child" phase.
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