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2/11/2020 c8 Dreamer Lune
Hello again~! I'll admit that I literally just binged two of your work today, lol, as I literally just finished this one and only just posted my thoughts on the other a few seconds ago (to me). This. Story. Was. The best~! I loved it and will definitely read it over multiple times like the other you wrote more recently. I feel the same for this one as I do for the other one I've already received, so please apply the same feelings I put in that review with this one. However, what I didn't put in the other review was that I enjoy the way you wrote Harry's character in both stories and the situations those Harrys were in. Specifically, I can enjoy some non-bashing stories of specific characters but I really enjoy it when it is done right. This was so done right and I enjoyed it, despite the situation it put Harry in. It just added more to Harry's situation and character with how he resided to go about it. I think the only problem I had with this one though, however small, was how the ending was written. It felt a bit rushed and didn't give more to the ending relationships stance, the dynamic with Helena in their future relationship, and a smoother closing to the story. The ending felt more like a "omg just sleep together already" thing but, with how precious and important what was kinda made between Helena and Harry throughout the story, it didn't sit right with me. Besides that, it was great and I must thank you again for the great work done. So... Lol, thanks!
1/30/2020 c8 Azathriel
Awesome work!
1/16/2020 c8 1P.M.Alderhill
It as a beautiful story. And made me eager to check out more of your work
1/7/2020 c8 Cloud Bearer
This was such a fun read :3
11/22/2019 c8 3elvander72
Loved it. Started and couldn't stop until I finished it.
11/20/2019 c8 1Korwin1
The only thing I can say after reading this story... It's one of the rare precious jewels of all the fanfics I've ever read. If only there were mote stories like this.
10/27/2019 c8 keverboy
II just finished reading the story from beginning to end; and I have to say that this isn't just the best Hellsing crossover I've read, it's arguably the best Hellsing story I've read overall. It's unfortunate that Harry's friends betrayed him in such an awful way, but it definitely drove the plot in the direction that it was supposed to, and it was interesting to see how far Magical Britain's hero worship for Harry went. I love that you made Helena such an integral part of the story. Helena's relationship with Harry, and their interactions were very sweet, and a pleasure to read. I loved that she wants Harry to be happy with Sara's, yet she still gets to be with him through her soul. I admire your style and the thoughtfullness that you put into this work. Well done.
10/23/2019 c8 NickName
Nice Story!
Good Ending. (and it's an Happy Ending, I love Happy Endings)
The Time Line was not Perfect the Chapter with the flashbacks is to late in the Story line butt no one is Perfect.
I Love This X-Over.
Thanks for writing it. :)

Best Wishes
Nick Name
9/21/2019 c8 Tim - the Enchanter III
Thank you for this wonderful story
9/11/2019 c8 2MehhHehh
This is AMAZING and beautifully done thank you so much for this xxxxxx it was such a good read
8/5/2019 c8 TheCommanderin
though i have to agree with another commenter not that big of a fan of the harry/seras paring but still enjoyed the read
8/5/2019 c8 TheCommanderin
this story was so good every next chapter was read with dread cuz it was one step closer to the end. wish u could continue but that is just my selfishly wanting
7/28/2019 c8 1Ms.Creant
ths was so good
7/18/2019 c8 2endbrought
Damn, I loved this story. I'll enjoy reading through your other works.
7/2/2019 c8 4Azrael's Son
i really hope your gonna write more on this story and that this isnt dead really thank you for writing
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