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for Free to Love

2/13/2020 c2 Guest
Stop killing Little Ethan!
10/16/2019 c6 4ScaryTeller YT
Please continue this story I love the Teresa/Sam pairing can't wait too see what's next :-)
1/11/2019 c6 cagats
Loved it really please continue the update since its along time since u did
6/17/2018 c6 wiccancharmedguy
very good i hope you continue the story
6/16/2018 c1 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this does not look good for Tabitha and her friends in the basement with Miguel and charity finally being together she should come in her full power of good but knowing Kay she find way to stop it Kay should embrace her power help Tabitha and destroy Charity for good i hope you continue the story
6/9/2018 c6 8xSmallLadySerenity13
Although I am an ET fan all the way, your story is interesting! Update soon
6/7/2018 c6 ashley.crowley.10
Please I’m begging you stay with this story until the end I can’t stand seeing a good story go unfinished

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