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for Valkyrie Potter: Pokemon Journey

5/4 c44 Reaper1990
Please post a sequel to this story.
5/4 c42 Reaper1990
Gardevoir is a fariy type it's immune to dragon attacks.
5/4 c33 Reaper1990
Why not have idril search for fire stones on cinnabar island.
5/4 c25 Reaper1990
I'd have elrond teach pip electric terrain.
5/3 c1 asherdragoone
I started this and couldn't stop and will have to re-reading several times. I'm hoping for a sequal!
5/3 c20 Reaper1990
You have aeriel ace twice for pidgeot.
5/3 c19 Reaper1990
Who is vivian did you mean zaria.
5/3 c19 Reaper1990
Who is vivian did you mean zaria.
5/3 c18 Reaper1990
In the sequel vali really should have a chimchar at least mabey a ralts and horse.
5/1 c11 Reaper1990
Doesn't Steven want a Durant.
5/1 c11 Reaper1990
Moltres is the Lord of the Flames and I think mew is the she ninetails was talking about.
4/30 c8 Reaper1990
Haha Ash did that.
4/30 c6 Reaper1990
GRRRRR stop say like every third or fourth word, the valley girl accent is annoying as hell.
4/29 c2 Reaper1990
What happened to hedwig.
4/21 c44 PikaMew1288
I loved this story and am sad to see it end.
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