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22h c23 Vanster X
You could put him in a coma and then still have the plot for Far From Home mostly intact.
7/19 c25 Staticflame12
What a journey and they’re not many stories like this , that made it very unique and enjoyable
7/18 c6 Guest
7/18 c1 Guest
7/10 c1 7lpacheco0039
7/6 c24 titan616
Congrats on completing this fic! When you said the "Spider focused extra story", you mean your going to make an alternate ending where the Spider Army arrives in time right? It'll be good to see more of Tony, though in this timeline it makes sense things ended the same as they did in the movie.
7/4 c25 Gmac
7/3 c24 1VLAUH
I loved it. I've been following this story since the beginning.
Now for the questions.
1- I would like to see May, Peter and Gwen living under the same roof.
2- Maybe a scene with Fury would be great, you know, with him being a smartass like he is.

(English isn't my first language, sorry for any mistake)
7/3 c24 Ergo100
A well thought out fanfic
7/1 c24 zod6006
Loved the story and looking forward to the sequel. And I would also like to see the interactions between peter, gwen, aunt may, and maybe even Happy if gwen and peter live together. Thanks for the story, it was really reading it.
7/1 c1 1itsbohan
Hey! Just wanted to say that the whole journey, reading the story was an amazing experience! This is one of the only fanfics that i waited for updates, and constantly checked for new chapters! Great work, can't wait for the sequel!
6/29 c24 PlanetEsrth
What a ride! Are you thinking about a sequel?
6/29 c24 89Star-The-Writer
Please give Spider roommate shenanigans.

I just have the mental image of someone on the ceiling and something is on fire and everyone is screaming and Looking Glass MJ just slowly backing out of the room in concern
6/29 c24 2alkizor
Something that might be interesting is the other Avengers getting an explanation on the multiverse and more importantly the Web of Life that all Spider-people seem to be mystically linked to.
6/28 c24 5Power of Magic
That was a good chapter, and I liked how Peter and Gwen won against Evil Tony. Looking forward to what happens now, and pity that Good Tony still died cause it would have been funny with him making awkward and funny comments to Peter and Gwen dating and everything (but oh well you win some you lose some). At least Aunt May can give some awkward and funny comments, and I think that Peter and Gwen hanging out with some of the Avengers (before they go and do whatever) would be an interesting idea
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