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for Love is for Conformists

8/22/2021 c19 14thwhitetiger
Just got back, and no update...

I was looking forward for an update.
7/17/2021 c1 Red orchestra
So still no update
3/9/2021 c19 6A.Himawari
I binge read... I am here for the goth kids. Characters Development on point. Even the way they speak and behave. It pleases and sparkles!
2/22/2021 c19 Verify123
Well that was alot of testosterone there in that last scene
2/19/2021 c1 Verify123
What wrong with her Lisa Ware-Krantz great story by the way
1/1/2021 c19 Dramatic
Hey how about Stan and Sophia have sex. Michael finds out and fights Stan. In school.

Need more drama.
11/23/2020 c19 NaughtyGamerEm
Lmao I kinda hope she picks Stan instead
11/21/2020 c19 selena
Lisa War Krantz Fanfiction Account goes by the name:
Shaeryl Mcbrown.
Her fanfiction stories only contain about how she claims she's being bullied by another fanfiction writer called:Mortal Anonymous.
Some others have said the accusation are wrong.
11/19/2020 c19 Guest
please don't listen to lisa ware krantz this person is mad!
11/18/2020 c1 Lisa Ware-Krantz

3662 Juniper Hills Drive
Rockwall, Texas 75032

972-771-0893 and 214-437-0250

lwarekrantz at hotmail dot com
lisa dot ware hyphen krantz at rockwallisd dot org
11/15/2020 c19 Bored Reader
To be honest.
I'm always excited for a new chapter but so many times I end up being disappointed. I don't care about Sophia's part.
I rather have more of Stan and Wendy.
First of all it takes you so long to update and then the chapters are so short and then it's only about this damn OC character. Like this isn't even a story of Stan overcoming his heartbreak it's a story about
Sophia and some shit that happens with her mother.
11/3/2020 c18 Guest
I'm sorry I actually give a rats ass about this OC story with Sophie or Sophia whatever.
I'm more interested with the Stan Wendy drama and how he will tell her off.
11/1/2020 c1 Alex Weight
About time you update it was forever
10/4/2020 c17 14thwhitetiger
Can't wait for the next chapter... There will be a next chapter right?
I started seeing this as not a fanfiction of south park but rather a different story all to together.
7/18/2020 c17 Alex defender
So is this about stan and wendy broke up or your oc family problems
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