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for Just Another Girl in Chicago

9/6 c10 3Francitac
OMG. This is perfect... please keep writing!
8/2 c10 Tweeky
This story is great please update it soon as i'd like to see a happy ending for Lucy and John.
8/2 c7 Tweeky
Wow, Roxanne sure is a jealous, possessive bitch! Stacy and her friends clearly saw that Lucy had had a good time with Carter given how chipper, cheerful and smiley she was next morning;).
7/25 c1 chelsie134
I LOVED this story. I know that its been a long time, but please, please continue! There is hardly any Carcy fic out there and they are my fave pairing!
1/17 c1 Dipsybird
You’ve captured the spirit of both Lucy and Carter, please continue, it was such a shame that they didn’t expand this storyline, they’re great together. Please give us our happy ever after!
9/26/2019 c10 Guest
Great story! Please continue!
8/16/2018 c5 21psych21
I just found this story and I love the dynamic you have going on between Lucy and Carter!
7/1/2018 c1 mamabear4199
It's a really good story, please continue it
6/30/2018 c2 deanspie83
Im really loving this so far.
6/10/2018 c3 RJC1315
I’m really enjoying this story hope that it continues
6/4/2018 c1 georgefitzwilliam
I could literally *hear* my boxes being ticked as I read this first - out of hopefully many? - chapter.

I LOVE that Lucy planned her speech. I can definitely see her psyching herself up, then turning back to deliver it.

Excited to see who makes the next move.


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