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for P-orcing All the Girls: Greenskin (A Worm SI)

10/21 c35 3AckSed
I read this whole thing in one sitting. Not only is it funny, not only is it sexy, the two fit together in ridiculousness such that I couldn't stop reading (or laughing out loud). Now I have read your story I think the original premise *deserves* comedy.
6/19 c32 JustAnotherGuest
4/2 c35 Zsombi
This was nice so far even without the explicit copulating sections.

My take on the "hero" that saves the world or in this case defeats the Warrior is that just because Taylor did it in canon, based just on canon facts and insinuations she's not the only one that could do it. In fact there are some who could do it with a lot less if any casualties or collateral.

Jack Slash is a great "clean" choice.. the same way he "talked" it into wrecking everything he could just as easily make it commit suicide.

And really, any parahuman could do it if they have a means to breach the dimensions, it's defenses and deal enough damage in the initial strike to make it unable to defend or move or do anything but be a sitting duck. Tinkers have a higher chance in this area than anyone else. The girl with the "Stinger" ability could do it though likely not without fire support for actual damage.

Taylor /Queen Administrator? While viable, not without great losses & collateral. With enough canon knowledge and the ability or some help to gather the necessary people (if one doesn't have the capabilities themselves) and make them do what is needed.. making sure that she's okay is actually irrelevant.. she is irrelevant.. she's actually more trouble than it's worth... based just on canon behavior.

Plus insects &bugs often carry around various bacteria and diseases that under normal conditions don't really hurt anyone.. but still, they are a biological hazard.. thus she is potentially a mass biological hazard.. wherever she takes those animals with her or makes them go to places where they inevitably will leave contaminated.
2/11 c35 lmc9389
11/14/2020 c1 Lilianora
Is it possible for me to hate this any more I’m just not okay with it he’ll I can barely even read the title without think fuck this and hating all men and I am one
8/2/2020 c11 DokB
He gives her the goods and she takes his stuff... what is going to do with a sword larger then her anyway?
7/4/2020 c9 Guest
i have to wonder how he would have done in warhammer
6/30/2020 c35 Guest
When are we getting an Update? And when is Moss getting a suit of Medeival armor several inches thick and a Huge, Tungsten alloy sword?
6/20/2020 c35 2Sin Ouroboros
I just re-read this story and its still great! Still looking forward to seeing a update!
6/17/2020 c28 demzerff1
I am going to assume his instincts went haywire whenever coil thought of torturing Lisa thus leading him to automatically killing the man which obviously led to coil's death by truck.
6/17/2020 c25 demzerff1
Haha these girls are amazing.
6/17/2020 c28 babiloniaolimpo
El camión mágico ataca de nuevo.
6/17/2020 c18 demzerff1
Lol I need missy to interact with moss.
Sounds like adorable trouble.
6/16/2020 c20 babiloniaolimpo
Nadie puede detener a un orco hentai.
6/15/2020 c18 babiloniaolimpo
Realmente me mato de risa esa última escena.
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