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for Valkyrie Potter: Pokemon Journey

1/3 c10 Guest
So not sure it you've played the new game scarlet and violet but in the DLC they untroduced a new character named Perrin who's a photographer, almost sounds and looks like Vali lol.
12/30/2023 c42 Reaper1990
Third not Forth.
12/29/2023 c40 Reaper1990
So basically the pokemon version of an (obscurial?) not sure on spelling.
12/29/2023 c37 Reaper1990
Why not have vali challenge all the elite 4?
12/29/2023 c31 Reaper1990
So very early team rocket prototype of the lake of rage machine. Cool.
12/29/2023 c28 Reaper1990
Hasn't she already finished the research paper on Fossil pokemon?
12/28/2023 c21 Reaper1990
You have Pidgeot twice with ariel ace.
12/28/2023 c18 Reaper1990
Yep aragorn when he i fully grown and evolved is gonna be a monster on the battle field especially with the king gene. Cant wait to read it.
12/27/2023 c12 Reaper1990
Not really a fan of Zubats or Golbats but i do like Crobats.
12/27/2023 c10 Reaper1990
Three of my all time favourites and there evolutionary lines horsea, shinx and ralts.
12/27/2023 c8 Reaper1990
Hahaha yeah ash will do it .
12/26/2023 c6 Reaper1990
Hands down Horsea is one of my all time favourite first stage water type pokemon.
11/24/2023 c1 Ryuuze
This isn't the first time i've read this, but i apparently didn't really think about it last time. If Vali can still use her magic, why was she worried about having fire available for boiling water?
10/18/2023 c7 Shonna C
question. is Vali giving herself a shorter timeline on purpose? before introducing Eevee to her team, she asked for 3 months giving her a chance. after Eevee is back in ball, she tell Steven 2 months. Is this on purpose?
10/2/2023 c23 8novonia
Still reading this epic! Love it!
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