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4/29 c12 Vonta01
Update Pls
4/24 c3 LordZarcon
You said u have a plan for OFA. I do hope someone else gets it
4/9 c11 2layfon97
did you just make a reference to Naruto? lol
4/5 c12 1valkrus
so nice to see this not dead but i got critics:
1. There are times you wrote really weird lines involving pronouns. There are 2 part where it confuses me greatly and that is one part says "Our plan hadn't gone unnoticed by the villains" and the other is "his thrusters keep ME on the ground". both doesn't have indication that they're inner thoughts not dialogue lines so from the way I see it I think you are confused about using narration views like third person or first person POV or something
2. You constantly misspelled Shigaraki into Shiguraki. I only see you spelled it correctly twice. Also, his hair is a very light shade of blue not white like snow
3. Where did Inko came from? She just appeared out of nowhere
4/4 c12 Adrian
Why is deku such a bratty bitch blaming everyone? Annoying ass.
4/3 c12 RedMonkey123
Just so you know not calling you out or anything but 13 is apparently a woman. Just thought I'd let ya know
3/29 c12 Scandalf
Uhhh. I think I'm done with this ff. There was a lot that was wrong with it even before this chapter, but even if the rest of the fic was perfect, this chapter alone would have made me drop this fic.
Anyway, don't mind me, good luck with the rest
3/29 c12 Tonsofun94
3/28 c12 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very cool chapter, and great cliffhanger.

Yeah, even canon Inko would do some really serious damage to anyone hurting her son.

Keep the good writing.
3/28 c12 Rix1998
KUDOS! Nice using quantum weapons this early means he'll adapt and upgrade even more

Check the superior Iron Man suit with kinetic energies etc etc if you want it's o ONE of the most sophisticated and adaptable armour'
2/20 c1 WyrdFlame
You mentioned in one of your AN's that you were inspired by another IzukuIronMan type of fic and that you wanted to avoid staying too close to it.
I'm fairly sure I've read every fic of that type on this site (even the bad ones), so I feel safe to say that none of them have the patented "Stark Snark" down quite as well as yours does. That unique combo of cockiness, smug snarkiness, cynicism, humble-bragging and a smidgeon of actually giving a damn is quite hard to replicate.
2/15 c11 Valkyrie3420
Great fanfiction! This is definitely going in my favorites list...
1/14 c11 1Toby860
I caught your next reference when he's having a s*** I don't like list when he's talking about people who are intolerent of others is because of who they are and then he turns around and says the Dutch it is a reference to Austin Powers gold member where his father says that exact same thing
1/14 c6 Toby860
I recognize your reference for Taurus silver that is the name of tatsuya shiba has when he has his invention for the company from the anime and manga irregular at magic high School
12/31/2020 c11 Guest
Aw man, I wish there was more but oh well
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