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for Fifty Miles Uphill Both Ways

1/9 c20 7NoilyPrat
My jaw dropped and I laughed so hard at Sam informing Dad they were "walking the dog". Had to quickly search my brain - nope, no dog here - they are SO SCREWED! But I loved John's reaction better - he'll shoot the dog if it has to go out at night again. Glad he double checked with Dean on things; very glad and touching moment how John was worried about his boys.
Best part was Dean spending time with Sam at the party, even though Dean really didn't want to at the beginning.
1/8 c19 6BlackCherry16
I really felt that moment when Sam silently came into the room to comfort his brother, lying next to him with his arm draped over Dean, only to be scooped up into a hug. Beautifully written, it made my heart ache. These two and the bond they share, unique and the best thing ever that happened on any TV show or film. And therefore the last sentence... Ugh, you killed it. 3

Always giddy to see when you post a new chapter of an old story or when you start writing a new one. Keep up your amazing work!
1/4 c19 Kathy
so very very sad, what emotions, the poor kids, very realistic, Dean missing his mom and acting that way and poor Sammy, sad and confused, not know why Dean was acting that way, very good writing that has me still wiping actual tears, well done, thanks so much for continuing this series, so what else will you think of, maybe something funny, or a misunderstanding, or an Uncle Bobby story, weechesters and the library or John home with little Sam while Dean's at school, or camping, ok anything, thank you so much for always entertaining
1/4 c18 Kathy
YES I really did enjoy this, nice play between now and when they were little, two stories, cute and sadly sweet too, well done, thank you, hoping for many more, and wishing you all the best for 2021
1/4 c20 Guest
This was lovely. Thank you xxx
1/4 c20 Guest
Ah, I thought the 'walking the dog' line was familiar!

Loved this story!
1/6 c20 1Ginza
I have read your Christmas Spirit story, but it's been a while so I didn't remember until I got to the note. Maybe I need to go back and read it again. Anyway, I really, really love this. Makes sense that they would grow apart some when Dean got older and left school. And it's good to read about them being normal teenagers and acting like it for a change. I really like John here, I always enjoy your showing his more normal fatherly side.

Good luck keeping your resolutions, I know I would certainly enjoy more posts from you.
1/5 c20 39Colby's girl
That was great. Happy New Year!
1/5 c20 314Fat Puppy
WOOHOO! A new chapter. Sammy learning pool. The teens hanging out. Sammy missing his brother and Dean realizing he missed Sam as well. Nice reflection back to their past. Thanks for sharing!
1/5 c20 80shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
This was wonderful! Dean being the big brother ah I love it, his decision to finally bring Sam along and all the while realizing just how much of his brother's life he's been missing. It was nice to see them having some fun, and the end with Sam saying they had been walking the dog had me laughing.
1/4 c6 33imawoomie
Okay, I love this one too. Who am I kidding? I love everything you write!
1/4 c2 imawoomie
These are all great, but this is my favorite. You shared just the right amount of details to keep it minimalist yet let the readers know enough of what happened. And you write the bothers' interactions so well. Brava!
1/4 c20 Jenjoremy
Wow! I was surprised, pleasantly, that nothing bad happened to Sam other than a little too much beer. They got to be normal, dumb-ass teens. I also love your writing goal and your shout out to imawoomie, another favorite author of mine. Looking forward to more stories from both of you!
1/4 c20 JaniceC678
Oh, that was so fun! Loved getting to see the boys having some fun together even if it got a little out of control. And I absolutely adored John being so cool about it and understanding that they both probably needed that time even if he didn't actually approve of how they spent it. I like stories where he's understanding and tolerant of some of their teenage antics.
1/4 c20 Cricket Dancing
Great story!
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