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for True strength (Collaboration with pandamaster97720)

9/17/2020 c94 Snow Blizzard
You do realize that Arbonne is an MLM, right? (and no, mlm does not mean men loving men, it mean Multi-Level Marketing) MLMs are basically half direct markering, half pyramid scheme. They are not good!
5/23/2020 c2 Razzareth
4/23/2020 c86 DancerDragonRL
Still an amazing story... what else do you want me to say?
4/20/2020 c85 DancerDragonRL
I know this is an empty request, but I love this story so much. It literally got me through one of my darkest times. I started reading it, and (at the time) it ended at 83. I watched Hiccup grow up. I have cried and laughed with them. Please keep this story going for as long as you can. I ... I guess I ... yeah. I cant say that.

I feel like Hiccup has "grown up too fast" and his children too. Not that it wasnt a beutiful life, I just. Ugh I really cant say what I want to say.

I dunno, I feel like I know these characters, I KNOW it is just fiction. Everything I like, my mum always says " its fiction" or "they're a fictional character "

It breaks my heart that this could end.

I know this is just another review. Iknow the world hates me. But this story gave me hope.

Thank you
From RL
3/18/2020 c84 DancerDragonRL
Oh My Thor.

I was so happy when this came out, although i didnt know since forever, bc well emails. Thank you sooo much x
3/9/2020 c84 Snow
Can you please make one of the triplets autistic? This story needs someone with autism!
3/3/2020 c83 DancerDragonRL
Why did this have to end?
3/2/2020 c61 DancerDragonRL
Anyone elsr fangirling over tuff and ruff

Anyway... such a good fanfic. I have literally shed tears, laughed my head off and othet things lol

I just wish i had a friend like hiccup/Astrid/anyone in this

Thank you
2/10/2020 c4 Snow
When I say NF1 in the description, I thought it meant Night Fury 1. Oh boy, was I wrong!
9/17/2019 c26 9Scrumblenut
Uhhh… Isn't Throk already introduced in a past chapter? I could have sworn he was the male teacher who helped hiccup by letting him bury his face into his dark clothing so Hiccup was in a darkened image to help with his migraine...
4/23/2019 c4 WERK
The kids are so cute
4/22/2019 c60 1Massive HTTYD Fan
So... Hiccup is 20? Or 24?
4/2/2019 c34 Guest
Wow hiccstrid watching their own movie and show
3/23/2019 c45 Massive HTTYD Fan
Love that all of them have got great dates! And Hiccstrid getting looked at by the high schoolers was great too!
3/20/2019 c44 Massive HTTYD Fan
Hiccup, I hope you’re okay...
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