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1/26 c39 Guest
The beginning of the story felt slow but I understand since there needs to be plot. This is defiantly one of the better naruto fanfics out there and I must commend you on all the work that went into it! Looking forward to any future stories you make
1/21 c28 Guest
Let’s Fukin GOOOOO
1/21 c26 Guest
This is not going to be good for anybody
1/17 c22 Guest
I hate mysterious people since they just become pains in the fuckin asses later
1/4 c1 2FI.Kun-Til
best story ever
12/24/2022 c27 Haymore
Yeah, this chapter pretty much killed the book for me. Naruto not fighting anything and going along, his peerage not attacking Esdeath when she put a goddamn collar on Naruto.

I mean, as much as you try to portray Naruto as this mentally unhinged avenger that is looking to get revenge on people who sealed him, I don't see it anymore. He doesn't assassinate enemies, did not renounce his 'Bael' name and plays politics. Would been better if he would have snapped, killed her off, took his peerage to Khaos Brigade and get help from Ophis to wipe out devils or something. This just feels forced plot, he still could just teleport to Sirechs / Ajuka / Falbium tell them what is going on and renounce his name accept the promotion to Ultimate class if you want to have a 'peaceful option'.
11/5/2022 c11 Elythepie
Don't be influenced by the hate of some people. I really like your story so far
7/19/2022 c27 Vape.Catt26
I fucking hate you
6/28/2022 c1 Xavier McKenzie
Bro I’m still trying to figure out if Naruto ask Kuroka
Out and I’ve if they are dating
6/2/2022 c11 1Mighty Pen 20
I always dislike it when an author inserts comments before and after his story. It is out of place and breaks the flow for the reader.

I can safely say that for me this fic is the ONLY exception to the rule. You are fucking hilarious, man. And this is also a great story of course.
4/15/2022 c16 majikss
how long are you planning on him being weak
4/14/2022 c10 Neoacoya1
No Issei's decision to revive Asia was not at all like Rias's decision.
- Rias purposefully waited until Issei was murdered, which she knew was going to happen.
-Rias did not revive Issei out of some feeling that it was not his time; she did it for power.
-Rias did not want to revive Yuuma/Asia because they were powerless. It had nothing to do with letting them rest in peace.
- Yes, Issei wanted to revive Asia and I guess you could say that was a selfish desire of wanting someone he cared about to live, but I'd say it was more that he hadn't absorbed Heaven as a concrete concept yet.

Issei's decision was born out of pain and loss. Rias made a calculated decision to further her own ends at other people's expense. They can't even be compared. Rias is scum; she's as ugly on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside. Truly, worthy of being a devil.
3/20/2022 c27 Tora808
I mean the concept came from the right place but the execution was ehh.
3/3/2022 c36 NataS666
Wow, this other Naruto story you got here, seems really really interesting!
2/1/2022 c39 5Tendoo
That's a great story. I will even be brave enough to say that this is what fanfiction is supposed to be. A story with its own advantages and disadvantages, some moments are great, some are questionable but overall this is great and what's even more important, it is original. It's always hard to write an original story so I can only say that you did an amazing job. And another great thing is that this story is completed, it's rare for good stories to be completed (for obvious reasons) so I can only compliment your tenacity.
Surely not the best but one of the most impressive works I've read here.
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