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7/27/2018 c1 Aj
I got a request, can you maybe please do it.

The characters are human btw,

Nemo was walking home to school and hears noises in the bush and the noises are from 7 kittens. He puts it in the bag and brings them home.

When Marlin and Dory found out, Dory was suprise and excit d to see kittens while Marlin was worried due to their eyes weren't open.

They took it to the vet and the vet said that's it's expensive to treat them and Nemo ask for any alternative and the vet nurse said, you can foster them.

They at first said no due to Marlin would have to stay home or Dory too or that Nemo would take care of them without school lesson. Nemo then realise that tomorrow was last day of school and convinces then to look after them.

Marlin and Dory said yes and they all start fostering them.

Nemo decided to give them names.

Moo is a male black and white kitten
Nutjob is a male tabby kitten
Shelly is a female calico kitten
Coco is a female black kitten
Fizz is male white kitten
Stormy is female grey kitten
Ginger is male ginger kitten.

Couple weeks later, they all open they eyes and starts giving them home. Nemo is not aware that Marlin and Dory's secret is that they kept two kittens (You can choose and make the kitten's personality btw) and they the present to Nemo on his birthday and he thank them a lot.

Can you maybe do it please :3
5/30/2018 c1 17DisneyFan2002
So cute! Thank you for making it! :)

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