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1/13 c8 Arethahiwatari
I really adored your fic.
I can imagine they two of them just like this
Really hope you post more caps.
See ya
12/12/2020 c8 Flopi216
I'm really happy that you update this fic after a long time. I really love this chapter :)
9/30/2020 c8 Moni
I had not realize I was in desperate need of a Dorothy/Quatre fanfic until today! This fic is so deliciously written, I beg of you to please continue.
5/11/2019 c7 1Lulu Bunni
OMG! please! you have to continue this story! pleaaaase don't leave it like this! I know it's an old fandom, but... (trying to motivate you ;) ) if got his far... means you already have some parts of the story going on your head... so you just have to writte them and we will aaaallll love them! Sound like a good plan, right? ;P
I hope everything is going alright in your life ) Sometimes some authors can't keep writig because of little troubles than take the inspiration away. And it's obvious! no one could focus on make or create a little novel if the mind cannot be quite. So! I really really hope you are doing fine.
Send you looots of goooood vibes! Bye bye!
10/31/2018 c1 AchiJP
You dont know how happy I am to see a new 4xD after so long, and so well written too!
9/27/2018 c7 Guest
I need to read the next chapter pleeeeease
8/5/2018 c7 Guest
This fanfic is awesome. I like the 4XD and i hope the next chapter
8/5/2018 c7 Flopi216
I have read this story again and I can't wait for the next update haha
7/6/2018 c7 Flopi216
Although the chapter was short, it was great. There are only two chapters in which this Argent guy appears and I already hate him. On the other hand it was nice that moment between Quatre and Dorothy.
7/6/2018 c7 Hellocat42
Awww so much for a fun wedding night. I wonder what that guy has against Quatre? This hit of him seems personal. Looking forward to the next chapter. Maybe our favorite couple can finally celebrate their wedding. ;)
6/30/2018 c6 Flopi216
I didn't think that Dorothy would confess her feelings so quickly but that matters, at last they are together. It was nice that Quatre gave himself that he has been in love with her for years and was not only an attraction for her.
Finally, what a funny thing it was to see Heero and Relena spying on them haha.
6/29/2018 c6 Lulu Bunni
Oh my god! What a beautiful turn of events! I thought it was going to take far longer for them to declare their feelings!
I'm so happy they just did so! What a cute couple those two makeSnif snif! I had just hoped a little bit more of details on the wedding! I was expecting to read the millions thoughts and doubts that might have passed on trhough Dorothy's mind when saying "yes".
But don't mind me... I like your story a loooooot anyways. It's just so cute! I just love it.
Will be waiting for the next chapter!
Take care!
6/27/2018 c5 Hellocat42
Whew it's getting a little hot in here! Oh I enjoyed this chapter. I hope this couple realize that they both have the hots for one another soon! You do an excellent job with your description and setting the mood. I really like the scene with Heero and Relena (1xR forever!). Really looking forward to your next chapter! :)
6/24/2018 c5 Eliza ventura
Hello I like you chapter is beautiful the soldiers perfect and princes relena are you the relation ship presiouce and like wath quatre and Dorothy marriage one kiss for you from argentina
6/23/2018 c5 Lulu Bunni
Holy shit! what a great story!
Finally someone was capable of describing Quatre as the serious and "not so kind" man he is. I mean, c'mon... he was a gundam pilot and trained for that! a soldier!
And I really really longed to ever see Dorothy crack through that facade and have her feelings exposed somehow!

I really have some doubts. I see what he said to Dorothy about his feelings, but with everything being so "rushed".. are those feeling true? He spoke of "passion" before... And he still being so composed in behavior ONLY until this chapter...

So pleeease you have to continue it! I'll be expecting fondly the next chapter!
Take care! See ya!
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