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for Danny phantom in the alola :on hold:

8/2/2018 c5 eeveemaster
awwww... but I wanted to correct mistakes... :( oh well...
8/2/2018 c3 eeveemaster
spelling mistakes:
moring - morning
inportant - important
breckfast - breakfast
hafe - half
kitchin - kitchen
replyed - replied only 6 this time! you're improving.
8/2/2018 c2 eeveemaster
y'know I'm not going to bother with grammar or punctuation.
8/2/2018 c2 eeveemaster
heres ure mistakes in spelling:
notise - notice eirth- earth
solder - shoulder dosent - doesn't
wiarder - weirder
scrach - scratch
sqeeled - squealed
heird- heard
silant - silent
ailan - alien
diffrent - different that's 11 spelling mistakes
8/2/2018 c2 eeveemaster
this bad grammar chapter, so make sure to correct mistakes.
7/3/2018 c1 Guest
Yeah I can see this is your first fanfic A lot of spelling mistakes
6/11/2018 c2 19The Phantom-Otaku
Okay, this is not terrible, it's just kinda hard to read. When ever someone else speaks you need to seperate the dialogue.

Example: "Ugh!" Danny groaned. "Finally! I can go home and rest!"

"I wonder why more ghosts showed up today?" Sam wondered aloud.

Also, punctuation. I could help you out with that. I could beta you chapters. Ya know, go over it and fix it up. I'd be happy to do so! I'm out of school, so I have way to much free time. (Plus I have no life outside of Fandoms.) And I like helping people, especially newcomers! Please PM me if you'd like my help. By the way, haven't seen anyone do Alola yet. Very nice so far. I hope you'll accept my offer.
6/9/2018 c2 2Runeion
You misspell earth and alien . And some other, but will see how this story goes.

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