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1/30 c34 1Destielfamily
Wish you would continue the story
5/10/2021 c34 9Sondrasr
Cute chapter. Love how they broke the bells again. Love them at the beach.
5/10/2021 c34 Nancy
What a great place to take the family for so much needed fun / relaxation. I like the story behind the beach, "mum's beach". Glad that Luke had packed everything needed and especially that everyone had so much fun! Good job, Luke! Thanks. More soon please.
3/31/2021 c33 2MERDERDAUGTHER
Write more please
3/22/2021 c33 Ella1910
i think this story is really underrated. it's quite fast-paced and very enjoyable to read.
2/6/2021 c33 9Sondrasr
I am thinking Chris will lose interest in Rory and not follow writing. Love how all the girls are such good friends and can always talk everything out.
2/5/2021 c14 Guest
PLEASE get a beta and fix your grammar! You terrible grammar detracts so much from the story that it is almost unreadable.
2/5/2021 c33 Nancy
Made a big "OOPS" in my review just posted on this chapter. Should read that Christopher the slime has NO (NO, NO, NO) sense / capability of dealing with a child, any child!
2/5/2021 c33 Nancy
Can't blame Luke's anger when Christopher the slime is so blatantly flirting with / kissing Lorelai! ICKY! The slime has sense / capability of dealing with a child. Feel bad for Sarah, but Lorelai is right: she has the townies all around and they really pull for theirs. Hope Luke is quick to learn how to better deal with / cope with the slime. Thanks so much. And, I always love Mia (wonderful secret she has kept all these years about William, Luke, and the bells; bet Lorelai tires of them eventually too!) More soon please.
2/5/2021 c33 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
1/26/2021 c1 2MERDERDAUGTHER
Hope u update soon and also the will and logan one is my favorite
1/4/2021 c32 Eliza
Well, I've just discovered this story and I was instantly intrigued by it. It's something different and I like the way you're describing Emily and Richard. Can't wait to read more:-)
1/3/2021 c32 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
1/3/2021 c32 201Daisyangel
Glad to see an update.
1/3/2021 c32 Nancy
I can't really believe it, but it is true: my utter contempt for Christopher the slime, his slimy parents, and the elder Gilmores has substantially grown. It seems to be all about how it looks, not ever about love and kindness and the sense of family. Thanks.
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