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3h c19 63AshKetchumForever
Oh my. I’m curious as to how Gary is going to put the ball back together.
1/22 c19 DragonMissionary
Mewtwo had no problems with choking Ash and almost killing him in chapter 12 when they met, and now he is treating him like a best friend? Suspicious...maybe Gary is right
1/22 c19 26YumeTakato
I enjoyed it! Be well!
1/19 c19 juaniu1994
The best thing that you havw done in this chapter is that perhaps Gary is not tje bad guy and Ash is being dumb about Mewtwo.
We don't kniw who is right and that is great together with the fact that Misty tried to dance with Gary and he didn't want to. That was curious not only his refusal but also the fact that Misty wanted to dance with him. Then Ash took his chance and danced with her.
1/19 c19 5Shaveza
Trying to count the number of dangerous world-ending crises that Ash has had to deal with over the years would likely result in existential despair. Don't do it, Meowth.

Ash can't get through to either Mewtwo or Gary. Poor Ash. And poor Gary. He's really alone right now.
1/19 c19 Guest
Can’t wait for next chapter! Hope it comes out soon!
1/16 c18 26YumeTakato
I enjoyed it!
1/9 c18 63AshKetchumForever
I wonder what Gary’s gonna do when he find the pokeball? I can’t wait to find out what’s next!
1/8 c18 5Shaveza
It occurs to me Gary is one of the only humans here who hasn't seen Ash get tangled up in Chosen One craziness. And maybe doesn't hear much of Ash's tendency to trip over local brewing disasters. Giovanni's at least read regular reports from Jessie and James, even if he hasn't seen it in person. Not to say that's why he Does Not Trust Mewtwo in the slightest. Gary's encounter with Mewtwo was way traumatizing, especially for an 11-year old kid who was very successful his first year of training and got thrashed that badly that one time.

It was just a thought that occurred to me while reading this chapter.
1/8 c18 juaniu1994
It seems that Gary will not fight for Misty but I don't know. His aim to capture Mewtwo could be related to his aim of impressing Misty.
Despite what Gafy said Misty didn't want to take Ash's hand because Gary was there and Ash isn't sure that he could have a normar relationship with her.
So I don't think egoshipping is totally in the past yet...
12/20/2020 c17 Guest
it was a very good chapter. I enjoyed it, thank you.
12/19/2020 c17 juaniu1994
Gary is jealous. He didn't know about Ash's powers but what is bothering him is how close Misty is from Ash now. Perhaps it will be a problem for the group when they are trying to survive.
12/19/2020 c17 Shaveza
...Didn't Andromeda absorb the bulk of Team Rocket anyways? I'm curious as to what she expected in terms of competency.
I'm on Misty's side of the argument - the sooner the gang gets back to Mewtwo the better.
12/19/2020 c17 26YumeTakato
I enjoyed it!
12/19/2020 c17 63AshKetchumForever
Poor Ash. I feel so bad for him. I hope that they can make it back to Mewtwo in one piece.
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