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8/12 c298 Guest
Clockwork, you sly cog. Cog instead of dog because he's a walking clock. You can use that one if you want.
8/12 c297 Guest
It’s not a problem or anything, just curious, y tho?
8/13 c298 12Cyan Quartz
Have I said before that the President of the United States is my favorite Danny Phantom OC? Because glargo meets flargo, he is!
8/7 c297 Guest
You really took the long way around to say that you are not sure what to name him.
8/7 c297 Guest
David means beloved.
8/7 c297 Guest
Dalvin, like DALV industries. AKA Vlad's shell corporation for shady stuff. The clones were about as shady as it gets, or rather, the cloning. Dalvin is a Dominican name that means proud friend.
8/6 c297 17
A Clone for an ancient! How fitting! I just love this. I eagerly await the next one!
8/6 c292 Guest
The review board ghosts hit too hard! Love those details
8/6 c289 Guest
I am so supportive of Johnny 13 and Dan's "friendship." Being annoying is the best part of friendship
8/6 c288 Guest
This does not sound promising
8/6 c287 Guest
Yay for more Dmitri!
8/6 c268 Guest
C'mon baby boy! You're so close!

(Love the way you wrote Dmitri's perspective of the mind control)
8/6 c265 Guest
I know things will probably change by the end of this chapter, but how dare my baby Dmitri be put in danger. He is too good for this world. He does not deserve to be mind controlled, even for info :(

Hang in there, baby boy!

(I do not know why I am so obsessed with Dmitri, but he has usurped Echo as my favorite original/expanded character in this story. Just let the timid little boy learn psychology and be happy! T-T)
8/6 c264 Guest
"the secret service donut with president filling" is an excellent line
8/6 c256 Guest
Sojourn to the rescue! Also, I love Dmitri so, so much. He is precious and he must be protected at all costs.
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