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for P-orcing All the Girls: Greenskin (A Worm SI)

12/23/2018 c33 Drunkle Qrow
Fucking finally. She was gonna kill someone soon.
12/23/2018 c32 Drunkle Qrow
Poor miss malitia...clam jammed at every corner.
12/22/2018 c33 shugokage
Great job on this chapter and good scene!
12/22/2018 c33 Biblio388
Interesting approach to take to this character but it certainly does make this memorable. He just can't seem to catch a break but I don't feel any sympathy for him.
12/22/2018 c32 Biblio388
Wow, that hurts just to read about. Can't say I would handle a similar situation nearly as well but I don't have to worry about interruptions either. Having a blast reading this story, has excellent interactions, some very nice 'moments', as well as a great plot. Really glad to se this was a double update as well.
12/10/2018 c31 SeanHicks4
Interesting take, now I’m just waiting for Skitter to show up...
12/9/2018 c31 SideKickDramatic
Wahoo! Miss Militia x Moss FTW!
Yusssssss!.!.! Feeed thheeee haaareeeeemmmmm!.!.!
[insert strange creepy music here]

Bye for now! Till next update!

Stay Awesome!.!.!
11/27/2018 c31 Drunkle Qrow
Does this smut have a storyline! I think it does! All joking aside I did enjoy this chapter. You can write an interesting story, just with a liberal helping of erotica added to the mix. I'm hoping this doesn't get abandoned!
11/27/2018 c11 Guest
Reincarnation. Hentai Orc. Good looking orc. Loving sex. Some hentai logic. Where have you been in all of my life ?
11/26/2018 c31 3The Impossible Muffin
"We're going to save the fucking world."

"Aw HELL no."
11/26/2018 c1 Drunkle Qrow
Clock slapped! Clockblocker says as he makes the meme.
11/24/2018 c23 1ISleep
Shes gay, yet used dildos? Not strange?
11/23/2018 c31 SIDoragon
And it just keeps getting better and better.
Also: yay, piggy back rides.
11/22/2018 c1 Guest
I think the Fying Spaghetti Monster heard your prayers my son. What a way to start a story though ! An awesome way.
11/21/2018 c31 Biblio388
I absolutely love reading this story. It is great fun and keeps addressing issues that no other story really gets into, such as how teenage superheroes keep themselves busy.
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