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for In the Dark of the Night

11/1/2019 c1 130rebecca-in-blue
I really enjoyed this story. It's a lovely, touching take on young Quasimodo meeting Laverne for the first time. "desperately felt around for a hint of warmth, a scrap of companionship" - These lines really made me feel for him, which made the reveal of Laverne there all along sweeter. Wonderful work - I'll be sharing this at my forum. :)
5/22/2019 c1 88MadnessJones
This is a beautiful compelling story. I think it's the only one of its kind on this site so far. The idea of Quasimodo's first night alone in the tower never occurred to me, but you pulled it off quite well. Also, it's both funny and heartbreaking that Frollo thought age six was old enough for Quasimodo to get a job and metaphorically move out of the house. Frollo is a jerk. Using italics for Laverne's voice was a good idea, since it's most likely she's not really talking, but is just Quasimodo's first imaginary friend. Normally I find the Disney gargoyles in this movie to be annoying, but your story gives the idea more depth. Bravo! :)
10/3/2018 c1 133WargishBoromirFan
I really do like the ambiguity of whether or not Laverne is just a product of Quasimodo's imagination, when the comfort she offers him against the dark is clearly real.
6/8/2018 c1 Jake
What a sweet story - I love it. And I'm thankful and happy that you will continue to write about Quasimodo - you have the heart and the talent for it. Thanks.

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