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10/13 c12 desy
I so love this story! I wonder if Hei's family will eventually find out who and what he is, or not
10/12 c12 Kare
Jiang is pretty crass, kind of like a teenager? It makes me nervous how he keeps on highlighting how "badass" the black reaper is, even knowing that he just watched a murder scene. He just doesn't understand, but that fight was all too real to Hei... I love the suspense you're building here!
10/12 c12 Plucie
Oh my god they're so CUTE
I just really, really love this fic so much, it's getting me back into DTB and I'm honestly considering rewatching it again, just to remember all the details better.

Thank you so much for updating!
10/8 c12 Ivan
I really like how misaki was only worried about hei after seeing the video. It shows the trust they have. I wonder if heis family will figure out his identity somehow by accident
10/7 c12 Guest
Just want you to know that I pop on to check for updates every night and when there’s a new chapter it makes my day! Thanks for the great story!
10/8 c11 1jjjan1125
So... I just noticed the message at the beginning at the chapter and I'm really impressed. From the way you used "hei tianshi" other Chinese references, I thought that you were a native speaker of the language. I also really like how you made Hei's hometown Xi'an because that somewhat explains Hei and Bai's blue eyes. now I'm just hoping Hei' s family will learn about his past soon!and sorry for this ridiculously long comment)
10/8 c12 LayLay lives
Ooh an emotional Misaki! Is it hormonal? Okay don't tell me. I love the family interaction. Grandfather suspects something. Maybe Uncle as well. I like the suspense building up between his family finding out about Hei's old life and his new one he wants to protect. Two thumbs up.
10/8 c12 7J Luc Pitard
Misaki is still the tough, justice loving cop, so I think her reaction to the video (which she'd cover for the family, as you had her do) would be a little more nuanced. Hei's getting a little bit too easy of a ride in this chapter and you know we all love to watch him squirm. Also, love his cousin's reaction to the scars. Like, "Hm, maybe I don't want to know every detail of what happened to you two over the years..." or "There's a 1% chance you're more badass than me...")
10/7 c12 38reality deviant
a touching scene here.
And Misaki impresses, unsurprisingly.
10/5 c11 Guest
Gah! The wait for the next chapter is death! But at he same time having to wait for each chapter just makes it that much better
10/7 c12 coolseal9
This story is so cute. The ending just reminds of how much this couple has grown and flourished together.
10/3 c11 Pcpaintbrush
Oooh boy, Jiang’s going to learn that the badass on the video is his pacifist little cousin!
Love the media exposure issues being brought up, seems like it could make for some really interesting plot threads
10/2 c11 colours
Epic and so freaking intense! The scene with the old black reaper Hei was so perfectly written - the Korean team's awe, Hei's dull comments, and Misaki's worry... My heart was literally racing
10/2 c11 reality deviant
Great fic, i love the entire series of 'The office' and particularly this one and 'therapist'.

seems like Grandfather figured its not as simple as Tian tries to make it sound, and will pick up some of the truth Li wants hidden soon.

I am eager for the next chapter.
10/1 c11 4Woven Secret
Astounding job as ever! With the name-change tackled, at least that's one less hurdle for Hei-for now, anyway. His uncle is definitely getting impatient, and Grandfather is starting to realize he's not quite the same boy who left twelve years before.

I really loved how you've tackled Misaki's introduction. She really loves teasing Hei about buying that lingerie! They're so adorable together, and I love how you handle their relationship, both in the quiet moments at their apartment or the nerve-wracking moments of meeting his long-lost family. Great work, and I'm excited for the next chapter! I doubt their dinner is going to be a peaceful one, but it'll be nice for Misaki to be with him.
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