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12/11/2022 c11 1Citra Zaoldyeck
9/10/2022 c4 Guest
I get the OOC Hermione and I don't have a problem with that. Harry Potter is not protecting Hermione he's cuddling her. That's not right she has some kind of issues, but what Harry is doing to her is damaging her process of getting better. Keeping her a victim is not going to help her get over what trauma she went through. Whatever she went through she needs to get real professional help. Ginny feels like the voice reason so far. I don't know how I feel about this story yet, but I want to see where you're going to take the story.
4/28/2022 c17 dadada0203
Love this!
3/27/2022 c8 Guest
Hermione is pathetic.
3/15/2022 c17 21CallaRose4ever
I really enjoyed reading this story though it was hard because Hermione is so strong and in this she was so broken. so sad. but Draco was awesome in this once he figured things out. : ) Hmm I wonder if you have any other multi chapter Hermione stories? I will have to check that out this was well written and I enjoyed it so much. so thanks.
8/27/2021 c17 2kimbclar
Fantastic story!
5/26/2021 c17 dadadada.t
Ok... that was pleasantly annoying hAha! I didnt realize it was the last chapter! Argh! Is there an epilogue somewhere? Lol
4/11/2021 c17 Guest
Great story, I really loved this side of Draco.
2/2/2021 c17 Queen Tyra
Absolutely Amazing Story, Love It Really...I Cried So Many Times During Reading This Fanfic, I Lost Count... Such A Beautiful Heart-wrenching DRAMIONE Fanfic...
12/26/2020 c1 DracoFan1993
Love this story
12/23/2020 c17 Innocence and Instinct
This was amazing! I loved reading it.
12/3/2020 c11 Guest
Hermione is a coward
12/3/2020 c9 Guest
A government official reading syllables? Lol
You’re thinking of standards, what should officially be covered. Syllabus tell students the order in which the material will be covered

And standards are changed every year

You definitely don’t work in education
12/3/2020 c5 Guest
Harry is NOT be supportive. He’s being a petulant child
12/2/2020 c4 Guest
Why is Harry such an asshole?
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