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for Nameless Reincarnation

7/14 c3 13Have a Little Feith
I only partially disagree with the pairing on the last one. Sylphy is too into Rudeus. Or she is in the manga, I haven't read the light novels yet. Been meaning to, though. Anyways, Sylphy's crush on Rudeus is adorable post-teleportation. I kinda want the last option, but without the Sylphy pairing, but I like the Reincarnated Moedred more. So my vote is for the first route.
6/24 c3 reydrago
Ah another interesting stories, but still I wonder why two of those timeline ended up with Nameless stealing Rudeus's love interest? Just being curious
6/20 c3 Guest
Las ruta suenan bastante interesantes,y sinceramente elegiría la ruta 3 sí Silphi no fuera uno de los intereses amorosos, la princesa Ariel está bien pero odio mucho el netorare. Así que mi veredicto es para la ruta 1
6/19 c2 Guest
El Dios humano, ese maldito bastardo han venido a meterse con archer... Démosle la mayor pesadilla de su inmortal vida.
4/5 c3 Nidhog42
The Guardian Shadow is the path that interests me the most, though that's mostly down to me despising deities.
3/24 c3 Nikkless
really want to read more of this
3/24 c3 Nikkless
more please
2/19 c3 jon02789555
I still want to see Mordred can I revote to rout 1
2/19 c3 jon02789555
I vote route 3
1/28 c3 jjasonbornn
Path of the Guardian shadow for sure. Please come back to this gem of a story.
1/21 c2 Guest
please continue this!
12/2/2019 c1 Arjay Misal
3 is more interesting
11/19/2019 c3 Tk
WTF only 3 chapters and shirou still a baby
11/6/2019 c3 frishmous
My favorites are either Route 1 or 3, those just seem more interesting to me having never heard of the crossover series you are using. Anyways, good work what with the writing and such, and I hope this continues at some point down the line!
10/31/2019 c1 bololzzz
route 1 pls
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