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4/15/2021 c12 7Tiffany60
It has taken me a long time to get around to reading this story, probably because I’m firmly in the J/H camp! However I am so glad I did read it because it’s brilliant, beautifully written and your characterisations are perfect. You have worked really hard to come up with all the historical details and the result is a really entertaining and very descriptive story. I am so glad about the happy ending and I especially enjoyed Alan’s experience as a WW1 flying ace, that was just spot on for his character. Thank you and well done!
9/22/2019 c12 12BlondiezHere
Omg, PLEASE tell me you have more! I so love your stories! My little fic pales in comparison (though it's only my first - I have mroe planned). Seriously, you have executed such a wonderful little series. I really do hope you have more down the line - Alan needs a lady too!
1/5/2019 c12 Guest
These were great stories. Hope you continue with them.
8/26/2018 c12 Bailey Malone
It's taken a while before I could read this: once again, Bravo! Your stories have gotten better as you went along and the characters became fleshed out. I enjoy the progress as their lives on the new planet went on. There were some really touching scenes in this story, and obviously well researched episodes with Carter and Bergman's time travel, as well as the very moving incident on earth. This was most enjoyable and I'm now firmly in the Bergman/Russell camp, but I do think it was fair to bring in a little love-interest for Koenig. I hope this is not your last contribution as it is almost like a new series for the Alphans!
8/1/2018 c12 72Beth6787
I’m so glad you brought this story full circle in the end. It fits beautifully with the overriding theme throughout season 1 of a ‘galactic intelligence’ looking out of the people of Moonbase Alpha.

A lovely touch, right at the end, with John being re-united with Vana.

You can br rightly proud of the “Berg Chronicles”.
7/30/2018 c10 Beth6787
A great idea to incorporate Arkadia into the story too. It really is a gripping tale and I can see you have put a lot if thought and hard work into it.

So glad to see you continue with this. I do hope you have had plenty of readers and that a few others will now be moved to review.

Please do keep sharing your ideas and stories with us all here.

Best wishes,

7/4/2018 c9 Beth6787
What a lovely, uplifting direction to take the story forward :)
7/3/2018 c8 Beth6787

Thanks for your last message. Goodness and I thought 25 at night and 33 midday was hot (well it is exceptional here where it rarely gets over plus 20 even midday midsummer). I hope you have a little time to acclimatise in Texas. Here it can be plus 10 one day and then plus 30 the next so a very rapidly changing environment where the four trade winds meet.

This story is progressing very well and I love the fact that I can’t predict where you are heading with the plot. I look forward to the upcoming chapters.

Keep cool when you can!

Beth x
7/1/2018 c6 Beth6787
Well that WAS an unexpected twist ! I love the mystery and suspense building up here. Do keep going with this, it really is an excellent piece of writing.

I do hope you are not being discouraged by the lack of reviews. One of my stories had over 800 readers and just ten people bothered to ‘put pen to paper’ yet I’m confident the story must have been fairly interesting to gather that many readers in the first place. After you have been on the site a while you make a core of friends (most often fellow authors) and we all review each other’s work : but it can take a few months and a reasonable number of stories for them to become familiar with the way your mind works. I did write a précis for one of my stories once and posted it with a request for my readers to come up with suggestions for what should follow and that generated quite a good response. Anyway, what I’m trying to say - in a very convoluted manner - is do keep writing and sharing here. Your stories are appreciated.

All the very best,

6/17/2018 c5 Beth6787
Your perception of the John & Helena versus the Victor & Helena relationship dynamic is very astute. I often found Commander Koenig to be a “hot head” on the show and the manner in which he was portrayed often made me doubt his credentials for the job! Paul Morrow or Victor Bergman would have commanded Alpha far better.

The pyramid as a portal for John & Vana is a plausible scenario...though sadly it would seem to indicate that we are about to lose the Commander for good. Somehow, I can’t see Vana happily adapting to living permanently amongst the Alphans.

I’m really enjoying this idea so do hope you find the time to continue with it. Well done Danita!
6/14/2018 c4 Beth6787
This is EXCEPTIONALLY good Danita - well done! shame we don’t have said portal to send some of your story ideas back to Gerry & Sylvia Anderson circa early 1973 ...
6/12/2018 c2 Beth6787
A brilliant idea and works perfectly well as a ‘stand alone’ too. Reminds me of the Iconian Portals discovered by Jean-Luc Picard and crew during one of the earlier Star Trek : TNG episodes, giving scope for multiple future adventures...

I’m fascinated to see where you send Victor...early 1950s Cambridge and the Cavendish Laboratory perhaps. ... or late 1960s Houston...the possibilities are endless and tantalising ...

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