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for Gundam Arc-V:Raising Quantum Of Gundam Knight's

5/12/2020 c7 2SniperZ
Next chapter please don't take to long with it.
2/21/2019 c6 alfstein
i hope the next chapter come faster
2/21/2019 c6 alfstein
11/2/2018 c1 25EternalKing
I respect the desire to use two completely different settings to crossover, but I do not see this writing being considered good in any way.
9/15/2018 c6 13dots
I’ll go for 1 if it’s a clearer structure to read...
9/15/2018 c3 2Setsuna Rizky
THIS POLL NEEDS A CONCLUSION. If there is none, I couldn't continue this story.
9/15/2018 c3 Setsuna Rizky
Guys. I am gonna externd the poll into 20 september 2018. Currently, I am very tired and can't think straight. Also, THIS POLL needs . If there is none, I couldn't continue this story
8/5/2018 c5 Guest
When you rewrite it have haru still the connection to incarnations of zarc plus have yugo try to hug him like what happened with serena
7/28/2018 c4 narutoxasuna25
interesting story I think the pairing should be ocxserenaxruri
6/16/2018 c3 13dots
In a nutshell, grammarly is going to be your best friend
6/16/2018 c3 3dots
Mate, the story is good, but pls... add in some dialogue syntax like these theresince I almost got confused at where the dialogue started and ended.
6/11/2018 c2 7gundam 09
Not bad, I can't wait to see more gundam in his deck, keep it up.

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