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for The Initiative and other interruptions (Possible-Stoppable Honeymoon)

6/18/2018 c3 14Uberscribbler
WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!? First SHIELD and the Avengers, then the Justice League and Teen Titans, and now..."Triple X"?

Well, its certainly a logical extension of the previous two chapters, even if it is the one movie series that perhaps Vin Diesel would rather forget. Its seems so...silly, inane even. Especially given its based off possibly the most ridiculous situation in the original series. Who could have imagined that silly little greeting card chip could cause so much chaos?

Well, other than Jimmy1201, that is.

I still fully expect that resort to be a crater by the time we hit Day 20, btw. Of course if that happens Ruffus, Pippa and Brinna will need to move into NOPE permanently (as will the Stoppables, if only so Hanna doesn't go nuclear), and the rest of the civilized world will...well, let's not go there.

I have to ask: what's next? Agents J and K from the MIBs? Rufus 1000 from the 25th-and-a-half Century? Howard the Duck? A certain fatuous egotist who changes his face every century and travels in a blue police box?

Should I just shut up before I give the Most Dangerous Author (yes, that's your moniker for the time being) more ideas? Yes, yes I should.

Great chapter, but please...keep it up.
6/18/2018 c3 4CajunBear73
Methinks that Augustus is about to bring down a whole mountain of trouble on himself if he thinks suckering the Tweebs and Wade into this won't go without repercussions...Wonder if Thora gets involved.

But more of what Kim and Ron are trying to leave aside for a time just seem to be coming out the woodwork at them. (And you may want to edit Augustus' calling Kim 'Mrs. Possible'...unless you meant for him to say it that way.)

Ron's knowledge of things such as those chips and more, seem to have taken the wind out of the sails of this recruitment pitch. And Kim inadvertently gave Augustus an alternative patsy to run interference on this one. Hope it doesn't come back to bite the Tweebs and Wade in the butt.

6/18/2018 c3 2Mindless Violence Fan
This chapter has it all! Mutant roaches, Vin Diesel's character and the Tweebs (along with Throra) picking up a mission.

All we needed was for Roachie to make a cameo. (Please find a way for Roachie to appear, even for a short time in a future story.)

So I'm make this review short - ZZZ needs to see the videos of Ron ripping hearts out and going William Wallace on people. Then, after changing his stained underwear, will give ron and Kim a LOT of space.

Amazing how close friends Drakken and Shego have become to Ron and Kim. Shego has almost become a mentor for both of them.
6/18/2018 c3 26Sentinel103
Oh sure what could go wrong with the tweebs and Thora on it? What the heck are you trying to do burn down the world Jimmy?

6/14/2018 c2 47daccu65
It's beginning to sound like a rendition of the old joke: "Kim and Ron are having their honeymoon in a secret location, ask anyone where it is." First Fury, then Wayne find them. While it wasn't for the newlyweds, you still have to wonder just how tight the security was if this many people can track them down.

I caught the joke about Ron misunderstanding Kim's question why Bruce Wayne was frying Tofu in their kitchen...good one.

All said, the two seem to still have their problems...some major ones...but they should be on the right track to recovery.
6/12/2018 c2 2Mindless Violence Fan
Hey dude, I just wanted you to know that I was the "guest" who reviewed your latest KP story. Once again, my favorite scene in "The Dark Knight" was when Joker was lecturing Bats on being a cold-blooded bastard (You let five people die, then you let Dent take your place. Even for a guy like me, that's cold). A cold-blooded murdering psychopath called Bats out. Now you have Shego calling him out. I don't think Shego has ever killed another person in your universe but I can see her doing it in self-defense, to protect Drakken and to protect Kim and Ron. (Maybe to protect her brothers if she's in a really good mood or the villain has really pissed her off.) Oh, she'll maim somebody for life without a second thought if she feels it necessary but not kill if it can be avoided.

So Bats is calling Ron and Kim killers. Mr. Positive Mental Health certainly has a huge ego to be able to moralize like he does. Bats better think twice about making enemies with Team Possible - they did humble a GOD.

As a guilty pleasure, I'd love for Team Possible to meet up with members of WATCHMEN (CLOCKMEN?). Rorschach would probably approve of Ron's "William Wallace" tactics. Silk Spectre could give Kim tips on how to seduce Ron and Shego would probably snark off to Doctor Manhattan. (you're absolutely are given my permission to use the idea of a WATCHMEN meeting with Team Possible in a chapter if you're going to continue to have Super Heroes from other universes to "drop in". Hell, I'd love to see a Team Kick-Ass (Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl) meet up with Ron and Kim. If Bats wants to bitch about somebody being a killer, Mindy will shove a Benchmade Model 42 Balisong up his cape so fast...)

So dude, I've enjoyed every story. last week I had to start at the beginning (Ron's Coin) to watch as Ron went from thinking of himself as totally replaceable and Kim being dismissive of him until she realized he saved her from being shot. I did enjoy the scene where Shego disguised herself as a Ninja and gave Ron first aid while being pissed that Kim abandoned him. She would never admit it but she admires Ron's devotion to Kim. It's been a long journey in your stories for Team Possible and Drakken/Shego.

And Good Lord, Drakken and Shego as guardians of the Teen Titans to protect them from Bat's mental illness... Talk about 30% serious and 70% mock.

Good job, sir. Damned good job. Work like your deserves praise.
6/12/2018 c2 Guest
My favorite part of The Dark Knight was when The Joker was lecturing The Batman about letting five people die and then letting Harvey Dent take Bat's place. Even for a guy like The Joker, that's cold. So having Bats moralize against Ron and Kim is beyond ironic.

When outside forces look at Drakken and Shego as moderating influences against Batman's mental illness, you know he's really insane.

Shego nails it - each time Bats lets the Joker live, several innocent people will die the next time he escapes. Batman is as guilty of those people's deaths as The Joker. Bats is as guilty as The Joker of Barbara's paralysis. There has to come to be a time when Batman is taken to task for his part in The Joker's crimes. Of course it would be Shego who would be the one to broach the subject.

Nice to see that Shego is kinda disgusted with the multiple "Agencies" being so dismissive of Ron and Kim. Shego has become very protective and nurturing of both Kim and Ron.

It's sad that Ron and Kim are seeing themselves as killers. (Batman sure didn't help with her feelings.) Ron seems to be dealing with it better than Kim. Where she and her safety is concerned, there is nothing that will stand in his way of protecting and avenging her. I have all idea if Ron's life is in danger, Kim won't hesitate to cross that line either.

We all know that Drakken and Shego will cross whatever line is laid in front of them to protect each other.

Kim's nightmares are really disturbing on several levels. I can't wait to read about Ron's nightmares.

Good job.
6/12/2018 c2 4CajunBear73
Batman/Bruce is quite the emotionally constipated being, isn't he? He could use some counseling once Edmee is through working with Kim and Ron...

Sanctimonious to the end, Batman has a problem with 'killing', but hasn't walked a foot, much less a mile, in either of Team Possible's boots. Just compile a list comparing lives and resources available to each group and he just might see that Kim and Ron were a vastly under-resourced 'SEAL Team', that for the grace of generations of the Supernatural, could have had a different outcome at Graduation.

And would have been party to being on the other end of a global slaughter that even Superman would have had trouble stopping, much less ending lives before the L's arrived, much later. They're just lucky the Chinese took out the transports, but with just Warhok loose on the planet, the Earth could have been a smoking barren wasteland. With dead, morally intact Superheroes in the charcoal.

Drakken and Shego may find those five teen heroes interesting to ride herd over. Cyborg and Beast Boy are an outrageous version of Ron, mischievousness and all, with Tech and animals of all shapes and sizes. Starfire is innocent, for the most part, yet capable of destruction if she's misguided by her gullibility. Raven is someone Shego may be able to reach for dealing with the darkness within as she makes her way with her friends. Robin...will be tougher to deal with. His only family since the Graysons were killed, has been the poster-bat of stuffing emotions down until his 'toilet' is backed up. yeah, they're going to have their hands full, alright.

So Kim and Ron are designated to the 'Heroes of Earth' as 'Killers', eh? He might want to check further into the backgrounds of a few of his 'Heroes' and see that he's got some black sheep in his fold. And if Batman's 'working on countermeasures' for Aliens, does that include a certain Kryptonian (one of their Heroes), while he's setting himself on the other side of a line with the true representatives of Lowardia? What of Shego and her brothers? Their powers are 'Alien-based'...does that make them potential aliens to be dealt with also? I see a civil war birthed in the creation of his 'Justice League', just from his hubris of righteous indignation. Thora should be put into Batman's face for background he's not getting from his Bat-Computer...

Looks like Kim and Ron are doing their best to recover from the horrors they've experienced, and one that seems to be brewing and visiting Kim in her dreams. But something's coming, that maybe Ron should be included in the discussion, as his side of Kim's nightmares could be most telling of all.

But for now, it seems that no gratitude for Team Possible, just seen as pariahs by the 'True Heroes' of Earth.

Bet those 'Heroes' will practically kill themselves to speed-dial Kim and Ron when stuff comes down they can't handle...And will probably forget the whole affair and relegate those two killers to the dark hole the 'Heroes' deigned they live in...until the next time.

If that's the case, Kim and Ron should take up the L's on their offer to go to their home-world and leave Earth to their non-killer 'Heroes'.

6/12/2018 c2 26Sentinel103
Funny thing about fuel/air explosives; back in '88 I was working at GM body shop. The robots on the line (Car Track II) were mostly hydraulic. One night after my rounds one developed a leak in the joint three actuator. It took only a minute for 55 gallons of oil to go through the pin hole leak. So we that much oil in the air and it took one weld spark and KABBBBLOOOIE. I was in the fire ball and didn't either hear or feel the explosion and I was very lucky because a 1/4 mile a away they felt it.

Oh and Shego and Drakken being mentors to the Teen Titans...lord.

6/3/2018 c1 47daccu65
So more interruptions are on the way? Kim and Ron might seriously have to relocate again...but I wonder who these pretty scary types are, if Fury isn't the worst of them.

An interesting continuation to the arc.

Although I wonder how Squirrel Girl and Rufus would interact.
6/3/2018 c1 4CajunBear73
Man, when ya wanna fade away because you've reached your limit in being used by 'greater powers'...they come out of the woodwork...and won't let you go.

Loved Wade's deflation of Fury's ego (and if anyone needed it, Samuel L. Jackson's version of Fury needed it) by showing 'Team Possible's 'place in the world saving universe'...

Fury didn't seem to get the memo of how Thor is now Thora and is eventually set MHS' dating-world on fire with the Tweebs at her side...and probably one of the few Boy-Girl-Boy dates for the next few proms...

And it seems that PC has hit world/galaxy/universe saving if 'qualifications' are different than competency...But to their credit, they did find someone who is very qualified to pitch in. But in the future? Betting on the other side to whack what is placed in the saddle per quotas...

Would love for Ron to run wild at SHIELD's HQ with his never be normal mischievousness that would give Loki a run for SHIELD's money...And for a good turn, set Rufus and his kin loose too.

But after Kim and Shego are off trash talking and delivering on same, Ron and Drakken are settling in with what is, and what is to come.

Sheesh, it never ends. Does it?


6/3/2018 c1 26Sentinel103
Kim and Ron THOUGHT they were semi-retiring. Gonna have to get Rufus under a growing ray to turn him into a dragon or something...….uh oh, hummmmmmmm. I guess I'd better file that one for later use.

6/3/2018 c1 1ajw1970
Lol good start can't wait to see who else shows up

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