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6/13 c18 voidnogitsune17
I agree this story is one of my top favorites. I hope you will continue it cause its amazing. keep up the amazing work
6/12 c18 Mastersgtjames
Really hope the author picks this story back up.
6/12 c17 Mastersgtjames
kinda hope MC and Tonks learn Wandless Magic as well...
6/12 c14 Mastersgtjames
REEEeeeeaaally hoping MC can/will become a metamorph at some point.
6/12 c12 Mastersgtjames
MC's Charisma should have been 49. not 39. He had 26 points left after bringing INT, WIS, VIT, and LUC to 100. 26 plus the 4 he already had brings it to 29, then the system added 20 points. bringing it to 49.
Hope MC somehow gains the ability to become a Metamorphmagus himself.
6/12 c11 Mastersgtjames
Slightly bummed MC does not gain skills through actions/effort. Else he would have some cooking, cleaning, and gardening skills... unless he does and it has never been mentioned.
6/12 c10 Mastersgtjames
So ridiculous. Not only is the game desensitizing the MC, an abused orphan child, to brutal murder(even if they maybe deserve it, and are not real people). But now you have the MC just showing up with someone's severed head. lol
6/12 c8 Mastersgtjames
Shockingly annoyed that MC has not added any points to Charm, as well as that his INT/WIS are so low.
Not sure how it is in any stretch of the imagination that Gamer's Mind is better "in every way" than Occlumency. Gamer's Mind does not improve recall, memory, magic control, or the ability to identify and skillfully use the various mind-magics...
6/3 c11 Guest
Honestly this was quite good, but the fact that he revealed the ability to nymphadora turned me off, good luck with everything but im out. Bye!
5/30 c18 9Crazy Girl Writer
I have reached then end of posted chapters but not the end of the story soooooooooooo please come back and write more pleeeeeease
5/18 c18 AzureDragon363
fuck, abandoned out of the blue, nothing that I'm not used to, especially for gamer fics, but still, fuck.
5/18 c7 AzureDragon363
I would PAY for a slash/no-slash filter, especially if it separates slash into "male slash and femslash" so you could choose "no-slash only" or "femslash and no-slash only"
5/13 c1 2devil556
Best story I've read in 8 months Sir.
5/11 c18 devil556
Besides the Core Threads story this is the best story out there for harry potter?
5/10 c7 Bobp0p
so... While I agree with the hate on lv/HP, that isn't genre defining. just a tad homophobic
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