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for Rise of the Dark Lord (Discontinued for the forseeable future)

3/13/2020 c2 Artimuos Sen
Okay I have read the plot of Shadow of War, but it would be better if the one Ring was of Celebrimbor instead of actual Power Ring.
Why would Sauron give his main power to someone if he already has the ring. At least correct the lore before putting it on your story, less confusion.
3/13/2020 c1 Artimuos Sen
From reading the books I know one thing that all Nazguls are male, the nine rings Sauron gave to human kings turned them into those black creatures, even in Hobbit movie Gandalf said that, so how does two of Nazguls became females?
1/31/2020 c6 1Akira Stridder
This was(is) so good... i know the show disappointed you but thats why you are an author.. you can create fantasy for us ..
1/26/2020 c6 DylanTheDemon
Well that sucks. I understand losing your motivation after what the show turned out like. I do hope you eventually come back to this though, who knows maybe house of dragon's will relight the fire
1/26/2020 c6 haseosamaa
disapointed but understand, just keep the orc army ready
1/25/2020 c6 Lordgoth
Damn, that sucks. I really liked where this story was going.
1/25/2020 c6 darth Queidus
I understand. You were waiting to see what powers the Night King would have and he had none. As long as you never discontinue Broken Angel we will have no problem.
1/25/2020 c6 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
I generally like when an author does a rewrite. It means that they've put enough thought into it that they're willing to throw out a lot of their own work for the sake of a more fulfilling, high quality story. In contrast to just rushing through a story with little thought, I mean.
So, I'll be reading your new one, definitely. :)

And It's always better for an author to enjoy what they're doing, rather than trying to force it out, too!
1/25/2020 c6 chickenbass
I understand. I do enjoy your writing so I will read this new story.
1/25/2020 c6 TheOnlyKing
Damn that sucks I really liked this fic
1/25/2020 c6 illerayn
Thanks for the head-up.
I remember really liking these 2 stories so I will go read your new story.
(Btw, could you put a discontinued tag on the 2 abandoned stories (or discontinued in the description) to not push people to start an abandoned story (something I really hate to do personally).
Thank you for writing those 2 stories anyway ;
1/23/2020 c1 Guest
Holy moly that was good, well done, besides a few (very minor spelling errors) brilliant grammar and storytelling.
12/12/2019 c5 2william1966
Please do not drop this story! It's a lot of fun LOL!
11/1/2019 c2 chickenbass
God this is such a roller coaster! With everything being from Jon's perspective I get caught up in the hype. Then it all comes crashing down with the knowledge that Jon, Sansa, Dany especially are each PERFECT people to be molded by Sauron! It is so tense!
11/1/2019 c1 chickenbass
This is really cool and watching a Nazgul Jon rip apart the Lannistes just might be worth watching his fall. Love villain protagonists!
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