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for Mario X Peach: Unresolved Tension

3/23 c5 48StarlitDuck
Oh man, that was good. It feels so authentic with the emotions of Peach and Mario. I loved reading their interactions, and that ending legitimately made me smile. Good job! :)
1/7 c5 Blaise Ridgeway
That was weird. And Odd. Please make a Mario Minecraft story.
8/27/2019 c5 Leah Mario
8/27/2019 c2 Leah Mario
brotherly love is so strong right here UwU
4/29/2019 c4 Thissucksass
What the fff- PEPSI MAN!
8/1/2018 c1 46Cythieus
I kind of read her reaction as being mad about what was happening with them pressuring her, but I also didn't think that it was the kind of thing that Mario would see as her being rude or mean. It was probably one of my favorite scenes in all of Mario.
7/7/2018 c5 7Avationrocks10
I got to say, this is one of the fanfics that deserve to be read. I mean I am finally glad they got to resolve themselves for the mistakes.
7/1/2018 c5 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
Reading this fanfic is sort of bittersweet for me. It's a great story and I'm SO happy Mario and Peach are engaged... but now I strongly wish it was canon! Argh! Your A/N is so true, too - I watched the ending before the game came out, so despite my disappointment I retained a little hope for a secret ending where Mario asks Peach to marry him or something... Needless to say it never happened and I was pretty bummed out. Anyway I loved this chapter and I'm excited for more!
6/29/2018 c5 UltimateCCC
Will Poochy be the Ring Bearer?
6/23/2018 c4 UltimateCCC
Did you know Poochy was on SMO?
6/23/2018 c3 UltimateCCC
The Guilt is eating them alive.
6/23/2018 c2 UltimateCCC
To be fair, it was Peach's fault.
6/23/2018 c4 Anonymous Girl Gamer
This is very good! Why didn't I read this before? In the game, I did find Peach rather cold with Mario when he met her on his travels, like they were acquaintances more than a couple, so I'm happy this fanfic gives reasons for that. It's also nice how both of them were in the wrong in this story, as in, there was no bias. Personally I still think Peach behaved the worst but there's no denying that what Mario did was wrong, too, and I love how you addressed the problems on both sides. Can't wait for next time!
6/22/2018 c1 UltimateCCC
Come on Peach! You owe him a lot of debt.
6/16/2018 c1 53Sonar

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