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1/12/2020 c1 Christine828
OMG! The descriptions paint such a picture...on to the next.
1/10/2020 c1 fire of page
i loved this! ive seen a lot of stories like this, but never where jasper decides to go back south. but i was wondering, where does alice factor into this? wouldn’t he stay for his mate ?
11/19/2018 c1 sicefield
You paint such a stark clear picture of the total hopelessness Jasper would feel in this a situation. Here it is total fiction, and I felt the weight of his despair in my own chest. Well done
10/15/2018 c1 cullensrule
No! No! No! That would destroy him.
9/29/2018 c1 southernpur-rica
I'm just starting Serendipity and I love it. As I have all your other stories. How dad Jasper is in this moment. Everyone makes mistakes.
7/28/2018 c1 3Kayozm
Ick, that seems a bad and depressing place to go to. But I guess he is feeling that way.
It was a bit heart breaking to read his response to his eyes meeting Carlisle’s after just reading Carlisle’s feelings about it.
7/18/2018 c1 Blistful2006
darn Jasper going back to Maria and all the turmoil that left on his soul. Such a sad fate but I can see how his low self worth could make him do it. Him and Bella are a real pair.
6/18/2018 c1 19orchidluv
Yeesh! Read it before but had to reread because of the new story. Awesome!
6/9/2018 c1 twimama77
My poor Jasper! I love him! He can belong with me! lol
Awesome job as always!
6/8/2018 c1 1ForrestersWitch
As always your Jasper has depth and a lot of self hatred to over come... oh and as always Fuck Carlisle Cullen! What a sanctimonious prick... I always thought what a weak leader being led around by some one less than a third his age... again my bias yet still ARGH!
6/7/2018 c1 2Lady Ramona
I always had a hard time with the Abercrombie & Fitch version of Jasper. It just never fit..it always seemed he was living a lie...
6/7/2018 c1 Green Eyed Lana Lee

It's really, really raw with emotion. I hated he felt he didn't deserve redemption! It's extremely well written.

I do hope the plan is Bella will be his redeemer as the bloodlust he felt wasn't just his but everyone's!
6/6/2018 c1 twilitereader
Too sad. My heart aches for him. I need him loved n safe. A good read. Thanks for sharing.
6/4/2018 c1 Nicoconsd
Ya know... I always liked the take where Jasper did blame himself horribly but that Bella pointed out to him how he was feeling everyone's blood lust plus his own which always contributes to his lack of control. Whether he ends up with Bella or not that part of the story line I always really liked and believed he just seemed so much stronger for it. However the view of seeing the disappointment in Carlisle's eyes really resonates with a kid looking for their fathers acceptance and in that moment I just felt so horrible for him.
6/3/2018 c1 just for me
Ooohhh it’s caught my attention sound interesting
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