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for Complications of Growing Up Twice

10/4/2020 c1 utamina05
Asdfghhjll, thank youuuuu so much for sharing this hot story XD
3/7/2019 c1 26Fi Suki Saki
Oh that was just So Cute and Absolutely HOT!
poor Shinichi with the hormon like teenager.
But he handle it more well than I imagine.
9/4/2018 c1 2Hikaru Yami 999
OMG, I need the back story of their meeting and start of dating! This story is hawt and steamy, just like I like it, but I also like the sweetness of meeting and falling in love.
6/5/2018 c1 Lady Rosencrantz
#Yummo - turn up the AC
6/2/2018 c1 1Karbeeeee
Ah this is great!~ I really love reading your stories. Can't wait for more
6/1/2018 c1 Lily
OMG OMG I love this~ Shin-chan with all those R-18 thoughts wandering in his head, haha XD That is rare indeed~ And it was just like Kaito to appear at the 'right time' to help his adorable Shin-chan~ I bet he has spy cameras everywhere and that entry was not unintentional in the first place~

I love how all the things that Shinichi saw were somehow connected back to Kaito in the end, like the vase, the hat,...gotta love this adorable Shin-chan~ I would love a continuation of this~

And the smut is sooooo hot~ As weird as this is to say, the way you write smut is how all Kaishin smut should be in my mind LOL Anyway, this time there was some naughty talk too, quite rare to see, but so delicious~ I want moar dirty talk from Kaito as he ravish his Shin-chan~ His voice is practically made for dirty talk~ On an unrelated side note, Kaito's voice and KID's voice are basically the same, but the cadence, word use (he even use different personal pronouns as KID) and general tone made it sound different...but there are some instances it seems to mix together...usually in a serious scene, with KID-like tone but lower...delicious! The seiyuu did a really good job with him~ (and even though Shin-chan has the same seiyuu it's more of a main-character type of voice...hmn) And I cracked up when he imitated Shinchan's 'More, Kai' OMG XD That must have been embarrassing for dear Shin-chan~ Anyway, I LOVE the smut so much~ Every scene is just plain hot~ Gotta love established Kaishin XD I can't take it whenever Shin-chan said 'I want you inside me' to Kaito /fans self/

Anyway, I'm always looking forward to your fics (of any kind)~ Love you~
6/1/2018 c1 Carraaaaaa
Oh my this was real nice. Shin-chan blushing about his sweet man~ ahhh, it was sooo good! Can’t wait for more :D
6/1/2018 c1 Wragziez
So good this is!
6/1/2018 c1 deeeleetethisssaccount
My god I'm crying TwT I'm so happy! thanks for the update, it's amazing and you bet imma reread this a thousand times XD well nice to see more smut from you ! will be waiting for moreee :3

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