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for Take the Blame

1/27/2019 c1 Akira D. Ryusuke
Okay. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for being such a great writer. This fic is written amazingly, and you manage to convey this heartwarming story wonderfully. Frankly, the way you tugged my heartstrings was amazing. All together, this is an amazing story, full of feelings and just- it’s just plain awesome.

Secondly, thank you. It would have been easy for Titus to die, and this would have been tragically beautiful, and it would have broken our hearts. But you gave them a happy ending. It just... it makes me feel so happy, to see two characters I love so much with a happy ever after! It makes me feel the tiniest bit hopeful, ya know?

(*Grossly sobbing* That was so beautifullll! Supportive families, and Magra, and really, it’s not like I ship this super hard, but this was so cute and adorable, and at the end I was really fearing that Titus was gonna die, but he didn’t, and the mpreg really took me by surprise and it was just all so BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I loved this, and you’re amazing. I hope you know that. :’’))
9/14/2018 c1 1YourGayMother
Damn, this has been sitting on my library for a while now and I just had the chance to read it now.

Now thank you for contributing to this underrated ship. Like finding a fic that concentrates on this ship is rare. I love how you wrote the two, it wasn't OOC and was realistically written well. Can I take a wild guess that Ja'far's partner is Sinbad? XD

This fic deserves attention really, I like how you put it in a modern AU to fit the conflict at hand and yasss Marga!

Is this completed? I would like to read more, please update soon!

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