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3/5/2021 c1 8anneomine
OMG! I absolutely lurve stories in which Walter comes back, I'm binging on so many right now and this one is so perfect. I love this and I wish wish that you updateeeeeeeeee
2/11/2021 c14 26thereisaredeemer
I won’t bet, I haven’t been following long enough to know your patterns well enough for that, but I am hopeful for another chapter within one week to two months. I like reading about Walter. He has such a strange personality—like he’s only half there or he’s sometimes living in a dream world. I guess he reminds me of Emily Barrd Starr.
2/6/2021 c14 YodaChick
Many thanks for the update. I've been following this story from the beginning and this chaper had me in tears. I promise I will wait under 5 months (or longer) for another update! Like you, it always seemed natural to me that Una and Walter would somehow 'pair up' (albeit when Walter finally got his head out of the clouds).

I believe Maud purposely wrote about these star-cross lovers as a reminder that the war was unfair to the millions of mothers, sisters, wives, and sweethearts across the globe who would never see their loved ones again.

Growing up in the 80s, 2 lovely elderly sisters lived door to my grandparents. One of these sisters was unmarried (bless her soul, I can still picture her now). I remember asking my mum (as young as I was), why she never married and I remember my mum saying she lost her fiancee in the first world war. Of course, I didn't understand way back then, but illustrates she was just one of the many 'Unas'.
2/4/2021 c14 2Kim Blythe
I could kiss Walter for the way he kissed Una, right before he mounted the train. Coming from him, it was a moment of pure audacity with a mixe of love !

Now that you have them both in love together, with each other, I beg you to not make Walter die... Or, at least, make it almost die, like his father almost did, all those years ago, before his mother came back to her senses...

All in all, you are the writer, you choose and decide who dies and who lives !

Even if it takes you three weeks or another five months to post a new chapter, I'll be there to read it !
2/4/2021 c14 18Alinyaalethia
You know, I never disliked Walter and Una per se, I think I just never read the kiss as romantic. Of course I am the least romantic person to ever be unromantic, which may play a part though. Never again though!

I love how all these goodbyes have a slightly different colour. Anne’s advice maybe unwittingly gets to Walter in ways he doesn’t mean, or else just persuaded him Una isn’t the whirlwind sort (for which I knew I identified with her for a reason) but I also enjoy his horror that mum ever had other romantic entanglements. And they involve other adults he knows! Oh the horror! Mortification! And Phil not crowing about all her great plotting (or at least moaning about that time Anne turned down two excellent proposals never mind Phil’s advice) suggests Jo and motherhood have mellowed her a bit. Well, life does that.
(As a sidebar, I can’t say we’ve done lugging anything outside in a while. Just too many steps, especially when the sun is hot enough to really be worth it. Though we used to be quite religious about it.)
But anyway, I love that this story has the LMM mix of romance (sun bursts etc) and realism (see sidebar on furniture lugging).

Then we get Walter’s side of that Rainbow Valley scene and I’m sort of gratified that Rilla was not, in fact, the font of all wisdoms she thought herself to be. Di has a better idea with her quips about kisses, and certainly that is quite fun in an otherwise bittersweet scene.

But really the heart of this foe me is the moonlit walk. Maybe it’s the sound rhyme but I always link Una with moon imagery mentally and giving her this moonlight ramble satisfies a bit of the original romance that I never quite found textual, you know? Rilla thought it was there but I was never sure how reliable Rilla was...and you give us fabulously fun quips about smelling salts. But you keep it in character too as Una resists big, sweeping statements of the public nature and having to deal with the fallout. Definitely a girl after my own heart. Just as well too, because if she hadn’t all the glen would be commiserating in her doorstep, which is the last thing she needs!

It’s always such a treat getting a chapter from you. This just brightened the whole evening. Lovely stuff.
2/4/2021 c14 1definitelynotskittles
Oh my gods - I genuinely screamed quietly when I saw a notification for this story in my email. There's so much in here - I'm still trying to process it because WALTER AND UNA! AHHH-
I love the way you incorporated passages from the book itself into here - it makes it seem real and incredible.
So basically, all I can say is that the wait was so worth it & you've captured everything so well I'm just going to randomly remember this from time to time and scream quietly to myself.
1/2/2021 c13 2Kim Blythe
The indecisions and non confidence in Walter here really came ou powerfully.

Him not being able to write.

Him not knowing if he should bring flowers or not.

Him not knowing how to say ''I love you'' to Una, and kissing her instead of saying anything.

Walter and Una kissing each other, finally.

Damn, I hate that war and the piper...
9/3/2020 c13 18Alinyaalethia
Ah, no one loves writing love scenes. Personally, I find them skin-crawlingly hideous to compose and would sooner take a spike through the head. I quite like reading the well done ones though, which this definitely is. Walter is do gloriously awkward. Though possibly my favourite bit of characterisation is that quiet Una Meredith has discovered as so many of us to that either a particular type of person we have to do all the work of initiating the relationship while making them think it was their idea. That shows just a hint of the pluck she had in the Rainbow Valley narrative, and I like it.

Larkspur of course is a strong bond of love if you know your Victorian symbolism, and knowing you, you absolutely do. Romantic Walter certainly does and I expect Una does too, so it’s the perfect overture here. Subtle and meaningful and it will hurt horribly when Una can look back at whatever piece of it she has almost certainly pressed and Walter is dead.

I can’t forget Di either. You write her with Gilbert’s mischief and Anne’s matchmaking but also practicality and it’s a lovely combination. Di being someone I can never write, I’m envious at how easy you make it work. Now, go congratulate yourself on a good job well done. Lovely stuff.
8/31/2020 c10 YodaChick
You can only imagine how thrilled i was to get this in my inbox! And then i read it and I'm blown away. A fitting tribute to una and Walter, so full of emotion i almost cried there and there on a bus to work. Beautiful chapter. Worth the wait.
8/23/2020 c12 26thereisaredeemer
My younger sister has borrowed RoI from a friend, so this week I have been able to finally finish L.M.M Anne series. I found that I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did the others, if not more so. Rilla, I admit isn't the most heroic or perfect girl in existence, but somehow, her not being so makes her all the more realistic and thus charming. Ken, I will always admire; Jims I will always find sweet; Jem I will always wonder about; but Walter, he needed to die I suppose... It would have been to fairy tale like if every single one of the Blythes and Merideths survived (not to mention Ken), but why did it have to be Walter? Jem would have made the perfect what'stheword. Una was left with no one but Rilla in on the secret, and with Walter thinking of her only as a little sister. I am so glad that someone has decided to write about them (and bring them back together!). I really appreciate you sticking to history and looking the stuff up. I can imagine how hard that could get. I also love the way you have incorporated RoI into the story. And thank your Betta for me, the story is 99.9% typo free. Add that to being well written, historically accurate (or as much as you can make it so) and interesting... you and she must be a great team. With that, please try to find some time to sit down and write some more and stay safe. If I misspelled Merideth, my excuse is that I do not have either Rainbow Valley or Rilla of Ingleside in the room with me.
6/3/2020 c12 Alinya
That should be lighted up *windows* obviously. That must be the most bizarre typo this electronic monstrosity has come up with yet! Ah well, sometimes we need absurdity, or do I tell myself.
6/3/2020 c12 18Alinyaalethia
Wonderful to have you back. Lots of loveliness here in the haste to make cakes and the letters flying. Susan’s love language has always been food, so of course she’s cooking up a storm. And it feels good to see Walter in his natural habitat - namely writing. Some of it might need improvement but it speaks to that part of him that still finds beauty in the world. It’s heartening to see he has kept that alive, at least for now. I predict Walter’s poetic journey will be an interesting one.

How Rilla would preen at bring thought grown up! But she really does grow up quite fast once she’s begun, and Walter, Ken observer of the world, of course notices. You feed us dome sweet details about a burbling Jims too. I don’t know if it was intentional but I really felt the disconnect here between Ingleside, which is still in a kind of bubble, and Walter’s camp Sussex life, which is set on pulling him into another world. Una and Rilla increasingly feel like the connective tissue for him.

The musing on stars was lovely. I don’t know the Treadmill Song, so you will forgive me if I go off to look it up. My go-to for stars hasn’t been written yet in universe but I think a Walter that lived to hear it would certainly appreciate Ain’t it a Pretty Night. It’s a wonky key and unforgiving intervals but just the loveliest hymn to the night sky.

We end with Walter carrying Rilla and I’m reminded she’s still part child here. And also, I am filing away for later that Walter does indeed know which lighted up dingos is Una’s way away at the manse. This is pertinent information. Really lovely work.
6/1/2020 c12 Anne-girl
Thank you so much for this is one of my favourite Blythes and this is the only story I have discovered of RoI from his point of helps that I am interested in WW1.
Thank you again!_
6/1/2020 c12 12MrsVonTrapp
So lovely to see you on here again and hope you are well x I was just delighted to read an update on Walter and his adventures - which are on the cusp of becoming so much sadder and more confronting! I don't like them moving him around and moving up his departure schedule any more than Mother and Dad will, let alone Rilla and that black-haired maiden :(

Again there is such lightness and delicacy to this in some of your lovely descriptions and in your deep understanding of Walter, who was always so unknowable to me in canon - more of a foil for LMM's overarching plot than a character I could really warm to. But here he is so winning, and writing writing writing! Which is of course so true of him and I love that schoolmaster's assessment of his own work - and this former teacher can well relate to going off on tangents, such as Walter and his Ptolemy - a lovely blend of the physical and perhaps metaphysical in this little snippet, which is again very Walter. And that snippet from Oliver Wendell Holmes (such a family legacy!) is just beautiful, and utterly perfect for this interlude, for Walter and for those "boys" generally x

Lovely work with your "diamonds, scattered over velvet" line and in Rilla, "almost grown up, in the right light" which was gorgeous, and perfectly encapsulating both her inbetween-ness and Walter's wistfulness regarding that as her older brother. Really, it just makes my heart ache for all of them, knowing what is to come.

But oh, the intrigue and anticipation of that Rainbow Valley venture! I love Una's light burning for so long, and Walter watching it till it flickers out. A lovely metaphor to end this on x
6/1/2020 c12 YodaChick
I'm so very glad for this update. Can't wait until the next chapter, whenever that might be. Lovely story.
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