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for Our Wedding Anniversary Is Wrong, Unexpectedly

12/29/2022 c9 aaoeu
One of the best fics in the fandom. I've thought about this since first reading it years ago. Contrary to your profile disclaimer, I think this story is nowhere near what would be expected from a first attempt. Like the rest of your writing, this is an excellent character analysis wrapped up in a great premise. Their tragic situation is too true to their personalities. I love the appearance of hachiyumi in this final chapter - I think it's a terribly underrated ship given Yumiko's forthrightness, and it's easy to imagine them ending up in exactly this kind of circumstance after both maturing.
9/6/2022 c9 11Slalem
I remember reading this story a few years ago and hating it. That's more a fault of my own than anything else. I was so engrossed in the fluff side of the fandom that I didn't have much of a stomach for anything else.

Returning to this now, however, I can confidently say I adore this fic. I know you're on the record in saying that you find your first work cringeworthy, but this is probably my favorite story of yours (though, I'll unashamedly admit 'Therefore I Am' is a close second). The tension you create is palpable, the emotion is thoughtfully conveyed, and the dramatic climaxes hit hard, even when you know they're coming. For whatever faults you personally find in the story—maybe it's unrealistic and indulgent, maybe the minor grammatical mistakes are too much of a distraction, or whatever gripes you have as an author—know that even on my second reading, I was fully engaged. Even if you think it's trash, it's trash that I consider fantastic.

Really, your entire body of work is excellent. Your stuff is unique, the way you write characters is extremely engaging, and more than anything else, your stories are damn good reads. Not to brown-nose too hard, but I think you're one of the best authors the OreGairu catalog has to offer. Keep doing what you do, and best of luck. (And thanks for the encouraging words on Inverse Theory! It means a ton!)
8/23/2022 c9 bluecookie420
adults are so cringe smh

4/18/2022 c9 58MexicanJaeger
You wrote this well, last chapter I couldn’t help but cringe at the the pure misery of Yuigahama. In canon I hate that bitch, but fucking hell that was a gut punch.
This was one interesting ride, I can’t really say what I kept from Yukino’s part, I can buy the misery of feeling helpless and enslaved I would say that’s very much on chatacter. but latching that much onto a delusion she fabricated in the idea of 8man in my opinion is too far.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see Yukino getting bitter by the day in a loveless marriage and coming to hating her life, but crying to his picture for years I don’t buy.

I never give numerical reviews, but you made me cringe in an interesting way 8.5/10
4/18/2022 c2 8MexicanJaeger
Goddamn it that was unbearable. And I do not mean it as in the writing is shitty (update Love and Coffee you fuck xd) but this is really not my territory, I cringed through the whole thing. At one point I sped scrolled only to scroll back to read with a deeper cringe.
Let’s see where this goes.
4/18/2022 c1 8MexicanJaeger
I am so torn about reading this. For once I am a masochist who always digs through the painful fics which ultimately make me stare at the ceiling for a while upon finishing them.

Exhibit 1: 51st memories
Exhibit 2: Of losses and Gains

BUT I have a weird craving for Hachiman betrayal/breakup aftermath stories (I have been told I am a borderline NTR fetishist which is concerning as fuck) so this serves me right, yet I have evaded your fic time and time again, I’m not actually brave enough to binge it.

But that changes tonight, Ad Astra my man.
11/22/2021 c9 The Sixth Day of Division
It's honestly difficult to believe that canon Yukino could end up like this, even if her mother tried to force the marriage. Haruno's words about this being Yukino's fault are true to some extent. As Yukino got older her lack of rebellion feels like it's her responsibility. I think Haruno likely underestimates her negative impact on Yukino though.

The relationship with Miura isn't very convincing. I think you should have just left his relationship status ambiguous. Whether he's happy or not, he's made his choices.

I actually like that Hachiman is a taxi driver. He could have been more financially successful, but it seems like he gave up on trying for that, which is believable.

One of the weirdest parts for me was in the first chapter where Yukino is actively faking the happy marriage in front of everyone. That's incredibly hard to believe, no matter how many years have passed. It felt like it was more there for the reader than to actually be a believable event in the story.
11/2/2021 c9 Axel363402
I want a sequel to this.
10/10/2021 c9 7Wally991
Ah, ir was nice, that he ended up with Miura it's okay with me, I always liked overbearing women.

My only complain is that he's a taxi driver... it would have been so nice if you made him a teacher, just for Hiratsuka-sensei's sake
9/15/2021 c9 5AinzNamikazeD
Thank you,
Think is beautiful
3/16/2021 c9 Guest
This was a fucking great fic, for sure. Everything except the very ending, because, really... Miura. Way too much unbeliveable. What about Iroha? Or Saki? Nope, no. Go full unrealistic. Miura. I mean, I get the boner for this girl, she's a looker and all, but she's-not-for-Hachiman. Even going for Totsuka would've made more sense than this. I'd understand a whole fic dedicated to her, like in alternate universe or something likely unrealistic, because this felt as unrealistic as Hachiman and Zaimokuza going full homo for eachother and pairing up. That kind of unrealistic. And going for such an unbeliveable path just because of this boner for Miura, while you had not just one, but two way more believable choice out there (again, Iroha and Saki) means that you really ruined a good fic, that was still pretty realistic up until the very end, with something completely unrealistic.
"And then, Hachiman opened his front door and found a naked Zaimokuza riding their own favourite unicorn, ready for him to gallop away together on a rainbow bridge... And they all lived happily ever after..."
1/5/2021 c9 AGreninja77
I kinda wanna see a sequel Yui and Yukino meet Miu, somehow.
11/21/2020 c4 Rice with Chest-Nuts
whoa! wtf? Hayama just boast that? seriously? what's so wrong for being a taxi driver? calm tf down Hayama, goddammit you fockin cocksucker... Hachiman could've been a “Fake Taxi” driver y'know? oof~ iykwim... lol

...what did i say again? GODDAMN prejudices Horseshit. ...hhmmmm~ i think, i'mma dropping this i guess,
11/21/2020 c3 Rice with Chest-Nuts
damn... with all these vibes of a fics? i hate this already~ i feels an aNgst shit going on here dude... fuck. no. ...goddamn prejudices horseshit...
11/21/2020 c2 Rice with Chest-Nuts
oohhh~ Led Zeppelin tatts? nice... i like “Highway to Hell” too.

speaking of which, i'm starting to dislike this Miyabi Kaito guy, judging someone by their appearances were freaking pathetic and sad things to do... but i guess he was a nice dude if he married Yui, right?
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