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for Brother's Protection

6/2/2020 c1 807Shaeril McBrown
Good story
6/14/2018 c1 fanfan
Man Thicker Than Blood was a good story, will probably reread again. My only complaint was that once Lincoln met Linka, there was no more tension or antagonism or anything. Linka took the news of being adopted a whole lot better and seemingly got over it faster. Lincoln and her meeting and playing together was cute and refreshing to see nothing innapropriate going on between them, it was like reading a puppy and kitten playing togethe, but got boring. Can probably be argued that Linka got over being adopted faster than Lincoln since having no siblings meant her parents focused on her alot easier, course Lincoln got the same treatment but also the opposite since he suddenly learns his sisters aren't his sisters messing him up, loved that turmoil. That and Linka had a wish that she wished she had a sibling, then got it soon learning she was adopte, eased her mind easier?

Anyway besides all that great story! Will you write one where Linka sees RA bullying Lincoln and saving him? Or make this into a story instead of a one-shot?

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