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6/22/2021 c21 53Lion01
Nice chapter! I think some paragraphs are a bit too long, but nevermind that. I'm really sorry for Korra. I would never ever do that for a friend (or more than a friend) x) A bar and a nightclub? Is there any worse torture? xD Kidding. But it is quite awful. I have no idea how she out up with it x) As for Asami... well, she should have expected it x) Thank you for sharing!
5/18/2021 c21 Guest
This is so good! Just when it starts to get better! Please update again soon!
1/1/2021 c21 GriffinResult
This build up is incredibly! So tantalizing! Another brilliant chapter! And I can't stop reading!
Thank you so so much for the story! P!ease !
12/29/2020 c21 daydreamingindc
Come on korra! Seriously gurl...what you waiting for
12/22/2020 c20 Lion01
I'm not sure having Korra planning anything is a good idea, Asami ' The chapters are as nice as ever! Thanks for keeping updating!
12/3/2020 c20 daydreamingindc
The slow burn is killing me...gahhhhh! I'm hoping fit some drunken confessions after the bar hopping
12/2/2020 c20 Kuroimori
I can't wait until these two finally admit what they are and how they feel. Korra is gonna be harder though
11/14/2020 c19 GriffinResult
This is so good,the tension keeps getting me!
I hope you p!ease carry one, it is brilliant, the different take on their story :D
9/30/2020 c19 daydreamingindc
This is a great fic. I especially like how their relationship has morphed over the last couple chapters. Now if they would just get together already! Can't wait to read more
9/26/2020 c19 KuroKaitou
I love your story and the developing relationship between Korra and Asami
9/25/2019 c17 Guest
Nice read.
8/17/2019 c17 Kuroimori
they just need to get over it and admit that they're soulmates
8/15/2019 c17 Luna del Desierto
8/4/2019 c17 Snackpack
Thank you for continuously
Updating I love this fanfic so thank you!
8/3/2019 c17 Lion01
Well, thank you for all these chapters! I was nice to read. Now... Geez, Korra, what are you waiting for? She sure doesn't want a soulmate. Poor Asami, waiting, pleading, and being sick. At least, she won't go back to work immediately.
See you soon!
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