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4/27 c34 Ktap4321
And now for my second post. After a month or two of thinking, I have come up for an idea for Magby’s nickname though you don’t have to use it. My suggestion is Lavos for multiple silly and personal reasons. 1. Lavos sounds like lava. As an earth science major i know that magma is considered lava when it is outside the volcano and magma when inside. It could symbolize Magby on his journey in the outside world with Vali. 2. I love Chrono Trigger. I have been listening to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack and it has helped me get through the pandemic and Chrono Trigger also has time travel mechanics. 3. In the game and according to the wiki, Lavos means Big Fire with ‘La’ meaning Fire and ‘Vos’ meaning big. 4. Lavos causes massive destruction in the game and I think it would symbolize Magby’s potential to be great but power that could used to destroy. If your looking video, just YouTube 1999 A.D. Day of Lavos. Anyways great job as usual and good luck with work.
4/27 c35 Ktap4321
Hiya. I’m going to be doing 2 posts. This one is my theory about what other legendary has claims on Valí besides Moltres as I was rereading for like the 10th time.. Moltres was practically guaranteed with Flare making an appearance, Fawkes feather, and her interactions with Amity who is Lugia’s chosen. The legendary birds are technically under Lugia. Judging her interactions with Steel and Dragon types, I have narrowed it down to Dialga or Jirachi, as other legendary that has claimed her. Dialga because she was deaged, which I think only the creation trio would have control over as right under Arceus as well as the time turner shenanigans and Valí already stated her opinions on Celebi. Jirachi is an option because I think Jirachi as the wish Pokémon, Vali’s accidental magic and her intent to want to be with Sirius played a role. I am probably over thinking this but I enjoy theorizing in my head.
4/23 c35 karl301
I love this story, very interesting and the flow of the story telling is wonderful to read. Only thing is that because you have given names to the pokemon I forget who is who, so maybe add a list at the start or end of each chapter or something. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
4/17 c35 Sneeuwvlokje
This chapter is really good. It was more than worth the wait.
Also congratulations on getting a new position at your job. I hope you settle in well.

I did get a little confused about the timeline while reading it.

Chapter 33 starts with Thorin's evolution during a weekend at home. After the weekend they go back to Cinnabar where Blaine meets Thorin for the first time after he evolves.
Months of training pas by and right before the Christmas holidays Vali explains her idea.
Then come the holidays.

In chapter 34 Vali arrives at Cinnabar after the holidays. The Gym is under construction at that point because of renovations and because they are implementing Vali's plan.
When Jackson and later on Blaine great her they both react to Thorin like this is the first time they see him evolved. (According to what happened in C33 they would have already spent months with Thorin the Flareon.)

The rest of the chapter was absolutely amazing. I loved the scene with the idiotic trainers that came looking for Vali without realizing who she is exactly.
I do hope the nidoking and poliwirl will be alright. Especially the poliwirl, she sounded like a very nice pokemon and it would be nice to see her appear again.

I would also like to comment on two of the reviews I read. They are both comments left by an unidentified guest.
One said that this is not a Harry Potter fic and the other said that it is wrong to change the gender of the lead character.
I want to tell you that they are wrong.
This is a Harry Potter fic for the sole reason that it uses elements of the Harry Potter canon.
For example: Sirius, Harry's live up until third year and magic. There are probably some others that I didn't name.
As for changing the gender of the main lead of stories, I want to accentuate that this is a fanfic. In other words fans are free to change what ever they want of the original story in their own works.
If you don't like it than don't read it.
I personally love reading stories with a female 'harry'.
Mostly because it gives a different feel to the story and it gives the writer tons of other possibilities where the story can go.
I find writing to be somewhat similar to magic.
Everything is possible and the only boundaries are your own imagination.
Nobody has the right to put a limit on someone else's story.

Once more I really love this chapter and can't wait for the wedding to happen.

Lots of support,
4/15 c35 Guest
I’ve always loved this story and was so happy to see a new update, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and having fun at the same time. 3
4/17 c35 11LivininCorsets
First note- I apologize for any spelling errors of regents and names new phone and auto correct hasn’t learned of my adoration of fandoms...yet any way...

YAY! WEDDING! Sirius/dadfoot (I can see ash saying that btw) is probably nervous as hell. Does this mean Ash and Vali will get a baby sibling?

Also is there a chance you will be crossposting on to Archive of our Own? More readers and i think it would do well. (And more tagging options)

I’m stuck between ships- valance and Valeven, or the possibility of a triad- BUT she is still young so things will change (though I also enjoy the idea her and Brock...”dude that’s my sister?!”...how would Steven and Vali work politically (according to your set politics) with Steven being Hone champion and Vali being elite 4 of Kanto...although it would strengthen alliances. Either way too far off yet she’s still my daughters age.

Are you planning movie 2000 being a bigger thing than it was in the well movie?

I will die if the lord of fire is enti. Though it’s lost luckily Moltres.

I can’t wait to see the Mew/Mewtwo arc but that’s a long way off...you gotta get moving on the time skips or it will be like ch 150 before Ash even gets Pikachu. I get it’s all setup and it’s world building I’m just thinking with the age gap...I’ll stop there my brain is about to implode with the amount of adventures she will be going on.

OH! Do we get to meet prerocket Jessie and James? Will they meet her and she turn their lives around or her meet meowth and talk him out of that situation-as amusing as a talking meowth is. I’m a sucker for redemption arcs.

Also can we have a list for Vali’s friends Pokémon? So we know who’s who?

(I’m already getting an OC ready for the next time you need them since you have nearly the entire line up for my usual OC with Vali...and I don’t wanna seem like a copycat)
4/13 c35 elegant
yay, Update. Thank you. I love how you ended the latest chapter { 35 }. Can't wait to read the next one.
4/15 c13 RedEyesInferno
¿ qué 22 es
4/14 c35 1Pinkypi
Story is still amazing even with shorter chapters :D I was kind of iffy about the timeline here since Vali is 11 and Ash is 6 meaning she still had 4 years which is enough time for her to do another years trip, then do Blaine for a year or so before being trained by I'm assuming Moltres instead of Ho-Oh even though Ho-Oh is not only the more powerful fire bird but also represents more aspects of Valkyrie than Moltres does. Then making it home in time to guide Ash, but then I realized that there's no point in having her compete in a league she wont win since Steven has to win in Hoenn to challenge for the champion title. So this works out really good as well because she can come back from the training(both of them) do a circuit (Johto or Indigo) prove her worth against the Elite 4 by using only fire types against them since she doesnt have to win against Lance she can just easily put up a good showing instead. Then either be an elite 4 member while traveling with Ash or after she's done traveling though I feel like she'd need to become one before that. I cant wait -" this is why I put of reading this for so long after finding it last year to let it get a lot more done xD cuz now I'm excited.
4/14 c35 mallory.b.rosenstein
I love the chapter. Thank you for updating. I especially liked when she took down the spoiled brats. Kind of feel bad for the water Pokémon though.
So now she’s dealing with a wedding if possible could Steven show up as her date.
4/14 c35 mallory.b.rosenstein
Thank you for the update
Loved the chapter especially the part where she was able to beat spoiled brats, even though I feel bad for the poliwhirl (I am wondering if she might show up again, as Vali’s or someone else she knows...)
4/13 c24 Pinkypi
NICE epic chapter. my only suggestion is to go back to fix the previous mistakes xD
4/13 c23 Pinkypi
As always the story is really good. In this chapter I don't know if you were tired or it had been a while since you wrote the previous one but you backtracked again. Based on the previous chapter Vali and the gang were all in the top 16, but here they restarted back at the top 64. I don't know if it's because you went oh shit and realized that Vali would be placing much higher than you wanted her to if she fought Zaria then someone else and then Steven where she would be Top four seeing as how you probably plan for her to lose to him or what not, but it happened. It's kind of throwing me off because you could be meaning for this have to been the top 16 and just accidentally switched to top 64 (you did the Magikarp fishing for numbers thing which is for the top 16). It does feel bad though for her to lose in the top 16 though here seeing as how she's already at the level of average Tournament winner for her first year its just rough with at least 2 elite four level trainers being in it. Anyways story is still really really good, I'm just sad now she won't be top 8 like I thought she'd be coming out of last chapter Since I thought she win in the first top 16 round then lose to either Steven or Lance.
4/11 c35 A Simple Reader
Blaine already knew that Thorin had evolved in Chapter 33, then why are you showing it as if he just saw it.
4/11 c1 Guest
And stop listing your stories as Harry Potter, wehn it's you self inserted bitch.
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