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6h c18 1Rogue Shinigami
Nice when’s the next chapter coming lol
1/17 c18 15fvdv123
It was a good binch, too bad it ended prematurely
1/13 c18 CM
Really wonderful world and story that you have built! I loved playing Heroes of Might and Magic, sigh, the good old times. Hopefully you'll be able to continue telling this story. Thank you either way for sharing.
1/4 c18 SamonIllmantrim
This is brilliant! I blazed through this story and loved every minute of it.
12/31/2022 c15 Dretnuh
Hahah I love it Ollivander fully classified
12/30/2022 c13 Dretnuh
Yeah why is he calling Weasley a cousin I’m pretty sure Harry himself is actually much more closely related to them so if anything they should mention that lmao
12/30/2022 c11 Dretnuh
Are the Tonks’ never going to mention that they’re cousins of Harry? Lol
12/2/2022 c18 2lostxinxthexdarkness
Phenomenal fic so far, keep up the great work!
11/5/2022 c1 4C3nterF0ld
haven't read the story but bro below me you need to fucking relax. are long ans annoying? yea they can be, but you can ALWAYS scroll past em. there is ZERO reason to go after their grandmother like that or them wanting to show interests in games. move on and grow up.
10/30/2022 c18 Guest
Nigga where's the fucking story it's been 3 fucking years you dick head, also you ramble on and on about some random shit in your author notes like no one gives a shit about your grandma or if you bought games like stfu and write the story you retard pervert bitch
9/23/2022 c18 Ranmaleopard
This is just really interesting and I can't wait for more
9/7/2022 c10 draconicperson05
I would not disapprove of a pervy AU but I gotta tell you I nearly died laughing reading the AN
9/7/2022 c7 draconicperson05
I got the reference I just barely found the book
9/7/2022 c1 draconicperson05
love altered beast its so much fun
8/25/2022 c18 4MeliodasGremory23
great story love reading it anyone who insults it is stupid and don't have anything better to do with their lives.
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