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9/19 c319 5MsFrizzle
I've been working on catching up with my fanfic reading. As you can see, I'm several years behind. I finally got to this story and read it from the beginning. I found that when reading it all in one go, the story seemed to flow a lot better. I also remembered that the trip through the digressed tower seemed to drag a bit and I was glad when they finally got out but this time it seemed to have more purpose and make more sense to the overall plot.

I also appreciated the sections where Danny et. al. are wrangling things out with the President. Perhaps this is because I found myself sucked trying to write about conversation between Danny and the President. This was many years ago now and I wonder if it would go quite differently if I tried to write it now. I'm glad Danny is coming to this negotiation from a position of authority with the backed with the strength of the council of regents. This section brought up a lot of difficult questions and possible trouble but the light of hope for a better future shines through.
7/7 c88 katherine.may13
I really love the deep dive you're doing into how trials would work for ghosts! It's well thought out & explained thoroughly, & the exposition carries the story along instead of dragging it down.
6/27 c319 Asilla
Oh my god, it's over?! I'm just now catching up after a long break from fics, and for some reason I felt like this fic would just always be there for me to jump back into. Wow, what a fun ride this has been. Thank you for writing it, and for helping to keep the phandom alive after so many years. Loved it. Looking forward to more from you in the future.
6/18 c303 19ThisPerson1
sorry my last review got cut off. But I wanted to take the time to say how much I love David. They just seem so done with everyone's bs. Damien is also another favorite. I can't wait to read the rest!
6/18 c303 ThisPerson1
I have so much to catch up on, I missed reading so many chapters because of life. Now that I've been able to start back reading this fic, I just want to say how much I love it!
5/7 c319 41Tantei-Otaku-kun
thank you for your fantastic service, author!
4/27 c319 34Zanzibar1
well I can't say I expected this fic to end just yet, but I have enjoyed reading each update as you post. and I have to say I appreciate that you posted rather consistently as it made it easier to keep up with what all had happened without having to go back to remember.

I am interested in reading more about this universe. there are still so many things that have not happened that you mentioned in earlier chapters. I hope there will be a sequel to follow that continues with Sam and Tuckers Pilgrimage. Regardless, Thanks for a great story to read.
4/26 c319 1sairen629
I am sad to see it go I wish you well and I really hope you do a where are they now for this story down the line toodles sayonara aloha goodbye
4/22 c319 17
NO! IM NOT READY FOR IT TO BE OVER! IT WAS SOOOO PERFECT! I'm going to say it's a new beginning cause goodbyes are sooo hard! I can't wait to see what you do next!
4/22 c319 12Cyan Quartz
If I had to name any part of this fic as the peak of the whole shebang, it would probably be Vlad working at Dairy King with his college friends for the glory of his ancestors. Considering that was just about the end of the fic itself, that's pretty darn good.

I remember being so psyched for when we finally got to the court chapters, and that excitement lasted a whiiiille but it was worth it. That was pretty fun. The attempted assassination, the school's first contact with the ghost zone, Valerie trying to attack Danny again (which was actually a pretty cool fight if I remember), all the stuff with that science experiment tower (not good at remembering names)...

A lot of cool memories with this fic. I wasn't here from chapter one or anything, but I got into it around the time we were on... Chapter 60 I think? And I ate it up pretty quick. It was fun seeing how this all played out, chapter by chapter. Read a lot of it while I was going to trade school, still reading it now I got my job (and my first pay raise! Yay! Actually on vacation right now).

Yeah, I'm gonna miss this one. But I'm also really happy that it's over. So many of my favorites never get an ending, and it's awesome that Mortified got one. Rivers! Good job with this one. Triple A Star work. I'll be sure to donate to your Only Fans if you ever decide to start one. I just had to ruin it.
4/22 c319 4lassify
Thank you so much for writing this fic. I cannot believe the amount of work that you have put into this, it was such a pleasure to read and a pleasure to join you on this journey! the impact you have made with this fic is just incredible. I wish you the best with the rest of your writing projects ad I look forward to reading them too!
4/22 c319 ReflectiveReader
That sounds like an interesting way to commemorate the new year.

You did a great job with this fic! I'll miss Mortified too. If I remember correctly, I discovered it at chapter 25 and have been reading since. It may be your current magnum opus, but considering this is your first multi-chapter fic it might just be what gets the ball rolling.

I'm glad you'll be sticking around. I know I'd miss seeing your updates, but I think I'm almost addicted to your work at this point.

I'm going to check out the fics that inspired you to write this one!

Thank you for this masterpiece! :D
4/22 c319 4blueJ129
Hello! I've been reading since ch 150 and paused around 208. I actually just came back to this last week to check on it and imagine my surprise when i read that it was the penultimate chapter! It seemed impossible that this legendary story would come to a close so i frantically started reading the chapters so i could catch up in time for this moment. I love everything you did with Ghost culture's and how everyone can't help but love Danny. You very clearly love this story and these characters and i respect you so much. Thank you, from the absolute bottom of my heart, for bringing life and joy to this phandom. It can be lonely feeling like no one else in my friend group understands the potential that this show had and how amazing this world could be. This is the first time reading fanfiction that i feel like someone, somewhere out there in the world, really gets it. Thank you, for everything
4/21 c319 41228248
Thank you so much for writing this fic! It's definitely one of my favorites!
4/15 c318 17
Whoo party time! Can't wait for more! Its an amazing story!
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