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10/29 c6 Guest
Absolutely perfect. A wonderful fanfic! Thank you so much
5/28 c5 17PurryCat
Argh! That broke my heart!
5/28 c4 PurryCat
That was so painful. Lovely chapter though.
5/27 c3 PurryCat
Shall I quote Avril Lavigne? Why do you have to go and makes things so complicated? Things are never complicated, people make them complicated. I love the breadcrumb trail you've left in this chapter and in this story throughout.
5/27 c2 PurryCat
I loved the detail about Harvey hating the thai place because if a screwed up order! That's brilliant. As is the rest. Thanks so much for this.
5/27 c1 PurryCat
That's a very promising first chapter, can't wait to read the other ones.
11/27/2019 c6 Sunshine810
Just finished this story and it really is my favorite Darvey story! You write them how they are and I can see all this happening its amazing! You are very talented! Well done!
10/31/2019 c6 Jbiemann
OMG I love this story! This was amazing! ️️️️
10/29/2019 c6 catskeye
only found this today and loved every second of it... thanks
10/7/2019 c6 Lori Rice
Hope you're continuing this. Great story!
7/27/2019 c6 tamitaylored
OH MAN. i truly did not think that darvey pining in a fic could get me like this in a world where darvey are canon AND endgame but BOY OH BOY it did. i loved this chapter so freaking much. the way you write donna and rachel is *CHEF'S KISS* it's exactly how i picture their friendship and their conversations, how i always wanted them to be on the show. i love how you use repetition with harvey and donna's individual thoughts. "i did. i do...i do too" reminded me if "i burned so long so quiet you must have wondered if i loved you back. i did, i did, i do." truly the most darvey of quotes. the angst, GOD the angst was fantastic, all culminating in that moment in zane's office. total perfection. truly one of my favorites from you, i'm so glad i decided to catch up. thank you for writing!

7/27/2019 c5 tamitaylored
god i LOVED THIS. i'm trying to make my way through the fics i missed when i thought i was done with suits (LOL). i remember starting this one and loving it, but then of course couldn't keep up with it. chapter four's bit with the can opener and donna with harvey's tie, and especially the whole scene between donna and lily was my FAVE. but god with this chapter, the little detail of donna's clothes as armor was perfect. donna and rachel (and mike's) phonecall really got me though. "you don't know how to allow yourself to be happy" ! everything to me because it's correct. i loved harvey and lily, and god loved harvey giving donna her keys back (hoping to see this little detail in the later eps of s9). man oh man do i love darvey pining (also in a way it's even more fun to enjoy knowing they're actually canon now). this fic really is the season eight we deserved!

5/29/2019 c6 Guest
Wow !
5/28/2019 c6 luciezg
This chapter was just wow. Just finished reading the story in one breath, it is 1:12 AM on a working day and I want more. Amazing writing, looking forward to read the rest of your stories!
5/7/2019 c6 Carolina
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